Hey guys! Welcome back to Exercise of the week! This is a continuation of the previous video going over some low back exercises. This time the exercises address those who sit with a flexion based position and goes over THREE simple exercises you can do right in front of your computer and chair to address or manage any low back pain you may be having as a gamer and help yourself sit more UPRIGHT Links mentioned in the video are provided below! as usual here are some timestamps for the exercises in the video:

Why this routine is necessary 0:34
Hamstring Stretch: 1:11
Desk Extensions: 2:12
Seated Good Mornings: 3:09
What you can use this routine for: 4:15

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hey guys Santa here and this week I'm gonna be taking over from Matt and for this week of exercise of the week there's a lot of weeks there we're gonna be going over exercises for the lower back and specifically for people that sit like this or what we call the flexion posture with your lower back a little more rounded and your pelvis tilted backwards and I want to emphasize that when we sit with these poor postures for long periods of time muscles get stiff muscles don't work as wide some muscles even get weaker and what we're going to be doing today is gonna be addressing those physical impairments so we're gonna stretch out the lower back stretch out our hamstrings and then we're gonna work on the endurance of our lower back muscles so if you guys do want to learn a little more about this flexion based posture or what you guys can do maybe more holistically to manage your low back discomfort then go ahead and check out the link in the description below I mentioned it in the first video it's the one HP med kit but let's actually just go ahead and get to the exercises we're gonna start by stretching our hamstring muscles these guys can get stiff after sitting for long periods of time in that flexion based position this one you can do right at your chair all you have to do is step away from the desk stand up turn around lift one leg up place your heel on your chair like shown and you can slightly bend your knee and all you're gonna be doing is leaning forward until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings if you feel any sensation in your calf you might be over stretching or irritating the nerve a little bit so you can ease off bend your knee a little more and then fold more forward at your hips to really isolate the hamstring we're gonna be doing this on both sides and to provide an actual change of tissue length we're gonna be stretching 20 to 30 seconds for 3 sets and I want you to repeat this 2 to 3 times a day this next exercise is meant to address stiffness in the joints of a lower back and help us regain some mobility along the spine to allow us to sit more upright to do this exercise all you need to do is again step away from your chair bring your hands with your palms facing the table place your palms on the edge of the table as shown take a couple steps back lift up on to your toes from there you're gonna bring your hips towards the table into an extension position and really trying to bring your chest and lower back through into the table to feel a stretch along the lower back and into the mid-back as well we're gonna be doing this exercise for 10 repetitions holding each rep for about 5 seconds each to really get that stretch and then repeat that two to three times a day every single time you're sitting for long periods of time you can do this right after to help with your spine this next exercise is meant to develop the endurance of our lower back to do this exercise all you need to do is just push your chair away from the table to create some space for your body to move forward spread your legs apart to prevent your hamstrings from limiting the movement forward place your hands behind your head your elbows at the plane of your body like shown and then lean forward folding from your hips until your shoulders are ahead of your knees and then come back up and the goal is to maintain your lower back straight the entire time because we want to keep those muscles activated and helped to develop the insurance there this is level 1 of the exercise with your hands behind your head level 2 involves making the letter Y which I'll show at the very end to make this exercise a little more difficult when you get stronger to develop endurance for the muscles of your lower back you're gonna be doing this exercise for three sets of twelve to two three times a day so when should you guys be doing these exercises I would say give yourself the gift of health this season and do these exercises after everygame sessions you guys have think about it as a way to undo the stress of sitting for long periods of time and if you add this to the routine I showed you guys in part one for extension based posture it can provide you guys with the overall routine to manage the health of your lower back hey guys thank you so much for watching I actually have to go to talk to my elves and help them prepare for all the gifts I need to send out this year um as you guys can tell I'm a lot thinner then you guys normally remember me as and that's because I've been working out for the past twelve years and it's been good to me and I do want to give you guys the same gift of health and fitness and I'm going to be doing that through Matt's content so make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and look out for future content that Santa's giving you guys to be more healthy as gamers and yeah again I appreciate all the support thank you so much

3 thoughts on “SIT LIKE THIS? Easy Exercises for Gamers to Fix low back pain | 1HP Exercise of the Week

  1. Thank you Santa! I will be adding these into my before bed stretch routine. It's basically the routine from part 1 with some added shoulder and calf stretches.

  2. Been following your videos and taking physical therapy for 3 months now because my pinky and elbow bother me and I'm hoping to play league again soon but don't have a chair or desk anymore do you have reccomendations for chair and or desk?

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