Ubisoft says their open worlds are here to stay, Apple are joining the gaming subscription service battle, Nintendo are bringing the hammer down on ROMs once again, and Steam will now be coming for your wallet in an even more direct way. All this and more on today’s Roundup.

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Ubisoft says their open worlds are here to stay Apple are joining the game subscription service battle Nintendo are breaking the hammer down on roms once more and steam is seemingly coming up with a new way to open up your wallet all of this and more on today's episode of the roundup hey everyone welcome back to another episode of the roundup Plenty's been going on this week between legal battles and future plans so we've got a lot to cover before we get started though as always be sure to LIKE subscribe and ring that Bell as you know it really helps us out with you Jim if you want to discuss this video further hit up our shiny new discord anyway let's get going so some steam used to start off with and this one really is I think it's a masterclass and identifying problems on reacting to them so here's the background to this earlier this week Mike Rose of normal robots revealed his findings of a month-long investigation into how games are actually selling on Steam these days now the full report is linked in the description it's worth checking out but we selected some of the highlights for you here now he goes into detail about the stipulations used in his research such as eliminating triple-a games and then games with fewer than 10 user reviews so ones that people have actually you know bought but are not from a massive company now Rose concludes that in 2019 the average steam game sells 1,500 copies which is down 70% year on year and the average game makes $16,000 in revenue which is down 47% year-on-year quite staggering these figures account for the first year of sale and assume that the game follows the average release price point of $10 while Rose eliminated a large portion of games from the investigation this does tell us that 78% of games released on Steam make less than 5 grand in their first year so from these figures you can see that the average game released in steam is making half as much money this year as it made last year and Rose suggests a number of reasons for this he states that the average developer is pricing their game lower now that's certainly not helping him he also speculates that more people could be playing free-to-play games like for tonight on the of Legends which is fairly obvious now there's one major reason that Rose points to though and that is the sheer number of games releasing on Steam Rose writes that around 900 games were released on Steam during his investigation period between the fifth of July and the 6th of August and that that number is just increasing month on month so there are many different factors there that actually just involve like will a game actually be seen or not on the marketplace being crowded is one of them even just something as simple as a genre being overpopulated can have a massive impact on average sales there are only so many pixel art roguelike dungeon crawlers that you can actually play subscription services and player backlogs are also cited as being some of the reasons for a decrease in player engagement it's hard to justify a new purchase when you look at your library and think oh dear there are 200 games here I haven't played so what are steam doing about this because you can be darn sure that if we've noticed the problems so is stinked well we reported on the channel a few videos ago that steam are I'm getting it all they're doing a bit of a facelift in order to add some new functionality such as a revised library offering more streamlined navigation but we also in that video reported that steam labs would be changing the way steam recommendations work and they're going to be making recommendations based off personal play history rather than general user base popularity steam are craftier than we give them credit for though because that new recommendation system we talked about that was actually rolled out behind the scenes to around 5% of Steam users over the past few weeks now valve of release figures stating that users in the test group were 15% more likely to click on recommended games which in turn drove to a 75% increase in unique game visits and a 47% increase in unique visits per game so quite clearly this works unveil have announced that the new recommendation system should be rolling out to users any time now and the new steam library update will follow shortly and this is hopefully going to streamline the whole like Steam user experience and will actually mean that your steam front page is a bit more tailored to what you've played in the past which I think will generally be a good thing there's so much noise to signal I suppose on Steam so overall it seems like this is a win for players developers and steam itself now that said it's unlikely to fix the problem that micros outlined saturation in the markets just naturally going to result in a smaller share over the pot for devs but I think this certainly is a good step it's not a one just like it's not a one-shot win but it's a good thing to have in the toolkit next up we've got some ubisoft and used courtesy of the company's CEO in an intro you within games industry dog biz which primarily focused on how we be softer name is being more and more synonymous with open-world adventures he was asked whether the company would ever return through their more condensed storytelling formats now the two examples given to illustrate this point were basically Assassin's Creed unity and Assassin's Creed Odyssey 2014's AC unity had a storyline that could be beaten in 15 hours whereas last year's Assassin's Creed obviously had a main campaign that would take up 60 hours of the players time that certainly is quite a jump and it reflects changing attitudes and Ubisoft management as much as it also reflects advancements in their capabilities as an organization in other words Ubisoft sandboxes are bigger at least longer these days because they actually have the means to be bigger and that's something they've actively been trying to pursue and when you look at the size of some of these dev teams it is I mean it is staggering to some AC games where it's like over a thousand people have worked on it it's just mad now speaking on the company's longer-term goals for its open-world adventure is the CEO Yves guilt gilma I think it's French let me know in the comments if I caught it right and he stated the do be soft goal is quote to make sure you can have unity inside an odyssey and he basically meant that if an in-house development team wants to have a 15 hour long story they still can't do that but it's got to be a part of a wider bigger overarching plot line and his interview he points through the average 60 hour play time of AC Odyssey and highlights that the larger scope of the game meant that quote players got a lot more from their investment in the game a lot more than they got before so bigger games are a success and who be soft sighs and to them bigger game clearly means open world Ubisoft essentially our open world games at this point it's a lot of what they want to do with many of their titles just moving in that direction of course there are ones like siege which are not going to move in that direction but you get the point here Ubisoft of course big release for q4 of this year is Ghost Recon break point that is a tactical shooter that is more as you know still in that open-world format that was so successful for Ghost Recon wildlands which of course is very different from many of the past Ghost Recon games so while this is good news for people who like investing a lot of time in their games it's obviously a blow to those who want the more streamlined approach of storytelling the dhobi softly used to champion back in the day a Jesus statement and insight into the direction of the company hopes to follow in the coming years I mean it's interesting but at all that insurers will never see like another true Prince of Persia game for instance and as good as Assassin's Creed Odysseys world was I'll be honest with you I really did miss the more tight plot of Assassin's Creed 2 or Brotherhood anyway let's move on this week also saw the proper reveal of Apple's new gaming subscription service apple arcade you know what I was surprised how good the offering seems to be so an Apple livestream earlier this week provided us with a whole host of details it's going to launch September 19th and 150 companies it's going to cost $4.99 USD per month for the entire family of users and it's going to release on iPhone iPad Mac and Apple TV and I believe is a free month as well it's important to note though that it's not a cloud-based service this is a monthly subscription fee that just gives you access to a library of titles to download onto your advice so you're not going to have to worry about things like an unstable connection and I'd far rather have that over $4.99 to give you access to a cloud streaming platform as an example now in terms of the games we've got a little bit of a look some of them are exclusives Konami showed off super Frogger a new entry in that series and there's also exit to the gungeon a bullet-hell dungeon climbing spin on the recent successful that twin stick shooter enter the gungeon now the arcade is a promising enough move from Apple it's a releasing this on a just so many devices I mean it's quite ridiculous how large their install bases and the company are already pretty well established in the gaming fields now originally when they pitch this they talked about how free-to-play does well in mobile but they're sad about premium and really their focus here has like being on the likes to say like Konami and Capcom like no names within gaming it does show they want to bridge that gap you know towards the core market and it's good that premium mobile and tablet games are getting a chance in the spotlight now while the format is not perfect for a first-person shooter as an example mobile devices can play host to incredible experiences such as 80 days and my iPad pro it geek ventures at 18,000 which is about the same as an i5 8400 which is pretty darn ridiculous I think it's really sad how we've got these devices with beautiful incredible screens you know out there and there could be so much more good done with them through premium games but we're not seeing that because free-to-play is dominated that market so even if something like Apple arcade at least starts to make people think oh yeah you know what premium games actually can't exist on an iPad or a phone then I suppose that is a good thing next up we've got a story featuring Nintendo's criminally overworked legal team folks guys must be so busy and they're infinite war against roms so this week was revealed that Nintendo have been successful in a court case to block internet service providers in the UK from providing access to websites containing Nintendo roms this new injunction will require Skype été talk talk and Virgin Media to block or at least impede access to four websites which aid in the distribution of pirated switch software modified Nintendo hardware or provide information to mod consoles yourself for piracy centric reasons now the case was heard by the UK High Court so they upheld and indebted as argument that by providing access to that sort of material the websites were infringing on Nintendo's trademarks at both facilitating and promoting piracy of Nintendo products a spokesperson from Nintendo had this to say the decision will help protect the UK games industry and the more than 18-hundred developers worldwide the create Kames for the Nintendo switch platform and who rely on legitimate sales of games for their livelihood and to keep bringing quality content to gamers so that's all from Nintendo on the ROM front though they did just also file a big juicy lawsuit against the owner of ROM website ROM universe the numbers here are eye watering Nintendo are seeking damages of $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement and up to two million dollars for each trademark infringement so yeah buckle up rom universe you seemingly have a near infinite amount of money that you have to pay up now which obviously they don't have polygons rights that ROM universe supposedly offer a premium memberships subscription for their site with premium members having quicker access to the site's rom library at Nintendo also carries that allegation forward in their lawsuit saying that the premium subscription allowed people to pirate say unlimited number of games with higher speeds than non-members now Nintendo do get some stake for the vigor at which they fire out their cease and desist letters but at least they're consistent in their efforts to curb piracy for their games and you know of their platforms its ashamed of with a Nintendo in particular strong attempts at conserving old games via emulation are getting caught in the cross fire of piracy certainly though Rome universe should not have been attempting to you know to profit off Nintendo's content that was a big mistake and that preservation angle they really do lose any kind of moral argument there when they try to do that next up death stranding because as we enter ever closer to death strandings November release date there's still so much so we just don't know about it well a Tokyo Game Show presentation from kijima himself gave us an hour of the game and I mean it's testament to Kojima's weirdness and the in comprehensibility of death stranding that we were able to walk away from 50 minutes of raw gameplay footage still not knowing a whole lot about the thing so the trailer showed off some delivery centric gameplay of San bridges just rambled about a big field for a while with his massive backpack he eventually stopped for a rest bringing in those moments of tranquility and recuperation that Sony seems so excited about and indeed self-care seems to be something that's important in the games mechanics because ensuring the bridges is properly rest that is vital and the more sort of contemplative like tone I guess that just hints at elements of managing his mental burden as well as his physical one which given some of the visuals we've seen for the game actually could lead to extremely interesting stuff so I actually think that's pretty darn cool Kojima Productions then released a seven-minute long story trailer sent the Oval Office called briefing featuring bridges a lady named Emily who's supposedly the president maybe the president and some dude in a snazzy suit that has a black skull mask because of reasons it's walk Jima does he put skulls and things let's move on to Kentucky Fried Chicken this is a bizarre one so KFC are releasing a dating sim made in collaboration with the developer SIOP yes SIOP is their name the game is called I Love You Colonel Sanders a finger lickin good dating simulator as Jude hits teen on the 24th of September is a free download so that's happens the player character is a promising culinary student studying alongside a young Colonel Sanders in between classes and cooking battles you have to woo Colonel Sanders which I mean we've obviously all wanted to do you may even go into business with the colonel after you graduate and I mean yeah the game's premise is a bit wild but there you go it's certain he's a successful marketing trick that they've done you know brands and corporations in recent years have put a lot of effort into being hip to it just look at the Twitter accounts of Arby's and Wendy's and even the KFC gaming one but a Carl Sanders dating sim well that certainly is one it's I mean it's even a little bit beyond product placement like with Monster energy drinks literally being a means to recover stamina and death stranding yes sound bridges can just pop out little monster energy and gain his stamina back but what an incredibly bizarre world we all live in anyway with that note do check out the other two videos released on this channel if you want a bit of world of warcraft history you know along with classic coming out we actually release an episode of our wow history a sort of documentary today over on our second channel so you might enjoy that too and then of course be sure to check out the discord because there's a lot of good stuff going on there thank you very much for watching this video and with that I'll see you next time

47 thoughts on “Valve Are CHANGING THE GAME With Secret New Steam Feature, APPLE Gaming, Ubisoft Double Down

  1. :p sales werent mentioned. Just clicks. I might well be one of the test subjects.. and im mostly having a look whether the advertised "similar to" is even remotely true. Sales zero tho.

  2. I have watched 2150 games on Steam and 2034 on ignored. rest I own or have on my watchlist.
    Pretty much the Algorithm doesn't know anymore what to reccomend me as I often end up buying games I had on Ignore.

  3. the average game includes 900000 fucking trash ass trash games.
    of course those dont sell 1001 copies.
    75 percent of steam games are complete trash.
    disregard all the stupid fake games that are not really actual games, like flappybird…. whatever.
    those numbers will change.

  4. Fortnite becomes popular. Epic makes game store. Valve gets angry. Minecraft cuts Fortnite with enchanted diamond sword, killing Fortnite in the process. Valve says "Didn't see that coming". Valve thinks they won. Fortnite comes back. Valve gets mad again.

  5. Nintendo is disgusting in my opinion. killing fangames and mods and fanmade stuff and also having so many exclusives to force people to buy their consoles. I dislike them. I'm glad I have the option to pirate their games, and I hope ROM sites never give up since they're providing a much needed service.

    The day nintendo stops going after fanmade stuff and releases their games on pc i'll stop supporting them, until then i'm a proud pirate

  6. Epic appears
    Epic gets hated
    Epic makes Steam sweat
    Steam actually makes slight imrpovements after being on autopilot for years with its store swamped by indy garbage
    Steam fanboys proceeding to suck Gabes dick like he is some god…

    pathetic…do these steam cocksuckers even realize how steam got into buisness anyway…at was "a must" to install with Half Life 2 .

  7. That 15% is simply due to a new UI and users not knowing what it is yet.
    As soon as we figure out where the weaboo reupload for views section is, I mean "new releases" section is, we will promptly ignore it.

  8. Secret new steam feature: Gamestream(which Sony had since the PS4 release, and NVidia has their own version).
    Steam will be good once they do like Origin and Battlenet, exclude the obligation of having the launcher opened whenever you want to play a game.

  9. I don't have the feeling that the prices go down for indie games. I see much more for 15€ or 20€ compared to 10€ before. Maybe just me though. Also its true that at least personally I bought a lot of games 2018 so now I am still busy and have nothing "urgently" to buy as most are still in alpha or not released state…

  10. I think that if you have an ethical problem with Blizzard's actions recently then you'd be absolutely mad to give your business to a wholly-owned Chinese company (instead or otherwise). – Wrong video, damn you youtube and your automatic play…

  11. Think all these steam competitors are good for gamers? Get ready to have your game library dispersed on all those platforms that manage to buy out a title to sell it as an exclusive. That's if you even get to own your game. Remember how shit Netflix got after HBO, Amazon Video, Hulu, etc. got into the game? That's the future of gaming unless we become platform fanboys and refuse to buy anything that does not sell on Steam or GOG. I still refuse to buy Metro Exodus because it's not on steam.

    Gabe, I expect some appreciation for my loyalty in the form of a game-ending in 3. Call it a Steam exclusive if you want, you fat, greedy fuck.

  12. KFC? Releasing a Dating app? WTF!? Stereotypical much? Especially with the white dude the face of KFC? Wow! THis is fucking diissgusting, i have the words to say how retarded this is but ok ill bite, psych! FU KFC i don't eat their anymore anyway but thats like saying panda express and fucking a mexican resturaunt supporting anything artistic or autistic just because they feel "sorry" for teh handicapped. Holy shit this is bad.

  13. If I was a judge in a case with Nintendo I laugh at them and throw the case out, like trying to stop roms/emulators for platforms that are generations old is retarded. Complete BS about how this effects anyone in the "current industry."
    Piracy does not effect sales, this is a scientific fact, being a dick about piracy has nothing to do with actual piracy. Even mention sales is lol, as I would say the majority of these console and or games are not supported discontinued and not in production so they can shove it up the assholes. It be different if a company was producing content with the IP but users should be able to have their old games in a current format without needing previous hardware as there are many great games. However this is the "remake" era so pfft.

  14. To me as a consumer it's pretty simple: As games require me to play them full time and try to make me think as them as services I feel guilty to play too many games and not only what I already invested in. Frankly I don't play the games I like better for some reason. Guess understanding I'm being manipulated doesn't break the charm – only makes it obvious.

  15. Wouldn't say it was a secret thing for a while now my store straight up said it was recommending these games based on similar games or genre of game I have played, and 1 thing became pretty obvious to me Steam is gonna be shoving a lot more no effort asset flipping cash grab games down my throat based off what may as well be nonsense "this game is recommended due to your time playing GTA V " and its a game that looks like it was made by drunk college students over one weekend

    There is 1 reason game sales on average are declining and it simply is on average there are more and more games not worth buying, big mystery solved if you want to sell a lot of copies of your game make something you would want to play not something easy to make.

    Big and Small businesses are what kill games they churn them out for money instead of having someone that has a game they have always wanted to see come to reality put another way game design should be a work of art not work

  16. I'm so over open world games… They just feel like a solo mmo grind e.g actively wasting my time. I would take a jam packed 6 hour story driven game over a 300 hour collectathon

  17. Most of the games released on steam are freaken terrible imo that and most of the games that are noteworthy cant be found on steam anymore. Honestly not even buying games on steam anymore and have moved to other platforms.

  18. AC : O was only long because they stream lined the fuck out of how you played and intentionally slowed you down at every corner with garbage micro transactions. Never mind the fact the series isnt even ASSASSINS CREED anymore just another shitty witcher clone.

  19. I offently buy games i'm not sure i'm going to play extensively (I will play all of them at least a couple of hours, eventually) just to support the developers. Anyone else does this?

  20. I find myself thinking the same thing when I go out to buy games. Why won’t I spend $60 on a game anymore? Besides being grown up and knowing the value of money.

    I think it’s because there just aren’t any games I want to spend my money on. Or if a game looks interesting then I want to play a demo version first which I have seen a drastic decrease in.

    And it’s no wonder why I would want a demo. Besides the obvious to test the game to see if I like it, not just how it looks but how it controls and the layout of it. But also I don’t trust games anymore. With cover art looking nothing like the actual game and hardly any gameplay in our trailers anymore, why should I trust the game is as good as it looks?

    So besides me just not liking steam, maybe what’s going on is the game development in general? Maybe our technology and skills have gotten better while our heart just isn’t in the game anymore.

  21. Ubisoft making games bigger means add more chests and shit to climb and repetitive open world missions and more repetitive missions than some more and add like 12 main missions and 16 side missions than add a twisted leveling system and lock the main missions behind player level

  22. The main reason is because of the indies flooding the market. Of course the data will be skewed when you have a bunch of crap polluting the data. The KFC dating sim exists because the japanese LOVE the shit out of KFC. They eat it for christmas like it's turkey.

    I have the steam beta, it's pretty cool. Just wish that when searching for a game in my library it will find it or recommend the store page in case I don't own it.

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