In this video Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, talks about everything in gaming from E3 2019, Xbox, Xbox Project Scarlett, PlayStation, Games, Exclusives, Xbox Game Studios.

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34 thoughts on “Phil Spencer talks EVERYTHING Xbox, PlayStation, Gaming, E3 2019 Secrets & MORE

  1. Weird seeing this now,i thought this was xbox their moment and then fast forward you see the news and their sales dropped 48%, how time changes huh????and Sony just announcing they sold 100 mill ps4's,alot has changed for sure!!!

  2. I always go with the better console with each generation. Fanboyism is the worst. Current gen i mostly played ps4… it was the better console. The gen before I played on xbox because it was arguably a better console. I can't say what I'll get for next gen yet because we know nothing about what Sony has in store but Microsoft is doing a good job right now.

  3. that woman is so annoying, anything phil says she is like yeeeeaaa, xo coming to me, yeeee my daughter… typical woman who tries to make it all about herself. st/fu, no one cares

  4. Fully agree it's good to hold back on announcing games.
    I will always remember when Bethesda announced Fallout 4, that conference is really what put Bethesda on the E3 map and I think the aftershock of "announcing and releasing a Fallout game in the same year" is still being felt. I still treat the Bethesda conference differently because I know what "can" happen there. If Microsoft can bring their E3 presence to that level every year I think people would be twice as glued to the screen as they are now.

  5. Cool interview, much respect to Phil Spencer. Man I wish I could go to E3 at least once. Also its cool to hear the song, "Bad Boy" from the Kpop group, "Red Velvet" playing in the background around 16:25.

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