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welcome to so we can make bets you are to make a treehouse let's make a tree house that's my word back off hi guys stop don't touch my word okay the craft now how do you make sticks is to paste two planks of wood on top of each other planks of wood yeah why don't you just well Chaitali alone drawing the ship you right-click you right click on it and that's how you got the crafting window got stone pickaxe with her make you move but ok ok well where are we building well we burn the house let's find a place keeping those torches back now please I'm always gonna keep the wooden hoe in my mentoring just give a little corner there look at my little cubby hole this is about to be like caveman issue right here you ready go under a tree there's definitely some drops coming through so I've got beef and chicken on the menu got some beef I'm gonna eat my first meal of minecraft yeah I died of a pickaxe and you put four of those in a square to make your crafting table yeah yeah you fill the small one with with planks and you'll get a key it will make your crafting table okay in your crafting thing just one just one in oh okay that's good now you put four of them in the crafting inventory four planks is it your hotbar no you need it in your like hot bar the bar at the bottom of the screen underneath your health and food now right-click and you and you can where are you basic training inside this makeshift house Mac sorry thank you know again he was one hit even I picked up all your stuff I'm coming back wait wait but you re I'm just gonna strap some down cuz it'll be difficult he's gonna teach you how to make weapons alright so right click on the on would you call it crafting table how do you how do you burn your couples are you paying in the furnace well whose fault is that I'm trying to teach you to make II don't I'm gonna give you the stick we're trusting them were chastening we have to trust him take the stick no no not the furnace fuck the furnace Crafton team Crafton team show where he's out front by movies gonna kill me I'm good bad we have no hope I need to fight we need food to know God's food during the day I got no no no no I'm so outta this game [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] we're coming [Laughter] because they killed you okay only on 9 I'm predicting this Vic's trying to come out oh boy we'll see what's he crafted iron stuff Annie suited up here oh he's definitely coming to kill us we should set should we said group rule Hitler you know how I I've just found in Evan bits of iron I know we share no I hope none of us to make us all stuff I know this is lovely I can breathe breath breath breath okay way I'm gonna let me just yeah you do that how much bigger our houses now I love that look I'm making a big old mine for us yeah I mean I'm gonna go over there I've dug down over here well you wait if you go I am Vic yeah I'm a way for you to join yeah it's in their furnace we can let's make more fences I think I saw his name tied really far in the ground JJ I can't help you could run away well I mean I don't run away like just come to me in it on the widow's back you see you can't see me you want to start getting back by the way cuz the monsters welcome fun ain't no way I'll be going back I'm too fucking far we want to each don'twe come on come on let's go that's gonna be general so wat each time he's the king will be one of the bucket Namie Amuro yeah there's only one source of lava that oh can you ah Thank You ground off mate oh boy give me that give me the ting walk give me this day how much food do we have we need food fair I got to cook chicken if you want give me the bloody bucket now oh oh give me the bloody bucket baby come on give me the boy give me the bucket alright let's make you some armor first though okay we call and relax with that with that with that you're dead hmm I got an iron just play I just put on for days and this we'll start you off with some fresh cakes oh yeah all right can't be choosers my guy look at your house you see your house boss I found a ravine sucker come to me come to me come on it's massive oh yeah how much iron do we need all of it yeah how much do we need this free of us really like a lot sorry you did you come out oh my god yes yes okay I think I know what you found I'm going to the bottom on me yeah let's go there I am anyway we gonna explore next episode oh come this way oh okay right come across Walter yep take a little gander up that direction I'm looking Oh Dandan mineshaft no it's a bridge a my best breed them so we can have an enemy supply we're trying to cook in that look that's food that is gonna be at the side craft episode holding food eat it good eat it that is gonna be a side craft episode 1 stay tuned to more Simon to find out why


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