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The PC of the Republic is here – Join us as we build the all-ROG gaming machine from the ground up and take it for a spin!

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48 thoughts on “The All-ROG Gaming PC!

  1. Forget that i9 9900k and that NVidia 2080 ti get an AMD motherboard and the 3800x CPU and the RX 5700 xt. The AMD CPU outperforms the intel lineup in everything, except for game performance, they're almost equal in that. And, the x5700 xt will give you 2070 ti or super type performance. All for a low-low price. But, if you're an Intel fanboy and a NVidia fanboy like Linus then there is no hope for you.

  2. Does the motherboard ( asus rog maximus xi code ) has a WiFi thing?

    Edit: I realized the motherboard doesn’t have DisplayPort, can I use the asus rog maximus xi hero instead ?

    Linus please help I’m a mood when it comes to reading descriptions on their website

  3. The whole ROG setup looks amazing but then I realized you have two High-end Graphics cards and they are not enough powerful when you played some game(the last game) and the pc is not able to break up more than 50FPS that is really shame, anyway, in that case, is useless to have a 144Hz display cause you can't fully enjoy it at least you should turning 120+ FPS otherwise it will not be smooth enough. So from my point of view, it is pointless buying 2080 yet for 4k games and we should wait for a better performance graphic card. So yeah all gadget that Asus rog delivered is really nice but at some point is not only about beauty and spec documentation.

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