The data mining by Cambridge Analytica is nothing new. Also, Facebook was well aware of what it was allowing to happen.

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Edited by Arno Bolbolian

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Photo Credit: “U.S. President Barack Obama – 2013 Presidential Inauguration Day”, © 2013 Photo YourSpace, Flickr | CC-BY

somebody welcome to the jimmy dore show i'm here it's romp Lacombe howdy howdy Jimmy so I wanted new revelations about the Facebook and Cambridge analytics so I'm gonna walk you through it now we already covered this part on the show I want to show it to you again this is from Forbes magazine from November 2017 they already did a big article on Cambridge analytic everybody knew what Cambridge analytical was doing in fact Cambridge analytic they brag about it the company which entered the u.s. political market in 2014 mining and analyzing data to target voters says it's expanding its work ok the company blah blah the company gathers huge amounts of data about people one example in the Knicks game was what cereal you eat ok so there we got that Nick said the company ran over 4,000 campaigns for Donald Trump that in total captured a billion impressions or views he also absolved himself a responsibility for the results saying the data science can't make a fake candidate electable even though having in the right data and the right technology behind the campaign is critical now we already talked about this Cambridge analytic O's brought bragging about helping Donald Trump sway voters through social media here in the United States and isn't that exactly what the Twitter troll butts were – and so my whole point was well this was known last November how come no one ever said trees in it's as a foreign people meddling how come they never say they're meddling in our elections how can that would have a lot below so that that was my point on that and it's because they're not Russians he I love the CEO of Cambridge analytic has said the ID cuz it took them over a year to set up all the algorithms whatever the heck that all the stuff they needed to do to get that to do this took him over a year of working to do this and millions of dollars but Knicks did have the idea that Russia interfered in any substantive way was not credible that assessment so there you go the idea that Russia hijacked this election is frankly ludicrous the CEO of Cambridge analytic has said that the Russians could replicate that level of technology and insight in just a matter of months is just nonsense now did he make this statement before or after he saw Jesus are wrestling satan ah so we showed you this we showed you how Brian settlers steps loose tell from the reliable sources he came on and he just basically explained what was going on but he didn't use any of those words that I say that say meddling in our election he didn't say treason he didn't say collusion he didn't say colluded they use any of those words that weird it's cuz they're British I guess so I'm not gonna show that to you but here I'll show you one more video this is from the whistleblower so the guy the whistleblower that the Guardian made a video I will show it to you and this is the debt this is the professor from Cambridge who invented an application on Facebook that could and by the so the set up that Facebook had if you created an application like a survey or even a game like Farmville that was an application for Facebook and if people used it then because of the Facebook rules the application maker could then access all the data and information of all your friends so this was a big they call it harvesting of information so her I'll play this video that the Guardian put together even offering weight so he's talking about the professor from Cambridge what he offered us was way cheaper way faster of quality and faster and of equality that nothing matched they had apps on Facebook that were given special permission to harvest data not from just the person who used the app or joined the app but also it would then go into their entire friend network and pull up all of the friends data as well things like status updates likes in some cases private messages we would only need to to you know touch a couple hundred thousand people to expand into their entire social network which would then scale us to you you know most of America and people have no idea that the data was being taken in this way so that's so there you go that's a big deal and here's a little bit more about how it worked right so the Cambridge analytic uh took the Facebook data and they had used it to identify targeted voter groups and then they desired targeted messaging to influence their appeal what kinds of so we Ike that's out this don't we get that's called it it's called advertising that's called okay I mean the problem here is that they got your info and you didn't know it and that's the big people are actually more angry at Facebook which they should be yeah they should be angry at Facebook for allowing this to happen that's the real to me that's the real culprit here right absolutely especially since like you know a lot of people myself included when this first slide like like hit like when people were first starting to talk about it I thought oh well I never got into any of those goofy games or any of those goofy matter if your friend exactly I was just like so I'm okay and then I read on and I was like ooh hoo hoo I know a lot of my friends did and so they had access to me too yeah so here we go to Jane you would be susceptible to and where you're going to consume that and then how many times do we need to touch you is that in order to change how you how you think about something you know it is a full-service propaganda machine what does this say dr. Alexandra Kogut maintains that everything he did was legal and he had a close working relationship with Facebook which had granted him permission for his apps which it sounds like as far as I can tell is true right yeah as far as I can tell it's true how else would you give permission to do that how else would you have would they hack Facebook I don't think they hacked Facebook mm-hmm no one's I haven't even heard anyone say that so it seems more likely that Facebook wanted them to have this let's see and a statement a spokesman for mr. ban had said who cares I don't care about banning so let's move on so this is the headline from that story the Guardian the utterly horrifying esque X Facebook's insider says covert data harvesting was routine so that was that guy that's the whistleblower and hundreds of millions of Facebook users are likely to have had their private room so everybody right so everybody there's only three how many millions of hundreds of millions of Facebook users are the United States anyway exploit a safety blog okay sandy per oculist that's that guy's name that whistleblower the platform operations manager on Facebook responsible for policing data breaches he told the Guardian that he warned senior executives at Facebook that its lacks approach to data protection Rick's risked a major breach and they ignored him so that's and then he left he quit the company now he's at uber so now okay so now you know that's the story so that's the story so now you got that story and now what's the other side of the story so there are other side stories how come they never say meddled in the election you never know saying they're still not saying that they still won't say meddled in the election colluded with a foreign national they don't say that right they don't say a foreign government or a foreign company working in collusion with the I saw Rachel Maddow do an hour on this she connected Cambridge little cut to Russia why aren't they saying meddling why are they saying colluded interesting rights because it makes me think that the rest of the stuff they're saying about Russia meddling collisions so know that all this comes around of course to Barack Obama huh what so by the way whatever just happened on Facebook it's got to be a million times worse than what thirteen Twitter trolls could could do could accomplish right one would assume yeah and what access to millions and billions of people's information yeah versus a rainbow Burnie mean yeah I'm gonna take so I might be burying the lede here because this is the exciting part of the story because you know all the other parts probably already here's the new part that's actually an old part again this was all information we do this Cambridge analytic everybody knew this stuff last November right this is so so here is from Time magazine friended how the Obama campaign connected with the young voters social networks are transforming the way campaigns are conducted and when was this written November 20th 2012 huh huh here we go here we go for a campaign dependent on big youth turn on this could have been a crisis what they're talking about the crisis was that a lot of them didn't have telephones so how do there's a crisis but the Obama team had a solution in place a Facebook application that will transform the way campaigns are conducted in the future and boy did it for supporters the app appeared to be just another way to digitally connect to the campaign but to the Windy City number crunchers it was a game-changer I think this will wind up being the most groundbreaking piece of technology developed for this campaign said Obama's campaign digital director that's because more than 1 million Obama backers who signed up for the app gave the campaign permission to look at their Facebook friends lists in an instant the campaign had a way to see the hidden young voters uh-oh sounds like Barack Obama's campaign pioneered this kind of thing which by the way was totally legal this is this is totally legal stuff that they're doing totally and at Facebook gave them the permission to do this roughly 85% of those without a listed phone number could be found in an uploaded friendless so this is what this was about they were trying to figure out how do we find those voters who don't have phones and there you go 85% of those without a listed phone number could be found in the uploaded friends list what's more Facebook offered an idea ideal way to reach them people don't trust campaigns they don't even trust media organizations who do they trust they trust their friends so then the campaign called this effort targeted sharing the Obama campaign and in those final weeks of the campaign the team blitzed the supporters who had signed up for the app with requests to share specific online content with specific friends simply by clicking a button more than 600,000 supporters followed through with more than 5 million contacts asking their friends to register a vote give money vote or look at a video design to change their mind a Geek Squad in Chicago created models from vast data sets to find the best approaches for each potential voter Wow this is deep deep deep dive stuff mm-hmm we are not just sending you a banner ad explains Dan Wagner the Obama campaign's 29 year old head of analytics who helped to oversee the project we are giving you relevant information from your friends so that's who invented this was the Obama campaign invented how to do this we create an application we then get access to all their friend BAM we got him so they were saying this is all legal Facebook said it was okay it was part of the things it wasn't until they say sometime in 2014 that Facebook decided to stop giving applications all this access but here's someone named Carol Davidson she worked on the Obama data team also she said Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph but they didn't stop us once they realized that's what we were doing they came to the office in the days following election recruiting and were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn't have allowed some else to do because they were on our side sounds like they're colluding to overthrow the government or something what is that that's a private company colluding and cheating to help a presidential candidate that was their gragert how come that that's not but that's not that's ok so that's the Obama administration getting special treatment from Facebook now you see why Facebook should maybe be a public utility now you see like now you see why it's important not to let a Silicon Valley narcissistic megalomaniac billionaire who stolen ideas from his friend to start Facebook have him be the some purveyor of what free speech should be so here's that woman here is Carol Davidson she did a TED talk about this so that's what this is all crate this isn't a secret everyone's acting like this is a secret isn't that weird oh yeah I mean even in a video before we get to the video a Mark Zuckerberg is explanation that he put out very low at Mark Zuckerberg so he put out an explanation and even in his by his own admission in his own post that I'm looking at right now in 2013 at Cambridge University researcher and he's saying that what the app could do and they knew what the app could do they said given the way our platform worked at the time this meant Cogan was able to access tens of millions of their friends data it's acknowledging that we knew this could access your friends data so in 2013 they they totally knew what was up they knew everything in 2014 he's saying oh we wanted to prevent something like this from happening in the future so wait in a year all the sudden you wanted to prevent something you were just totally cool with in 2013 like oh we wanted to prevent in 20 in 2014 to prevent abusive apps we announced that we were changing the entire platform so you knew what this was gonna do in 2013 and then in 2014 all of a sudden you were like oh wait we don't want this this is what we wanted like that doesn't add up at all because this was this isn't somebody that doesn't know much about technology and was born yesterday this is a Silicon Valley right in there that's right that's a good point that's a great actually so here is let's listen to Carol chose he's not taking responsibility which is what narcissist is megalomaniacs do they never take responsibility they never sincerely apologize it's always someone else's fault and that's what Mark Zuckerberg is and this is revealing him for who he is yeah I mean this whole statement and you know obviously we're not gonna read the whole thing but he basically just passes the buck Blaine right Cambridge and doesn't actually apologize which a lot of the articles are pointed out like you couldn't even just say hey sorry and here he is and five days for him to come up with this mm-hmm so here is Carol Davidson remember this about Mark Zuckerberg he's not acting this way because he's in this circumstance circumstances don't create the man they reveal him so here is Carol Davidson and she's going to talk about exactly what she did on the Obama administration on campaign the fact that you and I are friends right I see someone on the street and I meet them and I can be like oh my friend Kate yeah we're great friends right I apparently own that information because Kate wasn't there and I told someone that that was true right so Facebook 2012 election had the ability for people to opt in the Obama campaign like rocked this right we got people to opt in and the privacy policies of that time on Facebook were that if they opted in they could tell us who all their friends were okay so they told us who all their friends were she's telling you how it works there it is she's tell she's showing you how it is Derrida that's what everyone's so this isn't new everyone she talked about this in a TED talk everyone knew the thing that could do this why is everyone acting like this is new this is very much how local campaigns work right people sit in a room it's a really small thing all of their biggest supporters turn around the table and they like circle the names of the people that they know that they're gonna outreach to and I figure out how to fill in the gaps of the people that they don't know the Obama campaign just did this on a digital digital level or much larger larger level but we were actually able to ingest the entire so network social network of the US that's on Facebook which is the entire social network of the u.s. that is on Facebook that's everybody in the United States that's on Facebook they got him most people where this gets complicated is that freaks Facebook out right so they shut off the future well the Republicans never built an app to do that so the data is out there you can't take it back right so the Democrats have this information so when they look at a voter file and someone comes to them they can immediately be like oh here are all the other people that they know and here are people that they can help us persuade because they're really good friends with this person the Republicans do not have that information and will not get that information right know I'm a Democrat so you know maybe I could argue that's a great thing but really it's not in the overall process right really it's not in the overall process and the overall process it's not good when a huge behemoth like Facebook is playing favorites in presidential elections with data which is and doing it doing it clandestinely right so it's not like their Facebook is Fox News and there's you know who they are Facebook is pretending they're not doing anything so there it is Barack Obama so whatever this is Barack Obama mastered it his campaign mastered this then according to her Facebook took that ability away to use applications to access Pete friends information but according to Cambridge analytical and that Kogan that professor from Cambridge he said though that they would let us do it so maybe it'll take a court case to get these straight answer out of this I'm guessing Facebook my guess is that Facebook let them do it because they're money-grubbing oligarchs you know I this is a random side note here but I feel like this is just interesting based on what she was just saying remember that video from that that technology summit that we played where Hillary Clinton says into a microphone that she inherited nothing yet ah I got nothing except for all this data no one else had no one else had yes I do remember that that is amazing so I wanted to do an update on this and again what those what the Russian Twitter trolls were doing was they were using information and ideas to influence his people's votes that's called campaigning and by the way they were doing in a but they weren't really trying to do that they were just trying to build up social media followers so they could spam them that's that's what I think the Twitter trolls were doing that's what Julian Assange thinks they were doing and if you believe Robert Mueller Robert Mueller is a proven liar who lied our country into a war that's who Robert Mueller is lied to the FISA Court Mueller not a it's not a friend it's probably listening to me right now somehow from my vizio tv Thank You WikiLeaks for letting us know so there isn't that amazing so this is again what but it's interesting watch no one says collusion colluding meddling that's it's to me that's interesting is that interesting oh yes no it's it's very fascinating so again and then trying to pretend like this is some kind of new thing and it's not new this is already art they already got everybody in 2012 the whole country were you on Facebook in 2012 I was they got me this is a foreign power to right up there for nationals yeah no I don't know about Obama but I was like he had an in-house team but the Trump team went to Kimmel Cambridge analytic Edyta known lis work for just Trump mm-hmm they bragged about having a perfect record in how many elections 3040 elections something like that 70 babies yeah Bardot saying seven so they that guy was bragging about having a perfect record and all the campaign's they've worked on so this is wasn't just a Trump campaign it's just amazing now that everyone's pretending like this is new information this is a TED talk was it secret what they did but it wasn't a big deal when Obama did it mm-hmm not a big deal not a big deal okay and all right that's it that's all the information I have I don't have I don't know what else to tell you I don't know what else to conclude from this but again this is everyone running around with their hair on fire what to me seems over not much now is it is it is it by the week because this information was already out there so now we got this guy this whistleblower guy why does the whistleblower all of a sudden get attention but this TED talk didn't that that's a valid right – yeah I mean that's so if this stuff is really upsetting to people why wouldn't this TED talk upset everybody why wouldn't that Time magazine article upset everybody it didn't upset anybody nobody even talked about it in that wild yes so okay I hope you appreciate this show I hope you appreciate us bringing this information and if you do come to our live show Monday in Austin L or March 30th in Burbank California there's a link for tickets right there we're doing a live Jimmy Dore show those are fantastic please make sure you subscribe even if you think you are you probably aren't and then click that belt so you get a notice when we drop a video also if you could become a patron we give you hours of bonus material every week thanks for your support

36 thoughts on “Obama Data Mined Facebook Before Cambridge Analytica

  1. Farce book actually came up with the idea and set it up for the professors to harvest information from their uses so far if Farce book has uses Farce book is the user on the users

  2. What! you don't like custom tailored propaganda, served via subversion from your friends whos bias was exploited to help exploit your bias 🙂 ?

  3. FaceBook asked me for my mobile number to secure my account and then proceeded to give away all my details and effectively backdoored all their users with some pathetic little games….which only a fraction of ua had to actually play Well they can suck that mobile number out of my fucking cock.

  4. You shine a light on something going on right under our noses with the facebook example from the Obama campaign. We must assume the same methodologies are in use for shaping public sentiment about – anything, really. Where it ends and what it reaps is sobering to contemplate.

  5. Jimmy, the crucial difference here is that unlike CA, the Obama Campaign did not use data mining to disseminate foreign propaganda. That's all this is about, and yes, it matters.

  6. Everyone was " See how cool and modern Obama is for connecting with the youth", but as soon as Trump does it everyone is " How dare he get into my privacy". I wonder how many other things are going on that we have no idea about.

  7. You can just make or join a group and whom ever joins that group you can see their friends right now. You don't need an app.

    The reason people weren't upset about the Ted Talk because anyone who can public speak can say whatever they want and be the envy of everyone else who's terrified of public speaking; plus the majority of people are stupid.

  8. That wasn't a Ted Talk… I don't think. Was a talk at PDF 15 about data privacy. Carol Davidsen was the VP of political technology at Rentrak at the time of the talk. In February 2016, comScore completed its acquisition of Rentrak in an all-stock deal, valued at $768 million. comScore is an American media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers.

    She recommends a book called "Privacy and Freedom" by Alan F. Westin

  9. I was unsubscribed again damn it – Jimmy can't you speak to your friend Cenk? He's an establishment shill why can't he say something to his fellow minions to have them stop unsubscribing your subscribers in youtube?

  10. You can say it just what advertisers do but the point is using the data which they got from people unknowingly for a purpose of politics. It also depends on who uses the data and Trump and his camp used the data very well but yes it is like High Level Canvasing for sure though– facebook model the core root. Getting it without permission is a problem. Also no Obama didnt create it Facebook did and just because Obama did it doesnt make it any less of a problem especially now that rancid Mercer and Trump did it

  11. You're the new King of false equivalency and the Alex Jones of the Left. A fucking sad, pathetic Trump, Putin, Russia, Assange apologist and holier than thou, self-righteous prick. Fuck you. Your viewers just LOVE spout straight up GOP talking points. Just look through this comment section and it's full of them. You're a fucking sellout charlatan Dore.

  12. The media coverage on #deletefacebook is worse than the Fb scandal. It's disgusting how they defend conformism. They argue the people should stay in Fb because they will continue tracking after their accounts are deleted and, moreover, other social media platforms do the same. They should instead to look for companies that don't collect personal data as a business and favor them instead of Fb. I found Signal. This would be a great replacement for Whatsapp (that has a backdoor to spy us and it's owned by Fb). Look how ethical they were when the NSA knocked at their door!

  13. Obama is in the past. Move on you whiney little bitch. Can't you see that the right, as in Trump and Mercer are using the same conspiracy theories to strike back and with far more terrible consequences? You want perfection, hang yourself and go to heaven. Worse than everything else you are just dead boring. You and likes of you are more responsible for the rise of the Deplorables than anyone else.

  14. Obama is and was a sellout. A horrible human being who only got into politics to enrich himself. Like most politicians do. Why are not people going after these miscreants? The first Black President was probably one of the worst Presidents ever. The other worst Presidents pale in comparison. Donald Trump, George Bush, George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. We are on a roll to elect the absolutely worst people to the highest office in the land. Silly Americans.

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