The PS4 has another rock solid exclusive that lets you play as everyone’s favorite wall crawler. Here’s my review of SPIDER-MAN!

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48 thoughts on “Spider-Man (PS4) – Game Review

  1. I’m glad they released this game outside of a Spider-Man movie release; it lets the developers focus more on quality, which shows in the final product.

  2. Am I the only one who wants to FINALLY see Carnage in a spiderman story. I hate how Hollywood is wasting him in a Venom movie. Carnage was my favorite Spiderman villian and I hope playstation has him as a main villian in Marvels Spiderman 3..or 4….GOD…WHEN CAN WE EXPIRIENCE SPIDERMANS BATTLE AGAINST PURE EVIL…CARNAGE

  3. If I'm going to be honest, Jameson's podcasts really, and somehow realistically, gets me irritated like he really is talking shit about me. Like, I want to sock him in the face just to shut him up. I get it's a sense of immersion, but he really gets annoying with his over-the-top accusations of pinning EVERY single problem on Spidey. All and all, I'm glad I finally bought a ps4 to play this.

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