Pandora’s Box 4 VS 4S product review, pros and cons for what to expect out of the box! Direct link to products page.

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40 thoughts on “Pandora's Box 4 VS Pandora's Box 4S Gaming Station Review

  1. Hi I really like your channel and and how you break down step-by-step how you can change and swap price on your Pandora's Box what I wanted to ask you where can I get different panels for mine different art decals what I meant to say do you do custom art decals I own Pandora's Box 5S probably is not an original one but I'm not sure if it'll be compatible with the ones you guys have; keep up the good work and I'll be keeping in touch watching the show

  2. I have the Pandora's box 4S+ with 815 games. How can i get the best picture quality?
    Some new 16:9 lcd tv with hdmi 46", or a 4:3 monitor 19" vas ? …or somerhing else?

  3. Be careful that you don't buy a clone Pandora's Box. They both have some of the same shells but what really counts is what inside. The clone has a cheap board with a slow processor and the real one will have a A7 quad core processor 1.2GHz/ 2GB Ram and a fan on top of the processor to keep it cool. The cheap clones will lag and spoils the whole gaming experience and the real one will have the speed your looking for and will give you a better arcade experience. Just my 2 cents 😉

  4. Are we at a point where it's not really cost effective to build one of these from wood and joystick/button parts anymore? What would the cost be on just materials?

    How does this compare to say X-Arcade stick?

    Pandoras box 4 has a little lag on some games, good to know thanks for the tip.

    Love these Chinese arcade reviews, it's not getting old keep doing it!

  5. I live in Canada. Toronto, Ontario to be exact. How much is shipping and what shipping options do you suggest? I wonder how much Canada Post will ship and does it include insurance?

  6. My PB4 and PB4s+ both dont work in my arcade cabinet over vga. Strange as my PB4 (without hdmi) works perfectly.
    It's a pentranic vga arcade crt monitor. I've tried everything but nothing works. Any ideas?!!

  7. Awesome vid, thanks for the comparison. I do have a question regarding the pandoras box 4. I bought a custom box about a year ago and my great nephew got pretty rough with it resulting in my "E" button on the 1 player side to stop working. My buttons are LED buttons and I have switched out the micro switch on the one damaged, the LED lights up, but still no contact… any ideas? I am new to this.

  8. i hapen to have a pro print shop. i dont mind doing one offs so if you have a problem ordering in lots of 50+ I can help you with smaller orders. and im printing on an epson 9600 that prinys pigment at 2880 resolution:) have a great day

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