Here it is guys… the only Scuf PS3 Controller Teardown/Breakdown on youtube!!!! Check it out and let me know what you think…

time of death now I'm just messing with it wasn't very about Ishta boys my stutter and I want to bring you something I don't think many other people are bringing you and that is the breakdown tear down autopsy if you were here of a scuf gaming controller I decided to do this video because I was curious as to what was inside of the scuff game of control it so our well sure other people would probably be just as curious so I decided to start to pop it open so what I'm going to do is figure out exactly how to pop this open delicately without breaking anything because I want to see what it looks like under here now once I do that I almost got it open guys once I get it completely open I will come back and show you exactly how I did it so I'm almost there stand by alright guys so check it out I've got it open and it looks very much like I built this controller but as you can see in here there's kind of one paddle – you've got your battery and this is a newer PCB board which is marvelous we're gonna smash that battery right out of there and yeah see what else we got here we got a few spots on the actual board where was that I'm looking at where they have solved it into in order to make all this work looks like so we've got a power I need to get my magnifying glass up cuz it is hard to see exactly what's going on with this spot here on this this board I've got to get my magnifying glass out because it's hard to see exactly where they've soldered on the board in order to make this connection but because these points are very small but I'm used to working with them and yeah other than that looks pretty normal to me so what I'm gonna do is tear all this down and start working with it sooo I'll see what else is in here some stand back we're gonna take it all the way down and we're gonna put it all the way back up once I get a better handle on what else is in here this it's cool but I've never worked on another modern controller that wasn't moderate by me so I think that's kind of neat they've put a little piece of metal digit that they've cut out if you look in here there's this little metal digit right here and it's little but that is what's blocking and giving you that little bit faster split-second rapid fire time if you will so that is kind of cool mix that makes that makes that laid-back like I'm doing so I thought that's pretty cool so we'll take those off let's pop the actual board out got a couple more things to do before we can get the board out I've worked on this control there bunch of times before I'm a doctor know what I'm doing all the way I don't think it's a brand new controller we've got the actual mainboard out it looks pretty look familiar to you guys the new any of you that's working on a new daughter board that's got the three dots in it it's the same board that I minded in my other video because you're trying to figure out how to get it LED light LED light to shine through so yeah this is a newer body stuff but there's just not a whole lot else going on so I'm just looking to see how it breaks down and you know I hate to say it guys but that's pretty much it I'm gonna pretty much tear it all the way down the faces naked that's pretty much it guys it's a done deal and we've got our controller and all they did on the back of this thing was solder Ian a couple of terminating solder in order to make the actual paddle they went in and unscrew it a few pieces that they excavated unscrew they screw it in these if I guess this is like a little bit might even be up it's actually plastic piece of plastic here and that's it they screwed it in up top and if you look in the back here just screw it into the body about it being better boom there's your paddle so yeah that's it you guys are not gonna actually believe this but there is absolutely no difference in the Front's of these two controllers here it's hard to show up side-by-side but they didn't do anything so that actual that whole thing where they say it they do a no slow turn that's a method now they may do something but it's not anything spectacular because that controller looks exactly like this controller on the inside so I was expecting to see a shade down or something it has not has not been altered it is it is factory stuck and you guys can see it just like I'm saying it it's all shine and they didn't repaint anything so that's the same as a factor so hi I'm going to reassemble this controller is my plans now let me just in Cara's legacy I'm going to reassemble this black controller and I'm going to make my own version of a kitschy stuff if you will using my urban camo controller I will bring the video showing you the finish results and if I get enough lights on that video which will be my controller compared to the stuff I will do a how-to video so I got guys thanks so much for watching here is the remains of the autopsy an actual stuff controller one of the few if not the only that's on YouTube so like that piece

25 thoughts on “Scuf Gaming Controller Teardown

  1. Hey man, desperately trying to get a hold of you before I fuck up my controller. All of the ps4 scuf mods I have seen are the ones where the solder point is behind the "3", and you have to scrape some stuff off to get to your solder point. My controller came today, and the board looks like the one you are using in this video. Do u have an email I can send you some pictures of my controller to? My email is [email protected], and I know how to solder and all of that fun shit- just not sure where to solder to. I really need your help, from one DIY gamer to another.

  2. i wish i watched your scuf video before i bought my scuf controller from scuf gaming. but what is done is done. lol i have a question for you and hope you know. i got my scuf for ps4 and got some mod sticks for it. When removing the phillips screws in the back, i ran into a screw that is a different type screw. do you know what i can get to get that removed?

  3. Dude read the fucking forums it is for better grip and more convinient gaming from the buttons on the back and also a bit faster and even lighter weight when they take out the rumble from the ps3 control next time read dont be a mindless American fuck

  4. I was disappointed with this video because it's not an Xbox scuf with the custom paint design things (skulls) and trigger stops. Also, the only good thing about this video is the slow turn thing

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