Naughty Dog studios brings us a “survival horror” style game set 20 years into a pandemic that caused a parasitic “Zombie” infested world. Joel must now escort a 14 year old girl named Ellie to a city in which, along the way, they face infected people, civilizations clinging to survival by any means necessary, and dangers of all sorts. Jeremy reviews “The Last of Us”.

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23 thoughts on “The Last of Us game review

  1. My only complaint is the stealth at the end with Firefly soldiers. I ended up having to look it up cause c’mon those soldiers totally would’ve seen you (which is why I didn’t try to sneak past myself before).

  2. Something I love about this review is that people say that this game would make a good movie but a mediocre game because they think the gameplay is just objectively “okay”, like what the fuck are you talking about?? The gameplay is fucking awesome!

  3. I would place it the 3rd best game ever made.
    Behind Metal Gear Solid (PS1) and Megaman X (SNES).
    But im waiting time to tell, if im willing to replay it over and over and over again in the future, the spot is well deserved.

  4. The last of us, in my opinion, does not deserve the universal acclaim it gets. Its not a bad game, for sure, but the gameplay in it I just find to be a mediocre copy of Resident evil 5. And before you all start typing, “B..BUT…THE STORY IS PERFECTION!!!!”, If the best part of the game is the story, what is the point of spending money to own the game when I can experience the best part of the game by watching the cutscenes on youtube? The last of us is something I like to refer as a movie game. Its a game that has a really good story, but fails to deliver gameplay wise. Other examples of this type of game include life is strange, heavy rain, and pretty much every single game from telltale. Hopefully TLOU2 fixes this and focuses more on the gameplay than the story, or at least has a good balance of both. But from what I’ve seen in the E3 trailer, it dosen’t look like that will be the case.

  5. I just finished The Last Of Us (Remastered Version). It was a decent game with a compelling story. The gameplay was very repetitive and the only reason I continued playing was to find out how the story ended. Other than the story , I don't understand how this game is heralded as one of the best games of all time. It was literally the same thing the entire time. Travel, collect shit, fight bad guys, cutscene, and repeat. I liked it, but there were way better games in 2013. I like a good story driven game, but I'd rather have more options in terms of gameplay mechanics and freedom. I'd give it an 8/10.

  6. I honestly love your game reviews as much as your film and sometimes more in rare cases, plus this needs comments and thumbs up every few months….. GOAT to me as a 46 year old gamer since pong and the atari2600 this was the greatest game ever done.

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