When I was growing up computer games were words on a screen that said “You are in a room. There are exits North and West” and then you would type “Go North” and the computer would say “I don’t understand ‘Go'”. Games are much better now.


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I haven't talked about this before I've long been quite a serious computer video gamer and I've been playing a game recently on Facebook called desert ville ah at ride farmville it was too complex I find it very difficult to keep up with the demands of running a virtual farm um you have to get up too early in the morning for one thing so I've moved on to this which is similar but not as hard your situation is that you have a patch of deserts divided up into a grid what you do is you click on the squares in the grid with your mouse pointer and some options come up it tells me I can either turn over a stone or do nothing so I'm gonna turn over a stone this time but I found nothing so I'll leave that square I might come back to later but for now I'm gonna click on this one and we'll turn over the stone and I found a beetle so that's good that will automatically be added to my beetle tally which I can see over here 34 beetles found so far what I like about this game is it's not too fast another good thing is that once you've mastered the basic rules of the game all right you can customize it as you can see this it was a cactus over here but that wasn't always there but I bought that using my credit card you just click on the store button down here and it opens up a whole catalogue of things that you can buy um but I'll show you let's buy it's by a different type of cactus let's have this have this one there we go and now I can put that anywhere I want in my desert so I'm gonna put it here there there we go all of my in-game activity of course is relayed to my Facebook friends automatically everything I do just comes up on their newsfeed so it's a great way to connect with people um I'm not just sitting here clicking away on the screen in effect I'm I'm socializing at the same time which this makes makes me feel less lonely

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  1. There are some games that really take the biscuit when it comes to purchasable content, bit like selling you a book cover and expecting you to pay extra for each page you buy, but in some cases if the game itself is good and the new content is a fair price it can be quite good, especially if you want to support the makers of said game in the hope there'l be a sequel.

  2. omfg….a DARK SOULS PLAYER! YAY! lol Farming humanity in the Kiln? That's some serious gameplay–those players will chew you up and spit you out if you're not skilled enough.

  3. I haven't played a game online for a couple years, but i love to play games me vs 5 other snipers, i win ^.^ I got aliens vs predator and rainbow6 Las Vegas collection, but i won't play them until next year…i didn't even open the boxes lol. never play facebook games, it's better to buy a chess game..or anything else that is an official game!

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