If Hollywood can make an overly dramatic film about the early years of Facebook, why can’t we make an overly dramatic movie about Twitter? Or at least the trailer to that movie! Check out the exclusive (parody) trailer for “The Twit Network” right here on Rated Awesome!

Huge thanks to the Gregory Brothers for creating the “I can Tweet” song that plays in the background. Check out more of their stuff and download the full song here:

Gregory Brothers Youtube:

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I don't care if it was I wanna tweet we let's wait in the snow I want you to I need to create a way to blog that is as random and incoherent as writing on a bathroom wall why because normal blogging is tedious and dumb and needs to fully formed ideas people want to have narcissistic conversations with total strangers about the everyday minutiae of their lives why not build them a service that does that Twitter restricts you to only 140 words most characters 340 characters they're saying that Twitter is nothing but a bunch of idiots and celebrities talking about what they had for breakfast I know what it says it true – I know baleia why you always go limp when we have a fight if you put the TW from any word makes it infinitely check this out hey can I get at whiskey I didn't ask for water if Twitter was as useless and as boring as they say then somebody would have tweeted it your retweets could have seriously confused all of my following our followers you're being accused of intentionally dumbing down the internet hash tag and enabling individuals to annoy their friends without any consequences oh do they have a Twitter as for the charges I would like to respond with the next public tweet the baby just pooped hashtag turtle er I'm sorry yes I don't understand what you just said is completely idiotic exactly that's the point rated awesome everyone and thanks for watching this episode of rated awesome you can check out some more cool stuff that we've done by checking out these links they're all around me big thank you to the Gregory Brothers who made that awesome song you heard in the background you can check out their page and download the full song by going to the links in the description see you next week babe

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  2. Sounds like the voices from Red vs. Blue! Caboose! Yes sir Admiral Buttercup. Here let me help you clean your armor off… by rubbing you all over.

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