Support the stream: Hi ! This is Pratik Mehra and I am from delhi . My in game alias in Aurum . I am a competitive PUBG player currently captaining Team Raptors. I was a competitive cod4 promod player from 2011-2017 and then i switched to PUBG because it’s gameplay really amazed me and i enjoy playing it a lot. I hope i will be able to entertain you guys with my gameplay and put a smile on your face . Also, I am a GamingMonk Partnered Streamer.
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Donation(Paytm)- 9818226248 (All donations will be used to improve stream quality. )
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Achievements (PUBG PC)
1. 1st position in cooler master circle of champions 2018 indian qualifiers. (represented India at finals in malaysia)-
2. 3rd position in Omen by HP- indian qualifiers. link-
3. 1st position in Acer Predator League 2019 Asia Pacific indian qualifiers (represented India at finals in Bangkok,Thailand) –
4. 1st position in IGZ squad fpp season 1 tournament
5 2nd position in IGZ squad fpp season 3 tournament-
6. 2nd position in Rakazone gaming squad fpp 5k tournament.
7. 2nd position in Rakazone gaming squad fpp 10k tournament. link-
8. 1st position- wildlands week 2. link-
9. 1st position- gaming monk squad fpp tournament (11 august,2019)- link-
10. 4th position -proving grounds 2 – link
11.1st position in rakazone 2k tournament – 5 july ,2019.
12. 1st position -playmonk hydraflick tournament (4 August ,2019)-
13. 3rd position- Gaming monk squad fpp- 21 july, 28 july, 4 aug , 18 Aug(2019)
14. 3rd position- Gaming monk 50K squad fpp tournament (3 nov 2019)-

15. 1st position in various solo fpp hosted by gaming monk , playmonk , United indian gamers , Taiwan Excellence etc.

PC Specs :-
CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @4.00 GHz
GPU : MSi GTX 1060 3GB Variant
MOBO : MSi Z97 Gaming 5
RAM : Kingston Hyper X Fury 8GBx2 DDR3 1866 MHz
SSD: 128 GB / 1tb hdd
Monitor : LG 24GM77 144 hz
Mouse- Logitech G402
keyboard- Cooler Master masterkeys pro l white
Headphones- Kingston hyper x cloud core
Cabinet – CM690lll
Webcam- Logitech c922 Pro

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