In this video, we show you how to set up our Facebook Auto-Post tool

welcome to our house elite training video on setting up the Facebook auto post tool with the Facebook auto post tool your featured listings will be automatically posted to your facebook business page this is a useful tool for real estate agents who want to share listings to Facebook without having to do so manually so let's get started begin by logging into your I house web administrator menu once you are logged in click linked accounts then Facebook next click on the login button and sign in with your facebook login credentials now follow the on-screen prompts click OK to proceed with the account that you have logged in as click OK on the next screen to grant our tool the necessary permissions and your Facebook account is now linked now check the Enable posting to Facebook box and choose which Facebook page you would like to post the listing information to note that our tool does not post to your personal Facebook account timeline it can only post to a facebook business page if you do not already have a facebook business page you will have to create one in order to use this tool once you have selected a page to post to click the Save button to finalize your changes you have now enabled our Facebook Auto post tool going forward your new listings will be automatically shared to your facebook business page we hope this information was helpful if you had trouble following this guide or if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our elite service team at eight six six six four five seven seven zero zero or support at eye House web com

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