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ladies and gentlemen welcome to another update night I feel like it's been ages since we did one of these but I think it's basically just because last week has been really nothing in it and we had nothing to do but today we're back with a brand new update night and we've got a couple of interesting things to check out number one we got a brand new riff soon they brought back kind of like that the castle area that was between pleasant and the junkyard if you remember that one and now it's raining stars and if you pick up those stars it gives you a random weapon which seems to generally be pretty high tier looting and also there is a secret unreleased weapon that is apparently never been in the game before but you can also get from the stars although although between you and me I'm pretty sure it's just a legendary tack SMG but that still sounds pretty cool and in addition to this brand new zone we've also got the return of bounces and the addition of the combine which is a new area where you can train your aim and movement and general Fortnite abilities that compete to get the fastest time that you possibly can in it so that is exactly what we're also gonna be doing tonight first things first well adding up the new rift zone we're fighting this undiscovered weapon it's probably gonna be a legendary SMG we're gonna see how powerful it is then we're gonna go to the combine and we're gonna go for a world record because it's night number 1 guys how fast can people really get at night number 1 I'm a pro death runner I'm kind of a decent fortnight player I reckon we're gonna be able to do this let's go alright the brand new rift zones right there guys and we're headed straight for it this is gonna be a bumpy drop this is gonna be a popular spot and there's like three houses in the entire place which means a lot of loot to go around but either way we need to get these new stars and most importantly we need this never-before-seen item which I'm pretty sure is the legendary tak and a legendary tax sounds like an absolutely terrifying weapon but alright here we go let's get inside oh my god we got the bounces off the back hey bro get back here get back here I'm so sorry goodbye I'm gonna go for that saw I need to get more loot and I need it now what do we got come on Oh legendary grenade bocha let's spam it oh my god it on the stocks landed right here and we got a rifle from it where are these enemies right there oh I stole that Eiland so on oh and I got that one too there's one more guy in that house come on hey you're out here kid give me all that I'm a little bit nervous cuz they were literally like no meds that spawn in this in time oh my god bro the sound of a star dropping down is terrifying especially when you're on 69 hey nice HP okay let's get a few more stars oh my God look it like rolls down the hill whoa heavy sniper we need that legendary TAC SMG though dude and oh my god there it is all right guys we got it the legendary TAC SMG we saw it in the trailer at the start of the season and now it's finally eyes the only sad thing is we can't get meds from those stars but either way let's move out now let's go towards the zone and let's pray we can start finding a few more meds cuz my god that is a long way that we've got to go oh we're back in the borderlands zone this guy all the way Beth oh my god oh my god alright we got a guy this guy this guy's one of those players who is not paying attention and he'll probably died at the zone oh my god this zone is oh my I can't believe that guy just sat down we're gonna make it we're gonna be fine but my dog will cutting that fine where is that guy oh we got him oh my god he went down to the storm he must have had any meds on him I still haven't got a chance to use this legendary tactic we need to get in a close-range fight alright I do not have a lot of HP but I think I have to try and fight this guy here oh my god I build a pyramid instead of a roof I'm a boy I didn't even get to use the legendary tack oh my god dude I'm pissed we get the legendary SMG we got a zone literally on the other side of the map and then we die before we get a chance to use it that's that that's like just the worst case scenario on everything all right time for some Redemption we got a star right here what's gonna give me all right we got a legendary shorty think I out there on the river where is he whoa you are incredibly laggy sad God everyone out here finances grenades are you actually gonna blow yourself up bro cuz I wouldn't recommend it and I ain't about to walk into that right there oh you are down buddy thanks for playing we've claimed the town again now we should just be able to farm oh my goddamn we're in the zone finally this is the luck that I needed oh there it is alright now we gotta go get some more loot alright now we gotta find the first victim for a legendary tech SMG oh I saw a guy up on that hill if I get one shot by a heavy sniper I am going to cry they distracted by each other that's what we love to say I'm gonna try and spray this tack oh those 20 damaged bullets let's get a new wall oh my god rut whoa Mike Jesus alright you know what I said about getting one shot by a heavy sniper we didn't get one shot but we didn't get shot oh you can see him right there Oh three shots I'm going in come on gestured holy crap these fingers are leis I think we might just quickly launch back to the block but Jesus who even needs a shotgun like honestly we just like walked through everyone ride only thing I can't find a bandages so we just got a really avoid fall damage but we've got a whole lot of ammo in this SMG dude I'm ready to spray down my next target let's say I'm gonna do something kind of dumb we're gonna rock – tactical smg's this is probably gonna get me killed I'm probably gonna lose this – game but Yolo let's go right here oh god there's another guy landing on him I'm gonna nail that one down oh the laser hits boys oh my god run road boy SMG spams my thing leave it alone come on right there oh my god there's another guy Bobby holy crap and all that loot that's it I'm going three tactical smg's we're going full Yolo baby we got a full rainbow in here oh there he is all the way over there let's get him I can't wait for all this over aggression to get me killed he's right here hey bro see you later the legendary smg's coming through I've got more enemies in this direction – I'm coming for everybody out here no one's safe from the legendary SMG oh my god no one's safe so what it's safe where's he going why it's a little bit a little bit worrying I know we need to do get the high ground you don't safe in there Brian you're not safe in there I don't like this one bit get me out of here I know all the way up the mountain go go go go go go go go go holy cow mail that guy oh my god I start be nervous because I know the guy back there has a sniper and I know that snipers are such a great way to lose the game oh my God he's got a heavy that is not what you love to say I'm not gonna lie guys were in a bit of a dicey spot right here hopefully this guy yo Pete doesn't like me yes pressure him together all right hit operate all right we got a guy let's get down here Jesus oh my god enemies everywhere enemies everywhere flip build please another one day on oh my god of course the new matchmaking is so great as an empire I'd say we're making one last play one last epic play oh my god when I try to be fancy with bounces we bounced right into a trap and then into two enemies not my best play yes so they also added in skill based matchmaking in this update so games are gonna be a lot sweaty or a lot like that for pretty much the rest of fortnight going forward so that's gonna be fun but tonight I don't really care about the victory royale we've already figured out that that legendary gun is absolutely insane but now I want to try to combine and you guys know me when there's any timed competition I want to be the quickest one out there so we're gonna give it up first go and then we're going for the world record oh my god this is the combine final time medium range close range long range zip line combat build combat holy crap all right this looks sick let's give it a go how am I gonna rank in my very first time on the combine can we get the world record let's go how does this work all right one man down three men down three men down Oh God okay okay this is very slow okay there it is let's keep going keep on moving forward oh wait we something what's not the clue no that was the medium range area this is the shotgun area I was like that felt kind of long-range alright look up oh I can go up here here we go and there it is again like where do I go now oh we go down here yeah number one number one another one another one they're all gone brightness keep on moving we're gonna be impulsive forward snipe one snipe do Oh God oh my god no way there is a flying guy oh I get it I'm a guard yes how many do we need to take out I should probably just use the assault rifle yeah this all rifles Stephanie play all right we're good I'll be Honor there's one more let's get him see you later kid all right still going zipline combat time this is definitely gonna be one for the sky another one another one another one and we're all good all the way through come on what's this bit all this building combat alright wait does that mean here not my boss it's certainly when you don't know where the enemies are all right last one there it is and through to the finish two minutes and seven seconds that's right ladies and gentlemen I am the king I'm not gonna lie that actually didn't feel that impressive look at that door the global leaderboards for mouse and keyboard it's me surely this isn't because there's just a glitch in the leaderboard sign up yet I am the world record holder further combine alright guys so I spent hours and hours training for this course and after doing it for quite a while my best time was 1 minute and 7 seconds but I knew I could do better so what you're about to see is the best run I managed to get now this little trick right here at the start was really really important you could pre throw an a there which blows up one of the bots you instantly take out that one as it spawns come behind and take out those two and you speed up that room by about 5 seconds which is a huge time safe now in here I realized lady you could actually go a little bit quicker by using different guns you can also impulse grenade a little bit in the middle but that but I maybe only lost like a second or two one and then after the second vault blows up the third one spawns you shoot that one instantly and then he come through on to the next bit now right here I'll admit I feel like I got a little bit lucky with my heart with my burst of bullet spread you gotta hit almost every single shot instantly and then all the way through here on to this little bit now this little bit was probably where I messed up most runs just is if you panic it's so easy to miss those shots but you reload the rifle as you're falling down there so you don't walk slower and you're gonna need the rifle in this next bit because the fastest way to do to do this segment that I've found so far at least is this right here instead of walking through you immediately jump to that spot impulse grenade all the way through and straight to the finish line for a time of 1 minute and four seconds which put me at number four in the world for the fortnight combine which I gotta admit I was pretty happy with not quite the world record world going for but I'll be coming back I'll be trying again and I'm gonna try and secure that world record but guys for now thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you legends in the next one bye bye

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  1. Uncool wouldn't watch -1/10 IGN rating this stuff like fortnite is probably the most unrad thing i'll have you know I served in the US MILITARY and my OPINION is better then yours ahhdsrthesdfhrwfhdsfewds

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