Hi guys, Tech James here,

For this video, I’ll be showing you how to install PS2PSXE onto your PS2 using a USB flash drive, and play PlayStation 1 games off that USB at a decent speed with no lag! You must have Free MCBoot installed onto your Memory card to do this!

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (PS2PSXE):

➤ (PS1 Roms):

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44 thoughts on “PS2 How To Play PS1 Games Off A USB Flash Drive!

  1. Just letting u know I got this going and pretty suprised how good the emulation is. I've dabbled in every PS1 emulator pretty much too. Could notice it straight away but the audio on Symphony of the night didn't have the talking at the start? I stuffed around with settings for ages then gave up. Thought it must b the rom or something but yeh plays pretty good. Spewing though my hard drive, which works with PS2 games, didn't seem to work so USB was the only option. Might research it more. Got so many PS1 options now I'm not sure which one to stick with. Modding the actual PS1 itself might be the best with a HD of games. The mini's ok but it seems to b hit n miss on alot of games. Playing them on my Switch in handheld is up there with the best and on PSP emulator on my Vita is pretty much perfect. Mmm might stick with my CFW PS3 and Vita till I get my PS1 chipped.

  2. Hi the game i wanna play (castlevania symphony of the night) comes in a bin and cue file. When I tried ur method, the emulator doesn't recognize a .cue file… Are you able to help?

  3. OMFG!! thank you so much, been searching for month for a good tutorial and they all say the classic "I can't show you cause of copyrights but you can find a good tutorial bu searching" my big question is why people call their video "How to play PS1 games on PS2" if they are not going to show you the full step, you're the best my friend

  4. From all these tutorial, elf files are basically exe files on a PC.
    So what you're doing here is transferring an elf file from usb to the fmcb memory card
    so that you can install the elf file, which is the ps1 emulator.

  5. also I noticed something probably worth mentiong as the duel shock 2 has pressure sensitive buttons some ps1 games /menues seem like there crazy fast …..its your duel shock 2 probably better to play all your ps1 games with a ps1 controller disc based games too as it will control more ideal to the games and feel better with the gameplay …just saying guys

  6. I cant hear any character dialog just and no music on parapet the rapper but works and plays any ideas ? and set the audio thing already …..also can anyone els view ps1 files on memory card on the ps2 normal browser mine says memory card empty but I saved silent hill and street fighter went to psx memry doc tho and silent hill was there no street fighter tho ?

  7. Isn't there an option to put the game in the CD folder instead of the DVD one similar to the way u play PS2 games? Thats how I guessed it'd work but mmm maybe not. I actually use my PS1 classic so yeh I was just curious. Another thing, all the PS2 gun games I tried to load up doing the normal PS2 load up way on McBoot, did not work at all. I tried Area 51, Lethal Enforcers etc. Tried like 5 or 6 then gave up. Kinda spewing cause I bought a gun n all. Might have to buy the originals for gun games. There probably cheap anyway. No worries! Cheers!

  8. Can psxe be installed on the internal hard disk drive? If yes, how can we put the ps1 games inside? For the save game feature, do we need a ps1 memory card or does the programm make a virtual one? Can we use cheats on psxe? Thank you!!! 🙂

  9. Anyone else have any issues with sound using this method? I've tried multiple games and the audio is either missing or playing back incorrectly despite using the exact steps in this video.

  10. when I start crashing bandicoot 1 the FPS are dancers that is maybe a second before it is at 22 FPS and then it takes very slow one millisecond after it is at 60 fps, it is unplayable

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