With the reveal of the free PlayStation plus games for May on PS4, many are asking “Why do these games suck?” I think there is an exact reason for why PS Plus has gotten worse over the years so lets talk about it!

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In may it was revealed the free playstation 4 games would be Overcooked and Edith Finch, which are both fine indie games but certainly not the stellar titles that existed on the service in the past. If it wasnt for the discounts on big PlayStation flash sales on my PS4 and hopefully PS5 I wouldnt even bother with the lame service.

24 thoughts on “Why have PlayStation Plus Games Gotten WORSE? – Ps4/Ps5 Talk

  1. Main reason is lack of competition from other platform namely MS, the fucking morons who started the whole subscription thing in first place, if MS had significantly better service people would consider a switch to XBox.

  2. Then again its only 4 something a month basically. Instead of buying by month just get a year membership on holidays. I get mine between Christmas and My birthday every year. I guess if we need to buy it you can set up a plan like so.

  3. Couldn't agree more. They can do A LOT BETTER!
    Now we are getting to rent 2 games only. And usually, the games suck big time. I am not renewing my subscription anymore. I won't play any online game on a console ever. It's a ripoff. PC for me is the ideal solution to all this absurdity Sony is doing or offering.

  4. After 5 years, I have let my PS Plus expire… especially when literally all PS exclusives released this generation have all been single player only. My multiplayer titles are all run via my Xbox One X with Gold that is freely purchased with MS awards points. MS Reward points are offered by completing certain game achievements, purchasing games digitally, completing daily daily reward challenges that take a minute and web searching with Bing…an easy, cheap no brainer way to collect points do I may online play for free. Sony offers absolutely nothing like this.

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