Today gives a tutorial about install and run custom firmware Atmosphère on patched units running firmware 4.1 or below. We use PegaScape or Caffeine to run the requied exploit. Caffeine is a warm boot exploit used by Deja Vu and Deja Vu is a TrustZone exploit with full system access.

SD setup:

Primary: 163,172,181,170
Secondary: 163,172,141,219

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: How to install CFW Atmosphère on patched 4.1.0 consoles for FREE

  1. Only for patched systems:

    Do not launch any payloads/programs that enable AutoRCM on your console. This will end in a permanent brick! (You have been warned) (You can no longer send payloads via USB)

    Do not use ChoirDujorNX for a SysNAND downgrade!

    After execution, all keys should be created via Lockpick_RCM and a NAND backup via Hekate

    It is recommended to create a EmuNAND because you are not allowed to update your SysNAND

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