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you were the first outside investor in facebook 500 grand to this Zuckerberg I did you know him well before that had you guys communicated a lot how did that even come to pass now it really was a sort of actually literally the first day we met we thought wow he for an hour we came back and we gave him the term Street about an hour later so it was how was it was a fast decision I think I think people always have this sort of Shark Tank image of these things because I'm sort of you know super sophisticated pitch and you could say just the right things right that's what works and I was nothing of the sort and he was a he was a you know kind of introverted 19 year old you know sophomore between sophomore junior year summer summer of 2004 and and and the the main and and and and and the main thing had going for was it was just growing fast they were they were at something like 20 college campuses they had about a hundred thousand people on the network and they just needed more money for computers because there was such a demand for for the product is they were gonna launch at more colleges in the fall so as that would appeal to you more than the product itself just that you saw engagement was already it was already working yeah um and then but I would I would say the other the other part of it was that there was like a prehistory to it so uh one of my one of my good friends from PayPal back from Stanford's guy named Reed Hoffman he started LinkedIn later years but and he'd worked with me at PayPal in the late 90s early 2000s but before that he had started a social networking company back in 1997 seven years before Facebook and they had they already had you know they had social net was the name of the company so they had social networking in the name of the company seven years before and there were all these things that they had they had thought about doing so I was gonna but you know it was gonna be you're on the 1990s version of social networking was we're gonna have these avatars in cyberspace and I might be a cat and you might be a dog and virtual cat you're a virtual dog we have to figure out how we relate and it turns out people aren't weren't really interested in that they weren't really interested in since of a fictional online persona it was much more about real identity and and somehow Facebook was the first one to crack the problem of real identity where you know even those always a little bit curated certainly for the most part people on Facebook are who they they say they are yeah for the most part at least so am I mistaken you're the only person who's been on the board of Facebook the entire way out except for mark right right right since the beginning yes yeah what can I ask you about that that Facebook won't get too angry about if I ask you well just what's the experience like of being a but you're part of a board from the beginning of really the thing of the internet what seems to drive conversation the most on the Internet well there's um you know there's I mean it's it's been so like this incredible trajectory you know uh where it's it's it's gotten probably much bigger than I would have thought possible at the time you know I was you know I was incredibly optimistic and bullish on its certainly back in back in 2004-2005 I think that I think that one one kind of perspective for a lot of the world-class entrepreneurs is they're not specialists there there's something close to polymaths and so you know if you have a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg he'd be able to speak you know with with you know surprising amount of understanding about a lot of things so we could speak about the details of the Facebook product you could talk about you know the way people think about social media the psychology the the way the culture is shifting the management of the company has ideas on that his ideas on and then how this fits into the bigger history of Technology and so it's uh you know it was sort of an academic view is often that you're like a sort of a narrow expert on one thing and that's what you do and and what it is about it's it's much more sort of this this polymath like intellect to understand all these different things the kinds of board conversations we've had over the last you know 13 14 years have it's just been this crazy range yeah

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