These are the new and upcoming FPS games we’re paying attention to for 2019.
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Wolfenstein Young Blood
RELEASE: Jul 26, 2019

Rage 2
RELEASE: May 14, 2019

Apex Legends
RELEASE: Feb 4, 2019


RELEASE: APR 29, 2019

Outer Worlds
RELEASE: OCT 25, 2019

Metro Exodus
RELEASE: FEB 15, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
RELEASE: OCT 25, 2019

DOOM Eternal
RELEASE: NOV 22, 2019

Borderlands 3
RELEASE: SEP 13, 2019

first-person shooters are games with a proud tradition behind them and this year looks to continue that tradition hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks FPS games you need to check out in 2019 coming in at number 10 Wolfenstein Youngblood the new co-op Wolfenstein that takes place in the 1980s of course gives us tons to look forward to what's interesting is that it's being both billed as more arcadey as well as including more RPG elements which is like polar opposites but I'm excited very much for the fact that I like both arcade games and RPGs and previous Wolfenstein games from what we've seen so far the cooperative aspect of the game is really leaned into the intent is to get players to tag-team more than it is to get two people just basically playing Wolfenstein which I don't think would be bad by any means but definitely I want more from my Wolfenstein Youngblood than just hey we added all this stuff for no reason like I wanted to feel justified I want it to feel like it's there for a reason and everything so far I've seen indicates that they're at least trying to do that which is great also it just looks fantastic the whole environment of the 1980s but owned by Nazis is just I cannot wait to see I just think that's gonna work out in such an interesting way given that sect of people has tried to co-opt eighties imagery recently a little to see you just blazing through it with a gun in each hand just sounds very interesting Wolfenstein Youngblood is coming to Windows Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 and Xbox one on July 26th number nine is rage – so rage – is very different from rage 1 however I will say as a fan of rage 1 myself I enjoyed the game did I think it lived up to its full potential maybe not so much I think this is a really good improvement on the world that's really what this game retains the mythos the world the setting it's a little further into the future but it takes a lot of the stuff that rage one built adds little more color to it and makes it very dim 2016 like and let me tell you the fast-paced nature of this version of Rage is just exactly what the doctor ordered because this game is just such a monumental improvement on the original cam like I said I liked the original game and I mostly liked it because it was an interesting version of the kind of world presented whereas here we have gameplay mechanics that really just work and what I'm talking about is really the ability of mechanics how you're able to level basically everything up guns abilities whatever and just how well it works to string together combos through rooms in a way that just makes you feel awesome between the side dashing sliding and the sort of punch drops this game is exhilarating it functions as a standalone too so if you weren't a fan of the first game either because you didn't know about it or because you genuinely didn't like it rage 2 is really just worth your attention give it a shot have a look I think you'll enjoy it number 8 is apex legends which is just the unexpected good thing of the year apex Legends was quietly developed without a lot of input from he a respawn was basically given their ability to make the game they wanted to make and it has kind of a generic name but that's it that's the only generic part the gameplay and this is awesome they're sliding there's basically everything but the big robots from titanfall as a battle royale game with some more squad based mechanics that make me think that when the game calls itself the next evolution of battle royale go ahead and say yeah kind of combining the overwatch roster of legendary characters with battle royale it's a good idea having a squad of a couple of players with different abilities playing battle royale type games yeah its strategic its fast-paced and let me go ahead and say this like I said the titanfall ground gameplay just works so perfect for this kind of game apex Legends is already out it's on Windows Xbox one and PlayStation 4 and if you're even remotely interested in battle royale you've got to give this one a shot number 7 atomic heart looks like it's kind of inspired by Bioshock but takes place in the Soviet Union well obviously a slightly different Soviet Union because everything is mechanical and very strange I say it seems like a Bioshock inspired game not necessarily because of whatever powers you might get through the course of it but more along the lines of the scenario and the way it looks like you'll be progressing through it in all honesty it doesn't really look like there's any kind of powers so to speak but it does look a lot like a more competent shooter than Bioshock with a kind of Bioshock spin on the sort of theme park story environment the setting looks very intriguing and that's enough to get my interest with this type of a game just the fact that things look competently done with like a really brilliantly original setting will get me into the door and I really can't wait to see exactly what this game brings to the table atomic heart will be hitting sometime this year coming in at number 6 Mort how a first-person hack and slash melee Battle Royale slash multiplayer player-versus-player thing it's not just battle royale in fact when I did the before you buy back on this game a little while ago I had said I initially thought hey the battle royale is probably gonna be the crown jewel here but no there's a mode called frontlines it's very much like which is kind of similar to conquest in battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront way back in the day not the EA ones unless you come very recent patches to Battlefront – but that's digressing this is a game that has such a great combat system it's complex while at the same time being intuitive and that's pretty damn enjoyable honestly I'd highly recommend you watch her before you buy on it I don't have enough good things to say about more tau it's a great game it's already out so go ahead and give it a try if you've got the time number 5 is the outer worlds and where do I even start with this game this is the game I'm probably most excited for this year and I think that this is going to be just the thing that fallout should have been all along cuz fallout ain't the thing it should have been all along let's just say without getting too hung up on that the developers of Knights of the Old Republic to collab operators from neverwinter nights baldur's gate baldur's gate to baldur's gate three pillars of eternity stick of truth Fallout New Vegas I mean is there really anything that they have done that isn't quality they make games that feel like passion projects every time and it makes me so excited that they're making a kind of fallout Aska game in their own world their own IP and their own ideas it's so cool-looking too there's lots of color et is an open-world game but not quite as open-world as other games there are too large areas that the game takes place in the creators of Fallout Tim Kaine and Leonard Boyarsky are the directors of this game and I'm just excited that they are the ones the helm of this game it looks great I feel like it's the follow game we've deserved since Fallout New Vegas and we haven't gotten that Fallout game have we nope we got fallout 76 the outer world is coming to Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox one sometime this year number four is Metro Exodus which despite the fact people were very angry with the move the Deep Silver maid taking off steam and making it an epic store exclusive for future sales has gotten really good feedback even on Steam this is a game that I think really works well as an introduction to Metro as well as a continuation of Metro and that's not something that's easy to do there are times you will find that the movement in Metro Exodus is just a little bit clunky but for the most part it's a really enjoyable game that that kind of becomes a very minor beef as far as I'm concerned but as far as story driven FPS is this is just one of the better ones and that's even considering that the voice acting isn't a plus voice acting it's not the worst but it almost doesn't even matter because everything is just really engrossing the story is very involving and the gameplay does a good job of transitioning between open-world areas and linear areas and it feels like a game that is just constantly moving the pacing really good is this a perfect game no but over time it's going to get patched and I think the rough edges gonna be smoothed off a little bit and they aren't so rough that I even think that it's something that detracts from me this is great game and people need to play it if you like first-person shooters with a narrative like a little bit of the horror elements Metro Exodus is just a fine example of it it's out on PlayStation 4 Xbox one and Microsoft Windows and it's a great game coming in at number 3 call of duty modern warfare now this is just to say it right off the top a reboot of the series apparently they thought things were getting a little bit too hard to top modern warfare as a series kind of really went there as far as how far it would go there were nukes world ending plots that type of stuff and they wanted to scale back and just kind of start over they are featuring some previous characters but the timeline should probably be regarded as entirely new not that I'm sure that's really the most important part the timeline it's more that they're going for kind of a gritty ripped from the headlines type more controversial narrative Jake made the comparison to the no Russian mission in the video he made about the gameplay he saw behind closed doors and it makes it seem like it's going for a little bit more shocking of a tone maybe going for a little bit more emotional slash social weight I don't know it sounds really interesting to me number 2 is doom eternal and doom eternal is at least relative to the original doom 2016 reboot basically the same thing that doom 2 was to doom it's a bigger badder more wild more blatantly doomed than the first doom it is all of that and I think that it really brings everything to a kind of sort of wild level from what I have seen the gameplay looks entirely intact though albeit with a shotgun that has a grappling hook on the end of it and I'm there for that I enjoy the doom reboot a lot is it exactly the same thing as doom no but it certainly brought the spirit into the new generation and it's a hell of a ride I'm looking forward to mounting up once again when doom eternal hits Windows switch PlayStation 4 and Xbox one sometime this year and finally coming in at number one it's Borderlands 3 is of course the sort of action role player with the sense of humor that we've all grown to know and love and according to everything I've seen their core loop of the series really isn't being changed fundamentally and that's really not a bad thing I'm not saying they should be screwing with it however the scale does seem to be significantly upped and for me I think that's pretty promising because the more time we can spend in the borderlands world the better an addition I'm particularly happy to see is the Crouch sliding that you see in titanfall or apex legends earth if you're a stickler like myself Dishonored I'm excited to see that in Borderlands it's something that I think will work out very well and I know that that's probably not like the main feature anybody's focused on but I'm quite excited for that personally that's something you'll basically see me using in any game that allows it just because it's fun Borderlands 3 is hitting consoles and PC on September 13th couple of bonus games for you insurgency sandstorm a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter it came out on Microsoft Windows last December it is going to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox one this year it's a pretty interesting game I liked it it goes for very minimalist approach to tactical games and I think that it's very refreshing gtfo so the way I want to describe this game is kind of like left 4 dead at an underground facility where something went wrong and you have hordes of monsters that are coming out of a crater that was formed millions of years ago now it does look a little slower paced and more deliberate than left 4 dead however I think you'll completely understand what you're getting from this game in seeing that what first-person shooters are you looking forward to this year leave us a comment tell us what you think if you're not subscribed now's a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first is of course the subscription so click Subscribe and don't forget to click the notification bell as always we thank you very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon a hero and we'll see you next time right here on game ranks

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  1. and by the way since you haven't seen it yet you don't know whether or not it's open world or not people called destiny open-world there's absolutely dick open-world about destiny either but that's what they call ita persistent open world games game where you don't have loading screens you loginand play without having to go back to a hub every two further you can generally run across the map open world games are games like BDO, PlanetSide 2. the fact is until you can log in and play that game you have no idea whether it's open world and you can't take the developers work for it because developers will say anyting publishes will say anyting. destiny's publishers are now calling or rather developers are now calling destiny an MMOby that definition games like borderlands are also an MMO

  2. also it's not a fallout like game at all fallout is a series of games about a nuclear Apocalypse in an altered version of Earth. Outer worlds sci-fi space fantasy and it's single player

  3. You really have no clue about any of these games that you're discussing or talking about. Apex legends for instanceis important to the jonra because it's the first game of its kind where you dropping as a team. That's what makes it so unique and different.

  4. 10. seem interesting.
    9. need to play the 1st one.
    8. seem okay.
    7. seem like dying light but with robots.
    5. like #8.
    4. looks good.
    3. hopefully it play similar to the mw series.
    2. like #10.
    1. like #2 and 10.

    bonus 1 – look like battlefield series.
    bonus 2 – might be better than L4D.

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