Mark Zuckerberg first interview on CNBC (2004). Note that he was not the only one interviewed: there was another young entrepreneur of another start-up.

Watertown Massachusetts Mark Zuckerberg
creator of Harvard's Mark if somebody was to put
the question to you about the magnitude of what you think you've
launched how big do you think your product or your service is? Well it's impossible to tell when we first launched we were hoping for you know
maybe four hundred five hundred people Harvard didn't have a Facebook so that's
the gap that we were trying to fill and now we're at a hundred thousand people
so who knows where we're going next down we're hoping to have many more
universities by the fall hopefully over a hundred or two hundred and from there
we're going to launch a bunch of side applications which should keep people
coming back to the site and maybe could make something cool. What is Thefacebook exactly? It's an online directory that connects people through
universities and colleges through their social networks there. You sign on you
make a profile about yourself by answering some questions and giving some information such as your concentration or major at school … contact information
about phone numbers instant messaging screen names anything you want to tell
interests what books you like movies and most importantly who your friends are
and then you can browse around and see people's friends are and just check out
people's online identities and see how people portray themselves and just find
some interesting information about people

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  1. Why would they put a guy on tv just because he started a website for universities? This project has been planned to revolutionize how we use the internet and how they can change our patterns about giving away our personal information online.

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