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38 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Board Game Review

  1. What they need to do is what attack on titan did with game and make it a team effort to back off the horde. Instead of the wall, you have the prison to defend and instead of titans, they would have zombies of different level like the game.

  2. This game would be ok if it wasnt so hard to win. The fact your opponents go Kobayashi Maru when they die and all get a turn to attack you makes it a little unfair. If there is only one more person left it's impossible to win unless you are EXTREMELY LUCKY with the dice. The areas are complete death traps at that moment. I feel if they gave the opponent walkers another dice that was only up to 4 movement then it would be a little fair.

    The fact you roll a 3 and they all roll higher means you dont have to deal with 1 but 5 encounters. That's 5 chances to lose all your allies and lose. I dont know, that just seems a little harsh for being the last survivor. Seriously has anyone ever beaten this game?

  3. I got this game, and honestly, I like it. It's pretty straightforward in terms of what the goal is. And I just play this game with my close friends. In all due honesty, I didn't expect it to be this next level game. I got what I bought: a straightforward, short game that's fun to play with friends. I saw a comment earlier in the comment section, saying that it was also fun if they bent the rules. I found this to be true myself. Don't buy this game if you're expecting the true zombie board game or the next "Zombies!". I myself don't think it's horrible, and it got some good laughs and a few "godd***it!" from my friends

  4. defending a strong hold type zombie game "Zombie survival the board game" by twilight creations. your "strong hold" is your house and you can fortify and defend and all that really good game

  5. Many thanks to you for the review. I, being a big fan of the graphic novels and the tv show, debate on purchasing this game every time I'm in the store. My friends and I are big on Board and Card games and are always looking for the next fun one. However, this one does seem as I imagined. Pretty cut-n-dry roll and hope you hit big. Frankly, it works for "ZOMBIES!!!" but, that being said, if I wanted to play a game like ZOMBIES!!! I'd just play ZOMBIES!!!

  6. A tired theme? Christ…90% of board games are tired themes now!
    There is a core group that most people play and then there are these random ones that get released here and there all the time.

  7. theres also a walking dead board game based on the comics by z-man games. please do a review of it; compare and contrast the two games – which one is better and why

  8. When we play, we actually kill the oriole who are playing the game. It's fun! The funny thing is that we rigged the cards so we always win. We live on an island and people vacation here. No laws, so this is legal…FUN!!!

  9. why cant these board game companys who make zombies games, come up with the a new concepts of zombie board game?! they could make a base vs base wars including the zombies in between, i was thinking more of the walking dead comic book based board game where u shoot and roll a dice to spawn zombies in that area couse the sound. That simple funtion plus factions vs faction war would be THE BEST ZOMBIE GAME! thumbs up if u agree

  10. I also forgot to mention that the comic book based version of this game was visually designed by the artist of the comic book series, upping the collector value. When I opened it I was tempted not to play just because I didnt want to ruin anything. Glad I did though, I have played with several groups of friends in the first week of opening it and everyone, including hesitant non-gamers have all had a blast with it.

  11. There is another Walking Dead Boardgame made by ZMAN games and is based on the comic rather than the tv show. My friends and I play D&D & other RPG's, so we usually find alot of board games to be lacking… not the case with the ZMAN version. It is VERY well thought out, and a beautiful collectable. I highly recomend it.

  12. Seems way too basic. Thanks for the upload.

    If you have ever watched Battlestar Galactica then buy that board game. Its very complicated at first (Complicated makes games so much better when you understand the game). BSG boar games last 3-4 hours long.

  13. Got it for Christmas. Awesome game. A lot of fun. Games can be sort. Our quickest was 4 rounds with 3 people and we all died. Its really challenging, but that's what makes it fun.

  14. Unlike the TV Series, which is one of the best Zombie type series ever made, this is pure crap!
    I would put this below Monopoly or Cluedo for interest and replay value, and I can't stand either of the aforementioned.
    If you want a really good Zombie game using miniatures, then get All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames, and no I do not work for them or get commission!

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