Here’s me commentary on the sweet Game of Thrones trailer that dropped today. Here’s me Patreon account for those interested:

Aussie bands can send their tunes to me via the trusty gmail: [email protected]

And yeah, I’ll get the Season 1 Ep 10 recap and review with S2 highlights done this month.

Busy times! Have a good one ya legends.

okay official trailer stay calm stay calm stay calm or there's higher she's in trouble Sandra Bullock has yelled at her not to move or breathe but bug of that there are monsters on the loose The Onion Knight is cool as a cucumber more running from grumpkins and shit varies is like I'm a eunuch I don't have to fight I'll stick with the Sheila's and kids thanks running running lots of running boy what do you think of me dragonglass darkness April 14 I'm around I'm free you're on Greyjoy is bringing Cersei a few ships of shiny wankers tormund's alive barrack is using his thousand candle spotlight there's brandy and Sambo meanwhile in the last city with nice weather Cersei soaks up the vitamin D Winterfell is turned into a boomtown John and Danny have driven up the cost of living there hey Sansa is thinking fuck me dead I wish Littlefinger was here to see this not really absolute units those dragons Dany empathizes with her nephew in regards to dead parents Hendry is managing a hammer Factory sir friendzone worms he says don't worry about me babe chop suey Jamie is getting his hands dirty don't know if you guys noticed but I think Cersei is an alcoholic she has all the tell-tale signs like drinking too much the Dragons warm up for a fight they're doing their stretches I is like they are big fucking units battle mode activated old gods activated the Hound near fire Jamie says the best line in the trailer he basically says I'm here I've got a cool beard let's fuck shit up mate sword running running horses Joe knows getting a truck license Sansa scheming cool moves thinking thinking and barbecue crikey I hope the unsullied don't have to do all the work old Brienne and Podrick will chip in hiding fear gee whiz yeah the night's king is ready for a fight he is not pussyfooting around people are gonna get hurt Game of Thrones the final season we know you don't have to rub it in a man is already emotional April 14 I've said I'm free if this was a Facebook event ID click going and I just – it OB they hang on your big bloody beautiful bastards here's me face I just want to have a quick chat just bring it in everyone gather round bring it in bring it in um yeah that was a genuinely exciting trailer I wasn't lying at the end when I said a man is already emotional it's it's exciting and emotional that this show is is coming to an end I personally feel like I'm going back to work whenever Game of Thrones comes back into season because the g80 recaps and reviews were the first videos I ever made back in 2014 so it's like I are gonna roll up my sleeves and and get back to work there's shit to discuss it's exciting I don't know I don't know anyway look I want to take this moment to him to just answer the question Ozzy man we're in this season – Game of Thrones recaps and reviews that people tweet at me or Facebook message or say in the YouTube comments or on the Instagram or just in person yelling it in the street whereas the season to recapture interviews now you don't yell at me in the street look it's fucked up because I started the game of Thrones reviews in 2014 which was season 4 and then when that season ended I was like all right oh you know the channels a bit popular oh I'll go back and I'll review a retro review the older episodes and I thought I'd do a countdown like season 3 recaps reviews then season 2 and season 1 so I did season 3 then I thought this is a shit idea and I skip season 2 and just started season 1 and I got up to episode 9 of season 1 and ran out of steam it's pretty much the honest truth other things started happening I grew other interests the audience grew wildlife videos all of that shit started happening and I don't that just got curbed so look I'm gonna try and do season 1 episode 10 I think it'll get me in the zone as well for this final season do a recap review of that and then probably just some big bullet points on season 2 and some of my favorite moments at the end of that video and and then by the time season 8 is done I think all me work on Game of Thrones is vagon Feeny as well it's uh yeah that's that's it that's that's just what I wanted to say I also I'm thinking about only using Australian bands for them for the soundtrack in the recaps and reviews um so if you know anyone in an Aussie band big or small it doesn't matter just get them to contact me and Ozzy man reviews at I don't look I'm not normally patriotic I don't like to exclude everyone even though I call myself as you man reviews I'm normally I don't like to exclude everyone but I just thought I just want to use some Aussie music and I'd give some bands some promotion as well because the music is always fun in my reviews I want it to feel like a fucking party that's how I've always wanted the reviews to feel so yeah I just want some good rockin Aussie music from bands so if you're in an Aussie band or you know someone tell them Ozzie man wants Aussie bands for his season 8 reviews and get them to fucking contact me alright that's it that's that's everything I be patreon is still open as well I've undone out about whether or not I'll close it I'll definitely keep it open for these final game of Thrones reviews so if anyone wants to just support that content or if you do want to support the whole channel and the other content then click the link to patreon in the post description below there's no real incentives or rewards because I'm lazy as fuck but it's a way to support the channel so consider that I'm gonna leave it open a while longer that's it ok that's it that's everything that turned into a lot of things to get off my chest at the end but yeah I'm excited I'm excited an emotional and I wanted to discuss feelings and yeah thanks everyone for the group huddle you can fuck off now and all fuck off as well I can't see ya see ya bye bye [Applause]

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  1. Just so you know,,, When I read anything your voice is all I hear with the bloody fair dinkum fuckin shit automatically added in… Your YouTube channel and fuckin Dic has fucked me up in the head!😂
    Thank you mate!!
    Aloha Kākou.
    Puna, Hawaii 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  2. Ozzy, you probably don't want to review season two because you'd have to re-watch it at this stage but there's a brilliant recapper out there called 'Ozzy Man Reviews' who'll get you back up to scratch. Aww, nah, I just checked and he skipped season two so nah yeah you're fecked. You'll just have to re-watch it all and do the reviews then 😀

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