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all right Patrick first day behind the grill now everything that you learned in training just try and stick to it don't burn anything down you know just you stick to the manual okay the manual where is it not I might have cooked it okay god wow we have a full full house today dude we got well sandy a full house tell me to need more pans no no oh stop your look you're causing an earthquake into whatever you it's okay so what are you doing in there Oh Mike it looks ready great are you sure it's good there's enough to code we don't want to get shot down I'll just turn it over to these guys don't don't don't worry about just keep doing what you're doing it's it's perfectly fine try to shake the ground a little less though um oh hey what's up dude we don't don't get a lot of humans down here it kind of looks like Mark Zuckerberg he does is your name Marcus sucker is it dude this is Mark Zuckerberg whoa dude what's up how are you get going on that dude make something real good for him what can we get you I heard you've been having a lot of legal probably no little ASEC get into it um yeah sorry I'll just act like you're a normal guy okay ready okay go mmm hello welcome to the Krusty Krab how can I give you diabetes today would you the menus right there go ahead and pick anything you want oh you want oh no yeah that's the bathroom over there you just want to go to the bathroom sorry I don't know why I keep picking different guns out of my pocket yeah bathrooms right over there you know help yourself I'm sure yeah I've got to go in the kitchen anyways and check in on something you know new media caused it causing a ruckus oh sorry yeah patch what have you been doing patch oh my god what is that you don't even know what are you doing why that is not part of the job stop stop Patrick what have you done what if you won why is there blood why is there blood oh my god what have you done that's really came in here no it wasn't I specifically checked for dead bodies I did not dude don't you try and put this on me you're gonna have to explain this one mr. Krabs all right I'm not helping you out this is classy sponge put him through that how did you get holes in the wall who came through the door I don't know that I just don't leave you at all came like that he bashed his way in all right come back in here and please try and put things back together I at least make it presentable oh you know I I panicked when Mark came in I was trying to make something real special but there was only three containers of juice Oh sauce yeah that was it there was no buns so you just started throwing things around I panicked I might have killed someone okay well next time you will start panicking just put yourself in this box close the lids and tape yourself in it and I'll come get you out when you come oh yeah okay good idea sponge I'm gonna go ahead and squeeze out of here oh okay mark still in the bathroom how long has it been how long does it take to kill man what Oh cuz you killed that guy oh so you did do it you admit it oh man it is lively in here today look even that nerd has a girl look what yeah who would have thought that guy over there in the left on the left one of the big old eyes yeah I mean the dumb body like this big old dumb face you look stupid look what what is in your own face it looks like a table it looks like somebody took a piece of taffy and just stretched it out and put google dude I'm kind of getting worried for Mark I don't want to be like like weird people that killed Mark Zuckerberg I don't want to be that guy either wait what somebody could you're saying someone killed mark oh my god what the no one killed no one's gonna okay well now I'm kind of suspicious if somebody killed mark is he on this 100 open it wait a minute Oakland okay wait I see something I see something scaly in the next stall please visitor bathroom in this what is this just a changing room yeah I guess so oh hi mark are the rumors true oh I got him I got him take that mark he's unconscious he's unconscious quick let's go let's get out of here no you you before the press gets here I knocked him unconscious Patrick come on what are you doing making sure he doesn't come back no he's gonna come back if Mark Zuckerberg is eternal he is life and death itself come on he's a lizard person everybody was right the press was right oh no this is very bad I already please stay calm we didn't I'll wait they didn't see anything okay let's just act like oh you've got a little bit of blood on your face but can you come here let me get that was from him he shot me oh Jesus have guns yeah Shh don't tell them that they're gonna freak out I need to check the place for lizards and you need to come with me sometimes when we get an infestation it can be pretty bad if they got in they probably got in through the basement come on their weapons are good for lizards I don't know they're pretty strong luckily I got a good hit rate to the dome on mark they're knocked among edges you saw why am I going first I know you're pretty disposable right run run run oh no oh no oh you just Oh get back – oh no oh you're just so fine die you're just going you made it that's that's good can we just throw some grenades just so we can know they're talking to each other on radio or that could be Facebook oh no they're probably using facebook Messenger communicate okay hey get out of here you just got shot in the eyeball sponge I think I killed them all yeah okay stop stop wait wait wait wait that's another one I'll show him in the groin Oh yep they're okay they're right behind that door I'm just gonna Oh oops watch out for that okay oh oh I thought I'd killed you I'm so sorry I'm trying to think how we can solve this problem you know normal normal just running in and gunning might not might not serve me well we have to kill them at the source at the Facebook how do we do that how do we go to Facebook do you have a VRS DVR no I have the next best thing I have an idea I have an idea hold on okay the one the one weakness of the Zuckerberg that I know is congressman oh you're right but like I feel like they're about to shake hands good day it works are a good day at work yep good good Congress so okay this isn't maybe we need to step it up to a higher level congressman let's see what I was like women oh my you've got it congresswoman that's the that's the next step alright here she is I'm gonna get her okay here's one oh god what happened to their face sometimes they come out wrong sometimes they come out wrong kill him kill him oh geez oh you it's a bad batch it's a bad batch holy crap okay just just kill him oh they're disgusting they think of me as their leader oh it's so gross oh my god I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna throw up looking at them I'd rather be killed by lizard people I'd rather be killed by lizard people are you coming back I'm back look out look out okay okay I'm honestly just repulse how about a helicopter does that work I said I'd yeah oh is this not really relevant no it looks like it's gonna it's got Oh yep kill ya yeah once again ah we should get rid of it hold on I'm gonna throw it out there oh there's another one out there oh there's a whole bunch of them oh okay okay okay we uh focus was a bad idea okay nothing's working nobody wants to use violence so I'll tell you what I'm gonna bring the government into this I'm gonna bring the government in oh okay they're shooting out of their penises the government was a bad idea I'm paying them off though so they're not attacking me sending more out go get them shoot laser up now they killed me that time okay well you know we can't control the government but at least if we can spawn them in and up and maybe they'll kill the lizards no they just want to kill us yeah I think that's the case god this is really hard dude maybe we should draw up wait what's in here oh hell oh god they're lizards with rocket launchers the government's have become our new enemy yeah I'm getting rid of those I have the power to place them and remove them you know I created them I can get rid of the you are a god base please I really sound meet your mom of them yo you're really mark no I'm not mark don't shoot me I'm not mark okay we need to go out and kill these guys so let's get some big guns here I'm gonna I'm gonna give you some guns double shotgun it's really good at healing lizards it's uh oh my god oh very nice right okay Mary this should this should be some serious lizard oh my god who would have thought you don't need congressman you just need a shotgun to have rocket launches yeah don't go into the room with the ones with rocket launchers because they're scary no who would have thought you don't need you don't need congressman to take down mark you just need a double-barrel shotgun that's amazing dude so that a more you know running under here the whole time I guess so dude who would have thought they were running under the krusty krab just a bunch of lizards there was a theory that he was actually a robot but I guess it's out now he's he's always Japanese lizard unless he comes oh oh I'm sorry dude you're dead okay I'm going up I'm going in oh I'm dying I'm dying I'm running I'm running I'm dying okay don't take my place I need a happy meal I need a happy meal stat hold on here come get your happy meal Patrick I did you eat your happy meal was it delicious it always tasted good although I didn't know we sold those no no well yeah well sometimes I go there on weekends don't tell anyone it's kind of a secret I'm jester Krabs immediately you're all done I'm gonna throw a parrot in I'm gonna clean up don't get up oh is he oh he's a heat-seeking parrot no way oh I think I just killed all of them yep yep we're good legs I say I saved the day it's pretty cool huh what who's that I should make the leap are you trying this is so difficult are you trying to get that gun you can you vouch you have to crouch when you jump silly you're so bad all right let's go rejoice come on everybody celebrate we did it we kill them all look they don't even know what happened they're stupid now stupid fish no one will really appreciate the work we've done here today sponge yeah that's okay though I'm happy with what we did we saved the day we saved everybody from mark I'm gonna go ahead and put some congressmen in this room so that when Mark wakes up he's gonna have hell to pay hey don't throw grenades in here all right the rooms full of congressmen or at least old people so you know ice panel yeah it's close close enough Facebook you need to call if I to be a congressman yeah okay there we go beautiful go ahead and get started on mopping up that blood Patrick we're getting back to our job all right sponge well now you might as well keep going don't not me I'm not a witness you're a witness no I've always I've always liked you work now Wow sandy I don't like your work I like all the time let him live let him live he's gone through enough


  1. Use your hands to get the dogs out of the room if you want to see if they are a true person and don't stop being a rose in a minute just got home and get a little more but we can get a

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