When the PlayStation Vita was officially unveiled back in 2011, it boasted the manta “Console Quality on the Go.” With its revolutionary hardware, the Vita stood posed to at last deliver the full console open world experience on a handheld.

Now, some roughly six years later, it’s time to look back at some of the best open world games to ever release on Sony’s handheld.

From Spider-Man to Borderlands, these are the Top Ten Best Open World PS Vita Games of All Time.

Special thanks to YouTubers SuperJumpReviews, CrossGamerHDX, 2 old 4 gaming and Tyler Olthoff for letting me use some of their Vita capture card footage for this video!

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what you've come to know as NGP our next generation portable is officially named PlayStation Vita when the PlayStation Vita was originally unveiled to the world under the working title of next generation portable back in 2011 Sony promised to provide gamers with the system whose power was unparalleled in the history of portable gaming well the PSP did produce two fantastic fully open-world Grand Theft Auto games both titles looked and played like something under the vi console generation outside of rockstars efforts however the vast majority of open-world games on handhelds were mere shadows of their console counterparts but the Vita probably boasting the tagline console quality on the go promised to shake up the status quo with hardware specs that utterly eclipsed the competition the Vita stood posed to finally deliver the full open-world experience on the go so roughly seven years later the Livi to ultimately deliver on the open-world front to definitively answer that question let's take a look at some of the best open-world games to ever release on the PlayStation Vita swinging in at the 10th spot on our list is 2013's The Amazing Spider Man released almost a year after its original launch on other systems to coincide with the then upcoming follow-up to and your Garfield spider-man film reboot Gameloft's The Amazing Spiderman serves as an epilogue to that original film unfortunately the story which follows Peter as he attempts to save New York from an outbreak and the delusional new director of Oscorp lacks any moments of real impact and instead solidifying as one of Spidey's less memorable outings of course the main draw of any great spider-man game is the open-world web-slinging mechanics something this incarnation brought back in full force while the amazing spider-man spin on New York isn't the prettiest or most interesting sandbox to play around in there's something inherently fun about swinging around the city at fast speeds occasionally opting to chase getaway cars or participate in cop criminal standoffs the game's combat is a simplified take on the batman arkham formula essentially button mashing to take down enemies before finishing them off with a web finisher and it's ultimately serviceable it's a bit bland with a large sandbox to swing around in and tons of comic pages to collect the amazing spider-man is a perfectly fine Spidey game I've never dared to be anything greater than that the Vita version suffers from a choppy framerate Ella can best be described as many visuals but those willing to bread these issues for the full spider-man experience on the go we'll find it here next up we have retro city rampage a homage to the 8-bit video games of old and a parody of 80's and 90's culture rampage effectively turns you loose to wreak havoc in a city of drop Alice well there's a cute story here the main draw of Retro City Rampage allows an INT addictive gameplay the book of which is experienced from a top-down perspective well in free roam you're free to explore the city which even includes a few arcade games to play throw in a neat art style with vibrant visuals that pop on the Vita's oled screen and you have a great game that manages to feel like a proper throwback without feeling dated don't the fact that it's an indie game fool you Retro City Rampage boasts a massive City to explore full of fun references and nods to all things pop culture from ghostbusters to the Ninja Turtles it's some of the most fun you could have on your Vita and I can't recommend it enough while Naughty Dog has since moved on to more cinematic ventures with Uncharted and The Last of Us their Jack trilogy for the ps2 remains some of the Playstations greatest platformers while the first title in the collection the precursor legacy is more of a linear story driven experience it's the second and third game in a series that really opened up the game world for the player jak 2 introduces Haven City effectively a sandbox flow of vehicles to hijacked and citizens to terrorize GT a style though this will build up Jackson in a riot II and a system not dissimilar to the one seen in the Assassin's Creed series there are other locations to visit as well and a few extra missions to partake in outside of the main story jak 3 only further expands the game world but Jack now having access to two major cities and an entire waistline to explore fit with collectables to track down and more side quests to encourage exploration as fantastic as the jet trilogy is it tilt back from a higher spot on our list due to the excessive performance issues that plagued these titles while jak 2 suffers the least all three games run into poor framerate on Vita and graphically looked slightly worse than their ps2 counterparts not exactly count equality on the go loose controls can also cause frustration in platformers that often call for precise movements those who are willing to look past these problems will find three exceptional games here two of which packed fun roles to explore but that doesn't change the fact in the data port of these classic titles is the worst way to experience these games set in the aftermath of the French and Indian War and leading into the American Revolution Assassin's Creed 3 liberation allows gamers to experience a turbulent chapter in American history through the eyes of Aveline degrom pray an African French assassin and the series's first female protagonist while the player begins in the sprawling town of New Orleans the Geralt slowly begins to expand over the course of the story eventually granting Evelyn access to the Louisiana bayou and chichén itzá as well as a brief detour to the American frontier with a score of collectibles to find different outfits and weapons to purchase and a trade weenie game to partake in liberation scam rule is fun to explore though it can immediately feel bare-bones compared to other installments in the series liberation lacks the hunting mechanics of its console counterpart and not side of the main campaign there's not much to do in the way of side quests or otherwise that said there's enough content here to keep completion is satisfied for upwards of 15 hours what liberation lacks in a gripping narrative it makes up form providing more or less the full AC experience on the go with gameplay that manages capture the same feel scene in the mainline series while not ranking among the best games in the franchise deliberation outshines any prior attempts to bring the series to a handheld device I remains one of Vitas best open-world games Square Enix is long-running Dragon Quest series has to produce some of the most iconic games in the RPG genre dating back to Dragon Warrior for the NES it was a surprise then when Dragon Quest builders was announced a sandbox RPG with obvious parallels to Minecraft a fact that led many to unfairly disregarded as simply another clone of Mojang's phenomenon Builders follows an unnamed protagonist as he strives to rebuild the world of a life guard effectively from scratch in the aftermath of an alternate ending from the original Dragon Quest to do so the player must continually gather and build in an effort to create a town and effectively kick-start a new civilization while the game's blocky aesthetic and in-depth crafting system may draw parallels to Minecraft it differs Valiants RPG elements the game rule is peppered with NPCs to interact with and protect who in turn will give the player simple quest to embark upon while the game's story combat and crafting systems are relatively simplistic by modern RPG standards there's something inherently charming about Dragon Quest builders gamer old from the cartoonist spins on classic Dragon Quest foes to the comedic dialogue that sprinkled with references boulders has a distinct personality that helps it stand out amongst other similar crafting RPGs while it's the diary Dragon Quest fans that will undoubtedly get the most out of builders this is really an experience anyone can enjoy boasting a varied and favorite game world to traverse and develop what is there to say about my prep that hasn't already been said it's one of the most popular games of all time and for good reason very few games in history have managed to cultivate creativity from its players as much as Mojang's classic sandbox and prior to the release of the Nintendo switch edition the video stood as the best way to experience minecraft on the go after years of putting up with the severely gimped pocket edition of the game fans finally got the chance to have the full minecraft experience on the handheld with the PlayStation Vita edition well the draw distance was slightly reduced and the player cap and multiplayer lowered from eight possible players to a maximum of four the Vita Edition stands as otherwise roughly on par with the ps3 edition of the game allowing for saved worlds to be transferred between the two versions it's the kind of game every console should have in its library and it's two player mode is easily some of the most fun you can have on the Vita with friends easily the best racing game on the system Need for Speed Most Wanted allows the player to explore Fairhaven city as they slowly climb the ranks of the town's most wanted racers outside of some rubber-banding issues the racing mechanics feel great and while the graphics have taken a hit in the transition to Vita the game manages to run into steady framerate throughout most wanted packs over 60 cars to unlock with new rights being unlocked by discovering Jack spots placed throughout the city when you're not running from cops throughout the game sandbox you'll be setting record smashing through billboards or racing craft the game as many speed cameras all of which you can even do with friends in the game's multiplayer mode our few ibly want to beat his best games most wanted is everything you could possibly want from an open-world racing game on the go while on a surface terraria may just seem like 2d minecraft in reality it's much more than that once you've customized your sprite you're let listen to a procedurally generated world with three main objectives to explore build and battle better yet this can all be done an eighth player online co-op the integration of genuinely useful touch controls and navigating inventory and crafting menus when combined with the Vitas Portability and beautiful OLED display make this in many ways the definitive way to experience terraria the drive to continue exploring in hopes of finding new loot is at the heart of terraria but the game's mechanics go far deeper than that you can collect resources delve into the game's surprisingly deep crafting system build a village and watch NPCs slowly arrive to populate it combine all this with a huge game world and you have an overrun fantastic open-world experience in the palm of your hands our runner-up for best open-world Beauty game is also one of the system's most iconic games gravity rush well it's since been brought over to the ps4 and the forum of 2015 remastered there was a time on gravity rush was one of Vitas most prominent exclusives boosting unique art style intriguing narrative novel gameplay mechanics and hex ville an entire city to explore the city is broke up into four different districts each of which has its own unique looking sound the what the different parts of the city each have their own distinguishing traits and personality always surrounding me a bit of bow shocks rapture cat's ability to flare on the city in 0g if service is enough only way to traverse a game world and hex flows packed with challenges and a handful of submissions to occupy you after finishing the lengthy main story there are also three DLCs each of which introduces two new side quests and challenge missions well it may be a bit light on side activities to partake in Gravity Rush is still want to beat his absolute best games with a memorable game roll that's fun to play around in before we get to our top spot I like to give out a few honorable mentions to games that didn't quite make the cut first off is odd world strangers wrath HD a 2011 remaster of an xbox classic as you progress through strangers wrath new towns are made accessible to you filled with new bounties to take on a stranger the bounty hunter unfortunately the fact that the game periodically locks off portions of the game world as he progressed through the story means strangers rap isn't truly open world that said this is still a great part of an awesome game and I'd highly recommend it the next honorable mention goes out to the dark souls inspired salt and sanctuary a fantastic 2d RPG and one of it is best games of 2017 the main factor keeping salt and sanctuary off the list is the fact that it's more furred Metroidvania than a proper open-world game well you have the option to teleport between locations and backtrack the game is still largely linear as such it didn't quite meet the criteria though that shouldn't discourage you from checking it out the same goes for Muramasa rebirth when to beat his best games though more of a Metroidvania at heart our last honorable mention goes out to Disney fan deed 2.0 similar to the Skylanders series Disney affinity is a toys to life sandbox game meaning outside accessories are actually required to play the game thankfully everything you'll need to get started is included in the starter pack which bundles in the Vita exclusive symbiote spider-man figure to play as in-game across the spider-man adventures and guardians of the galaxy playsets those willing to put down the cash well find up to three game worlds to explore swapping between iconic Marvel characters to take down foes and complete some 200-plus challenges well the video version suffers from an occasionally choppy framerate and mediocre visuals is still fun to take on side missions and level up your character as you explore this cartoon take on New York City which alas brings us to our final game arguably one of the best games of the seven console generation Borderlands 2 is something of a perfect sequel doubling down on the humour and loot driven gameplay of its predecessor when it was announced for Vita back in 2014 many wondered how developer iron galaxy would manage to bring a game known in part for its obscene sheer amount of content – affordable system alas here we are in 2018 with nearly the entire Borderlands 2 experience on the go while much has already been said of the Vita versions inferior visuals and less than stellar framerate the fact that the game runs as well as it does is quite frankly a testament to iron galaxy's prowess as a developer boasting 60 OC packs and ps3 cross a functionality Borderlands 2 on Vita will occupy you for dozens if not hundreds of hours with scores of side quests and challenges to complete locations to discover and unique guns to collect Borderlands 2 is the quintessential open-world experience on Vita and it's one of the system's most impressive technical feats period and there you have it the 10 best open-world games on Vita according to me anyway which brings us back to the question posed at the top of this video did the Vita ultimately deliver on the open-world front well we may have never gotten a grand theft auto video game that we always wanted the system did still see some open-world entries from a few major franchises namely in the forms of Borderlands Assassin's Creed and minecraft that said several the titles mentioned here suffered from performance issues a fact that goes against the system's promise of console quality on the go looking back some six years after originally getting my Vita back in 2012 I'm content with the games we got that said there's no denying that the Vita could have delivered more in the way of open-world experiences and it's a shame that we never got that one killer app like GTA that could have effectively saved the system alas here we are at the end of the video if you're still watching up until this point I'd just like to thank you for tuning in I've had a great time covering my favorite handheld here on YouTube in these last couple months and your guys have support and enthusiasm is what drives me to keep delivery for all things PlayStation including a deep dive into the world of canceled video games feel free to subscribe until next time this has been fixation

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  1. I got a Vita in 2019 and all I have to say is that Sony fucked up with pricing, specially the SD. This is truly the ultimate handheld, specially with henkaku, and I'm saying it as a 3ds user…

  2. I gotta agree, it's pretty impressive that the devs managed to make Borderland 2 on the Vita, but the game is the absolute worst way to play it, it runs at 15 FPS and looks like a bad day after taco bell

  3. Shows top ten vita games which I would assume are top tier titles amongst the several games for the handheld. but that Jak and Daxter review I felt bashed it and steers prospective gamers from wanted to try it from the comments made

  4. I played the Amazing Spider-Man a lot, and when I let my friend play he asked to play Spider-Man. I said sure and didn’t think much of it, but when I got home I loaded it up and saw I lost all my progress and I was on the first mission. I asked if he started a new game and he said yeah. Usually I’ll let people start a new game because some games can have multiple saves, but not Spider-Man. I never played Spider-Man after that and I make him ask me before he does anything.

  5. I can’t imagine someone beating borderlands two on vita just too poorly optimized. I got as far as sanctuary getting relocated and beat blood wing but no stable frames and then crashes became daily literally had to play slower to try to cut down on crashes but only goes so far

  6. I had the PlayStation Vita it was an awesome system but once you play the 10 games that they maybe have that are super awesome the rest of McConnell Lane you'll be wanting to get rid of the system also if you decide to buy the Nivea shield and think they're going to play fortnite on it you're not going to be able to do that it's not compatible

  7. Actually people the Vita come out expensive because of the secret port that let you connect your Vita to TV and play it but Sony decide to invest separately in Vita TV to make more profit.
    Well the Vita could be the most amazing handheld but Sony recuse to make it so because people will abandon the consoles
    Think about it… they remove the port in slim version whyyy also Sony never make anything without its need

  8. You should have at least mentioned:
    Akiba's Trip
    Tokyo Xanadu
    Sword Art Online Lost Song
    and Sword Art Hollow Realization
    as some pretty neat Open World games, while the first two games do have some close quarter areas thats just because is is an open world within the city of Tokyo, even so you are free to roam around in Tokyo
    the latter two are very nice Single player MMORPGs for the Vita the first is more of a action style while the last game listed truly is worth owning

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