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What is the most popular gaming system in the United States? The answer is kind of complex. Does your state like Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, or PC?

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20 thoughts on “see who wins YOUR state! Switch, Xbox, PS4, or PC?

  1. So I live in AZ, and my ps4 sucks balls! It never reads the disk, so I took it to every place and got the same answer, get a Xbox. I finally did (like all of my friends) and it was the best!!!!!! Never crashed (yet)

  2. Yeah the US has always been a bit out of touch.
    In the rest of the world PS4 is absolutely baptising Xbox all over the place. There ain't no console war anymore. Sony is so superior it's no longer a contest.
    The sales alone put Xbox to shame. PS4 by default.

  3. I live in Minnesota, and yeah I can agree the Switch is definitely the biggest here. Overall I’d say more people have PS4, but people who consider themselves gamers like me have a Switch, some have an XBox as well

  4. I live in Puerto Rico (US territory, not a state) and I saw plenty of people with Switch, most kids at my school have PS4, while I am the only one that I know of with an Xbox One unless that kid with a Halo backpack counts. (I actually have all three but I am more of a Nintendo and Xbox guy.)

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