Easily add, remove and manage custom Beat Saber songs on your Oculus Quest with SideQuest. Beat Saber not country enough for you? You can choose from hundreds of new tracks to find your perfect mix.

Massive thanks to Shane for developing SideQuest:

For support, join the SideQuest/Expanse Discord:

You need to do this before attempting to add Beat Saber tracks. How to sideload on Oculus Quest (easy way):

Make sure you install The Expanse in SideQuest and support his other projects for the great work he’s doing with SideQuest.

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even or marks a black in another video back again with another oculus quest video and this video I'm going to show you the easiest way of adding custom tracks to your copy of be Sabre on your oculus quest so locus questions with a lot of tracks already but on PC you can manually add as many as you want unofficially and play all your favourite tracks now you've probably seen some videos over the last few days from other people showing methods are doing this but this is a new method and it's easier it's by the same people who brought you side quests which I did a video on the other day which enables you to sideload apps and experiences on your quests are not officially available and it's using that system they've now updated it to support this beat saber sort of modding mode and I'm gonna show you how you can play in mr. blue sky or more on your oculus quest so they'll show you how to add those custom tracks to your oculus quest so first thing you need to do is watch my side loading video and setup side loading on your oculus quests so the process can be a little bit complicated but the great thing about this process is it is the easiest way of doing it it uses a program called side quest which is handy because it gives kind of the whole process a bit of a UI to make it easier to follow so make sure you go through that video go from start to finish follow every single step next thing you need to do is make sure you've got the latest version of side quest if you're doing it for the first time you would have the latest version but if you've already installed side quest because you follow my video before make sure you jump onto the pacer side quest remark us calm they'll take you to the page where you can download it click on releases and grab the latest version as of the launch of this video they would have uploaded the version the supports beat saber so make sure you grab that it does support Linux Mac and Windows so you have no excuse in giving this a go once you've done that and you've downloaded that to a desktop you get a zip file unpack that and then you have a folder in there you have sorry quest double click it to open it so now you got a side quest open you can sort see the sort of things you can already side load all these different apps and games and experiences are there but what we're interested in for this one is the beat saver or beast saber option so in here it takes you to the be Cybercom website and it's as simple as clicking on songs choosing something so let's click top-ranked shall we fire some song so we've got mr. blue sky I've already got this installed but you can kind of scroll down and we're looking for the little button to the right of the song that says add to side quest you click that it adds it to your library you can sort of see on all these different songs so what difficulty levels they have so mr. blue sky has 3 that one has 3 that one only has 2 so kind of bear that in mind if you want a kind of an idea of how hard or difficult they are it's a little playboy in here that kind of opens up like a little window I'll click this were actually there shows you kind of like what it looks like in be say about how hard it is how hard the notes are you can kind of click play so it'll play the song for you in kind of an idea so how hard difficulty is whether it whether it's good because and then they these are free to by people all over the place some people create them better than others that's just how it is and Leasing for this waiting kind of a little kind of mental sort of note would you bet to do this but if it's one you want just let you click the Add to Sonic westburn to the right and there we go and all you need to do is connect your oculus quest to your PC so I've got these magnetic cables they're ping and is in and if you give it a second at the top right-hand here you should get an ice queen line that says it's all connected and working and then we can just click on my downloads and it'll show you all the tracks that you've downloaded so what you can do here is you can kind of choose to kind of turn things on and off let's turn everything off but mr. blue sky because you know I just want to play that for now but all I would then do is create yourself a backup click on backups and make a backup that basically just car saves down your current copy of beat saber and if there are any issues you can restore that save if you do have any other issues you can kind of reset to a base version of beats a verse of that options there I think I'll start again but so far I've had no kind of issues with this as well and once you've kind of selected all the tracks you one you can click sync selected and patch beat Sabre and that will then kind of create a apk file with those tracks you've selected included in it and then we need to click this screen here that says install apk to headset then that takes a few seconds it's installed and a fresh version with the new songs into your headset and there we go bear in mind the more songs you add the longer that's going to take but you know if you want all those songs that you've got your eye on then you know you're gonna have to wait for them so I think but there we go if you want to kind of remove any tracks you're just going to click on delete on those click on the three dots and delete it and then when you sort of refresh and upload a new version those songs weren't exist I'll see these songs if you don't take them they won't load either then just boot up beat saber on your oculus quest jump into the extras soundtrack here and all your Trek extras once should be in here so here's mr. blue sky you can choose the different difficulty levels here we can click play and there we go custom music and you can add literally hundreds of different tracks and it works quite well yeah I like these tracks from the guardians of the galaxy if you've not seen that film I highly recommend them they are very funny and very good but let me know what sort of tracks are you downloading I'm in a bit of a country maybe some rock and roll is what's missing from beat Sabre that you wanted to add so I think beat Sabre and the custom tracks is a big part of what beat Sabre is about so I'm not having it a release it was a bit of a shame but now we have it although it's still technically is unofficial they are looking to add it officially so hopefully we'll get that officially anyway at some point but for now big big thumbs up well then to the developers of sidequest it's a one guy so if you haven't tried the expanse please do support the guy and download his app give it a go via sidequest install it give him sort of a bit of feedback in sort of encouragement for the effort that you put into this he's done a brilliant job big thumbs up to everybody who's had a hand in this so well done everybody oh and I'm messing up but let me know the comments down below what you think did you find this video useful was the process quick and easy and painless give this video a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didn't that's fine I'm big enough and ugly enough to take it but do let me know in the comments down below why you didn't like it but I do bet for next time become one the remark holes hey that's the scribe burn and then notification about to be notified when an excellent load a video and that's we've done I'm out a virtual beat saber i'vei've

50 thoughts on “Oculus Quest // Beat Saber Custom Songs (easiest way with SideQuest, Windows, Mac and Linux)

  1. Hey there, quick question. Now there is no, download to sidequest button. The only options are download a zipfile, and one click install must be enabled by mod assistant. Downloads tab does not appear anymore either. Any advice?

  2. For me it doestnt show at to sidequest and the my download is it maybe because i never conected a quest? ( i wanted to add custom song sto sidequest before i got a quest)

  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the solution to this. Every time I try to download a custom song, it says downloading custom level, and it keeps on loading stuck in a loop forever. Is there an alternative way to get custom songs, as another method I tried downloading the zip files for the songs from the bsaber.com website but when I unzip the song file into the bsaber custom songs folder, there are 2 empty folders that are called undefined-15 or undefined-9 etc, an info.dat file, and the different difficulties the song has followed by .dat, and the song file type is .egg but before when I was using a different installer (that now doesn't work) the song file type was an OGG Video File or VLC for short. Any help would be much appreciated!

  4. im having a bit of trouble with this, the tutorial is great but now that the home page is all updated and stuff, i cant find the my downloads button to download the custom songs. If anyone has some sort of advice or could point me in the right direction id appreciate it 😀

  5. Great stuff worked a treat and now hooked on Mr Blue Sky!! Two quick questions if I may – first where did you obtain the magnetic wire to connect your headset to the PC? Secondly – seen some other videos highlighting adding any track you have on your PC – is there such an option to do this from your music library do you know? Thanks again for a great tutorial 🙂

  6. The problem now is that my app wont update or delete and I no longer have a computer that supports the cord… I need the update for the new imagine dragons pack. Help

  7. I keep getting this error code the last two days. I uninstalled beat saber and reinstalled it, uninstalled and reinstalled side quest. My sidequest wont load

    Ionic.Zip.ZipException: Cannot read that as a ZipFile –> Ionic.Zip.BadReadException: Bad signature (0x4B500000) at position 0x018892E3 at Ionic.Zip.ZipEntry.ReadHeader(ZipEntry ze, Encoding defaultEncoding) at Ionic.Zip.ZipEntry.ReadEntry(ZipContainer zc, Boolean first) at Ionic.Zip.ZipFile.ReadIntoInstance_Orig(ZipFile zf) at Ionic.Zip.ZipFile.ReadIntoInstance(ZipFile zf) — End of inner exception stack trace — at Ionic.Zip.ZipFile.ReadIntoInstance(ZipFile zf) at Ionic.Zip.ZipFile.Read(String fileName, TextWriter statusMessageWriter, Encoding encoding, EventHandler`1 readProgress) at LibSaberPatch.Apk..ctor(String path) in /Users/travis/build/trishume/QuestSaberPatch/LibSaberPatch/Apk.cs:line 26 at jsonApp.Program.RunInvocation(Invocation inv) in /Users/travis/build/trishume/QuestSaberPatch/jsonApp2/Program.cs:line 82

  8. I was able to put songs into the queue but when I want to sync them after backup, my sidequest tells me I have the wrong BS version ?! I used the redownload patcher already but that did not change anything

  9. Even though there have been new updates on the GitHub site and I have followed the instructions to click redownload patcher, I still keep getting the red wrong version of beatsaber when I try to sync songs. I also can't seem to remove sidequest from my pc to redownload Sidequest…

  10. Thank you very much for making this video. I made my decision to buy the oculus quest after watching this video which makes sure that i can add custom songs into it by my mac.
    Can't wait to try on my oculus quest. Thanks again.

  11. Whenever I try to add the songs, it always says,” Install Failed, there was an error installing. Before you see it, would you like to restart your Beat Saber patched and installed APK from a backup base? (Recommenced)” and there is a button that says Reset To Base. But whenever I click the button, it shows a loading circle and I waited for about 15 minutes and it didn’t work. Please help!

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