Recently we got a new PS5 spec leak from a reliable source who has been correct in the past that reveals just how powerful the PlayStation 5 is going to be. All sign are pointing towards the PS5 being an absolute monster of a console that will push games to the next level. We already know just how good Sony’s studios can make PS4 exclusive games look now, just imagine what PS5 exclusives will look like.

I think many are anticipating that the Xbox scarlett will be more powerful than the PS5 but it looks like that may not end up being the case. We will have to wait and see.


okay guys so in today's video we're gonna be covering yet another leak regarding the PlayStation 5 but this time it seems as though this is actually legitimate this is the real deal in terms of talking about the power and the specs and what we can expect from the PlayStation 5 – where's the last leak we covered it seems like it's really a 50/50 thing and I think actually most people are leaning towards it being fake actually I've seen a lot of you say that there have been some people I think like Z huge and others who have actually went out of their way to let us know that this leak regarding the Last of Us – in the state of play and whatnot isn't real so a lot of you are gonna notice that I actually took that video down that was one of the reasons I took it down but the main reason I took it down and I just want to let you guys know this before we go any further is because the video actually ended up getting age restricted by YouTube and for those of you who don't know what that means essentially it means that YouTube's deemed my content outside of its Community Guidelines and therefore advertisements are not allowed to be run on it and it it doesn't push the video out it kind of suppresses the video in many ways it's not a good thing and the reason why they did that was because of the footage that I used of the Last of Us – which was kind of odd to me because I've used that footage many times before and I can't appeal it or dispute it either because when you look at that footage and they say this is too violent well I think we can all kind of agree that yeah this this is some pretty seriously violent footage that we see in these last of those two trailers but going forward any time we talk about it I might have to find different footage to use because this is not the first time this has happened and it really hurts my content in my videos when that happens so for anybody wondering why I took that down that's why also because it seems that people are coming out here dispelling this rumor or this leaking claiming it's fake so yeah just want to let you know that moving on from that getting into the leak today that does seem much more legitimate and has to do with the specifications of the playstation 5 and the raw power and I'm not gonna lie to you I'm really big on the tech side of things and I'm not going to pretend to actually know the ins and outs because I simply don't but what I do know after going over this leak is that if this is true apparently the PlayStation 5 is going to be an absolute monster in in many ways so says here that there's a lot we still don't know about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox scarlett consoles rumors hint at the fact that both will be very powerful and it seems like the PlayStation 5 is going to be even more powerful than most people expected a few hours ago Komachi leaked Oberon hopefully I'm pronouncing these names right sample clocks which is assumed to be the same as Ariel and Gonzalo both considered to be the name of the apu for the playstation 5 the gen 2 number is extremely high and it would put the console ahead of the AMD navi 5700 GPU and almost on par with the RT x 2080 in terms of power so apparently this twitter user said breaking this is ps5 according to this leak the GPU will be clocked at an insane 2 gigahertz this equates to 9.2 teraflops on the rDNA architecture or roughly 14 teraflops on the GCN architecture aka over double the power of the Xbox one X almost RTX 2080 power so I'll see if I can get that tweet up on screen while I read that hopefully I can and it goes on to say very little is currently known about the PlayStation 5 console as we already mentioned the consoles CPU will be based on the third generation of AMD's rise in line and the GPU will support ray tracing the CPU is based on the third generation of AMD's rise in line and contains eight cores of the company's new seven nanometers and two microarchitecture the GPU a custom variant of radians Navi family will support ray tracing a technique that models the travel of light to simulate complex interactions in 3d environments and we know that Sony went on record talking about ray tracing and how they I want to utilize it for audio as well whatever that means you know for some reason there's people who go around making fun of Sony for that I don't know why I mean I'm all for any improvements they can make visually and you know audio wise as well but yeah I'm not gonna lie like a lot of what we're seeing here I don't I'm not again I'm not the tech guy but I was kind of looking into this and what people were saying about it and it sounds to me like if this is true now we do have to keep in mind and this is the really important part there's two things here the first is that the individual apparently who's leaking this does have a good track record so when we say that this leak is most likely legitimate that's why this individual is really stressing that this is the ps5 specs this is you know the the two gigahertz clock speed it's you know confirmed but the other thing we need to keep in mind is that this could be a dev kit and we know that with dev kits a lot of times they actually boost the power significantly compared to what the final end product is going to be so we really have to keep that in mind when we talk about this but it's looking like this is legit and all signs are pointing as we've talked about before if you notice any time we've gotten any type of leak or rumor regarding the specs of the PS 5 that Sony themselves haven't announced and people kind of following this it all comes back to the same thing and that is it's going to be insanely powerful and I know that there's a lot of people who get on my case because I've made videos before talking about how the power of the PlayStation 5 isn't going to matter too much in the end and I know that there's a lot of people who get frustrated when I say that because suddenly it's like oh well the power mattered during the ps4 versus Xbox one with the resolution and all that and listen I'm not trying to make it sound like power doesn't matter at all because I'm not saying that I'm not sitting here saying power doesn't matter at all but in the end I would say that the thing that Trump's power more often than not is going to be the games and if there's something we know that Sony is really good at is making their games look absolutely stunning and phenomenal thinking about what Studios like Naughty Dog's Sony Santa Monica and SAAM niak would and guerilla games what they can do with PS 5 Hardware considering what they've been able to do with ps4 Pro and even base-model ps4 hardware yeah I think it's safe to say that it's really a matter of how these developers utilize that power but at the same time I'm all about the PS 5 or any other console for that matter packing as much power in it as it possibly can while still maintaining a somewhat you know affordable price tag one that can appeal to a wide range of different gamers you know they mean if the PlayStation 5 you know came out at $800 I feel like that that would kind of really hurt big time for Sony because not many people are gonna buy console for $800 at that point you're kind of getting into PC territory and we have to understand that that's the big separation between PC and consoles a lot of times the pricing and what we're seeing here according again to what I'm hearing some individuals talk about and saying is this is getting really close to like cutting-edge PC performance in some ways and you know the fact that we're gonna get a console out here not just with the PlayStation 2 it's important to note that it's most likely that Microsoft is doing something extremely similar we haven't really heard too much on Microsoft's side with project Scarlett but we know that it's going to be powerful and so the you know the big question and everybody has in their minds is which consoles going to be more powerful is it going to be project Scarlett is it going to be the PlayStation 5 we've talked before about how there are developers who I'm assuming have dev kits saying that the PS 5 is actually seemingly more powerful now we don't know we really won't know until we get the full final specs but it's just insane to think that Sony's really gonna be going all-in you know there's no doubt that Sony did and I'm not gonna you know try to avoid this conversation because it's just a fact you know factual thing that happened Sony did lean in to the power factor when they had it with the ps4 and you know looking at some of their older trailers you can even see when they had the ps4 Pro out before the 1x was out they always made sure to emphasize like this is the world's most powerful console and now we see Microsoft doing the same thing with the xbox 1x and I'm assuming they're gonna want to try to strive to be able to do the same thing with project scarlet but you know I think at the end of the day there's really just two things that people ultimately care about the first like we always talk about is the games there's no doubt about it there's gonna be people who simply do not care how less powerful or how more powerful the PS 5 may end up being compared to the competition what they know is that the studio Sony has is going to deliver amazing gaming experiences that they can't get anywhere else that alone is going to sell them on the PS 5 but the other thing that I would say that most gamers are going to be looking for with the next-generation PlayStation as well as the next-generation Xbox is they just want to feel that if they go out of their way to upgrade that it feels like a meaningful upgrade and something we know for sure for both Sony and Microsoft with these next-gen consoles is that they are going for power they're not gonna be holding back they're gonna be trying to really push the limit of what they're gonna be delivering and they're also going to be trying to future-proof these consoles which is why I believe this leak which is why when we see leaks like this that really point to the police-station 5 being insanely powerful more so than people expect that kind of makes sense right we know that Sony's gonna sell it at a premium price tag just like Microsoft will with Scarlett and we know that they want to kind of future-proof these consoles and make it so that when you buy it now like the developers are still going to be able to push things even further going further into the generation so there's really just a lot of factors at play here you know the other thing that people really want when they upgrade is just for it to feel like a true next-gen upgrade every time we talk about the PlayStation fives power or the next Xbox is power I always say that that's really what's gonna come down to we know we're gonna get graphically intense games the best we've ever seen people are also going to be looking for framerate boosts right a lot of people are going to be expecting most games if not all games hopefully to be running at a smooth 60fps a lot of people care about that people are going to be looking for you know less load times less loading screens with the SSDs and I think that these are all things that are truly going to end up coming together creating potentially the greatest consoles we've ever seen and I'm really excited guys I'm not gonna lie like seeing leaks like this gets me excited because it's not it's not just about the power you know I mean just the raw specs and the raw numbers but it really is just about like imagining what developers especially thinking about Sony's first party studios and others as well even third party developers what they're gonna be able to do with these new consoles and when you see power like this it really just kind of makes your mind wander right like I just keep thinking about how good games I played like spider-man and God of War and even days gone recently just how good they look how good a game like death stranding is looking and imagining and even the Last of Us – right and just imagining what they're gonna look like on these next-gen machines it's very exciting but I really want to take some time to bring this leak to you guys specifically because even though the last two leaks that we went over although I think they all come from the same source kind of you know we're all I think kind of leaning towards the idea that they may not be true and it's really just an up in the air 50/50 thing is coming from a random source this is not coming from a random source this is coming from an individual with a track record and it seems like all signs are pointing to this console the PlayStation 5 being insanely powerful being an absolute monster and I'm not saying that to emphasize that powers all that matters but hey that sounds like a good thing to me but that's gonna do it for the video guys let me know your thoughts about this down in the comments below does this get you excited for the future of PlayStation games and you know the power of the next-gen consoles I will be interested to see what you guys have to say leave the video like if you did enjoy it really helps it out subscribe to the channel if you new hit the bell notification icon so you never miss a video and feel free to share this video out on top of all that but until next time guys take care

25 thoughts on “PS5 Spec Leak Reveals ABSOLUTE MONSTER of a Console | PlayStation 5 Games Will Look INSANE

  1. Correction: Apparently this leak has been updated and it's closer to the 2070, not the 2080.

    I had to make a video on this leak because unlike the other leaks we have gotten over the past coupe of days, this one comes from a reliable source with a track record. We can all agree that at the end of the day the games matter more than the power ever will, but having power alongside the games is a great combo. It's really starting to seem like Sony is going all in with the PS5 in terms of power and capability. Looking at what Sony's studios are capable of doing with their games now on the PS4 and PS4 pro, just imagine what games will look like on the PS5, if this leak is true and the Ps5 is going to be this powerful, then games are going to look absolutely insane and I can't wait.

  2. boring ~yawn~ what a joke….. wonder how many people on earth can remember….the ps4 is a monster when came out….the ps3… of console when came out……spoiler alert….the ps6….will be even bigger better.stronger.more of a monster console then ps5.what a piece of trash.sick and tired seeing games on "strong consoles"… that look like complete trash….sick and tired issues that plague the ps2….just roll over to ps3…then ps4.then ps5 same issues that have hurt console that sony cant or just wont fix.want to meet the person or people the leak came can toss darts at there heads

  3. What's crazy is games that are coming out now towards the end of the ps4/pro lifecyclec are going to push the console to its limits to the point these games will look like a early PS5 games. Games such as TLOU2,Death Stranding,Ghost of Tsushima. You're already seeing it with games like Horizon Dawn,Spider-Man, God of War,RDR2,Detroit Human.

  4. utilising ray tracing for audio makes me think of creating code which simulates how sound bounces off different materials and objects and shapes to create the most authentic sound possible.

  5. PS5 will not be a monster of a console as its the first rendition (the one people will buy at launch). It will be a suppressed weak version of what they are capable of releasing then 3 or 4 years later they will release another one at full price with the specs the first one should have had the entire time.

  6. No the GPU is NOT close to the 2080, also don’t believe any rumour as the ONLY Scarlett and PS5 machines out there are dev kits and they won’t have locked down the hardware specs yet..

  7. That mindset when it comes to pricing is the fucking problem ⚠️ everyone wants cheap. Cheap gets you cheap! Cheap doesn't get you cutting edge, cheap doesn't get you power, cheap doesn't get you Moster console, the only thing cheap is at this point, are limitations, constraints, restrictions, impediments, obstacles, nothing more! The only thing that should be differencing console from PC gaming is the special SAUCE sony or console, in general, has nothing more! Just imagine how much hard you would you have to work, or how much work your kids would have to work to get this it would make everyone get out of there asses to get this if it was 1000 dollar console and imagine what sony could do knowing that they have more breathing room. But is not! As long as is cheap to get, easy to get everyone would just wait on foods stamps checks to get it laying on their fat asses and sony will forever be limited by the CHEAP console mentality never being able to spread out their wings! They will always be in prison by the cheap. And We will be seating on our asses because is so easy to get and complaining about how terrible it performs. 1000 dollars should be a good breathing window for the console manufacturers just dont be sneaky or any type of bullshit! We got to stop asking for cheap!

  8. I downloaded Boulder's Gate enhanced Edition to my tablet.. the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have nothing but dust on them ever since the systems keep getting better but the games are getting worse

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