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one more Hi…
Hi… you are still at home? Yes.. I dont want go out.. And what are you doing? Just Facebooking Why am I asking, right? Hey, bro, can I ask you something? Sure thing.. Do you think I am pretty? are you really giving this question to ME?! Yes, I am.. Sure, you are pretty! You are my sister! hmm.. thanks a lot :/ And why do you want to know? Just because.. really.. what is this about? What do you think about Tina Murass? she is not my type.. tons of makeup.. sometimes she looks like a very cheap doll.. She is totally stupid. Why does she has so many friends? Its easy.. Make yourself same profile photo and you will have them too. But she has a photo with boobs jumping from her t-shirt and thats what I am talking about! If you wanna be cool, do the same thing.. are you sure? I am a little bit ashamed. I ussualy dont do such a things. Its not a big deal.. just take your cellphone.. Yeah I know, what are you thinking about right now.. you think brothers like this dont exist, so you are safe.. but for many girls there is no need for brother like this.. they love to make photos like this.. and same as all the other girls like this.. even our hero made sexy profile photo.. Wow! It works! as it says.. no guts no glory! great move! I couldnt fall asleep this night. Coulnd wait to read coments on my photo.. So Ive decided to read them and go sleep after thats.. sexy, hot!, cool, etc huh.. someone wants to add me.. wait.. I dont know you.. Hi, who are you? Yes.. I just browsed facebook and find you.. you are so beautiful! Thank you, handsome! :* Do you want to hand out sometime? we dont know each other.. maybe if we get to know better.. We can meet and get know much faster we will se.. I have to go.. tomorow.. good night :* Kaja wrote something to me! Yesterday I was watching horses at Revolution. They are so cute! Hey! You were faster again! I am going there today. I am going there today.. No way! who do I see here? Who are you? I wrote you on Facebook Are you Michael? Yeah, thats me! I thought you have no time to spend today You thought right.. I am going with my boyfriend.. Boyfriend? On Facebook you are single.. I forgot to change it.. interesting.. but you wrote you are feeling alone and looking for some boy.. And I found him.. yesterday on facebook.. He probably wouldnt be happy, if he see me here with you.. so you better be going.. And what if I am that boy? Not possible.. you dont look like 15years old.. What?! you want 15years old boy? Arent you 17 years old? No why?.. oh yeah! You read it on facebook.. I wrote it to look older.. Honestly I am 13 now we see.. It seems wierd to me.. clever boy.. so I have to go.. see you on Facebook? wait… I want to talk a little bit more.. You wanna talk with 13years old girl? Arent you 23? No.. I just wanna look older too.. I am 17 hmm.. show me you ID.. you first.. I dont have it yet! I am 13! what about passport? here.. thanks.. This may come handy.. give it back to me!
No its ok, I like it!
Please give it back Can you let me go? Why are you afraid? I am a good guy! I am not scared.. but still, put your hands off me! not scared? you are shaking so much! relax girl.. balls crash.. you little b*tch! All you put on facebook can see lot of people, you dont know.. you never know, who can use these informations.. For all young girls hot photos with great looking breasts is the best way to get in a target of some stalker..
These photos maybe raise atractivity.. but only atractivity of your body.. Last important thing… Aik is not a stalker! 😀
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