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what everybody typical you move your daily YouTube live streams and more in today for you I got a brand new for night update featuring a couple of new things but mostly a new riff sell these starry suburbs it's located north of pleasant park it looks pretty sweet there's little shooting stars that land and they have loon them so we're gonna be checking that out today and they also unbolted bouncers which some of you may know and love of course such a great item I'm super glad they brought that back and they also brought the combine LTM think you have what it takes to get into the top of the leaderboards in this training ground so we'll try that after it looks pretty cool apparently they nerf somebody like controller aim-assist stuff like that and then which is totally funny I didn't notice I did they just add to this item shop the rage quit emote they're trolling they must be trolling right there must be trolling like they have to be trolling that's what they got to be doing they get they got to be trolling to add that emo that's that's actually hilarious so we're gonna be equipping that and we're gonna go ahead and drop the new point of interest a new rift zone if you guys watch enjoys do be sure it's that like but subscribe if you're new if you want to cops on that fire merch head on over the typical dots or link in the description below I'm super stoked I actually haven't gotten sleep yet so the update like downtown was that 1 a.m. for me it's now 348 a.m. and this had to be one of the longest down times almost three hours of downtime you just like an hour so it's like alright we good I beat like done the stream by now but apparently they like went in there and did a lot of stuff probably because you know this season ending rumors have it that the maps gonna go bye-bye and we're gonna get a brand new map which is entirely possible and which would be pretty cool as well so I'm pretty stoked a lots of stuff leaked involving the the coming event the finale event if you will but we'll get into that later as well I don't want I don't want to spoil anything for you guys but as you can see over here in the top left starry sub roots it's very small very very small but it is a new point of interest it is where the rift zone is for this week this map this is essentially probably what we'll be looking at for for the end of season X map I mean it's a pretty cool map I gotta say the star sees next was a little bit rocky with the mechs and all that they nerfed them still shouldn't be in the game but you know what I'm diggin the map I actually been enjoying for tonight a lot more recently I don't know about you guys but let me know let's go ahead and drop that new point of interest the new rift zone starry suburbs we got the whole bus dropping out over here so as you can see like it's not even a full lobby because I'm playing on west coast so there's not too many people better on West Coast that are awake right now I mean like if it's 4:00 a.m. your time you got to be pretty unique to wake up in that time you know you can either be pretty excited and dedicated so it's gonna be done that or dedicated or you do it before school I guess or you worked the night shift and your days just getting or and you probably be a work at this point I don't know I honestly don't know but we're going to start you suburbs we're gonna go check this place out two clocks in hand we got a new block as well apparently a lot of new visitor stuff is gonna be happening on the map berry' soon oh gosh do they all be me if they I mean I think they're way to look to love those guys maybe they're not honestly maybe I'm just gonna I'm probably just gonna be a body cuz I'm probably gonna land your last I don't think it is enough Luke four three six seven eight nine people I have a feeling there's not oh you know what nobody's gonna be at the top of this building buh buh buhbuh body how come on give me something give me something is there something in this chimney oh there's a chest in the chimney Oh give me life you don't break my wall look there's a little star there you see a little star Oh chill bro okay this area has look like it don't got a lot of loot for this many people that's what I'm gonna say all right let's try it again let's say new it's old but redone uh it's completely new the old area was like an old castle looks nothing like this area to my knowledge I don't think it looks very much like I fell off the roof accidentally I actually could have done I don't know no I'm not nah nah let's switch off friend Gary let's go with them they actually officially put in the castor ones now so these are these skins they're officially and they see they actually have names now it's called fire and then I think like the back blings also got like a little bit of a rework because they they weren't completely done last time their shop you see wait no now you see they look a lot better now than like before before they were just like pure unedited models net now they look a bit decent now that could be decent I'll say that looks pretty cool one or two this is the other one yeah this one looks sick this one looks frickin sick oh this is the other one boom that looks pretty sweet too right it looks pretty cool they had it bad since I see yeah right when I jumped off that roof as I'm falling in slow motion I just see the balancers like hello darkness my old friend is it this same sort of modification I don't know like the old the old one was literally all broken so it's kind of hard for me to like imagine any of it in place smushy let's see well I mean you should definitely put us into another one do you even sleep bro I wanna sleep I definitely do wanna sleep but not right now the pickaxe oh yeah they did change the pickaxe right oh that's pretty sweet honestly that's a sick pickaxe we got to be real that's a really cool-looking pickaxe so that all popped up in the morning when I got on and then yeah the rage quit emote and then the new place bouncers and then this combine thing I want to check it out I have no idea what it is I'm a little confused I think it's probably merely for you to try out your like your controller aim and stuff but I don't know maybe maybe it'll be cool for PC players as well let me know what you guys think are you guys doing this morning how are you guys doing this morning how did not get enough mats to do that man I've like this unrealistic impression of how easy it is to do 90 like with mats they farm from the lobby I guess with wood it's a lot easier but all right I was gliding it's all and it's all and it's I look like freaking Harry Potter's friend there's always gonna be a million people going here right now it's pretty neat what about the glider I don't think that it is everyone's doing good somebody was saying the legendary tack I haven't seen anything like that yet and reading the patch notes I haven't seen anything like that in the patch notes I did see it was leaked that something about a legendary tack SMG but again no evidence I just thought you started out no really do you want a mealy oh I hate this area so much I hate it cuz like I can't it's either I Lance too late or land too early I want to try out this combine thing I want to give us another shot though let me get another shot let's uh I'm gonna put no back bling I'm gonna rock no contraire later I don't know if the rock from my background neither I can never decide there's so many cool wallpapers I'm glad they added this for loading screens there's some absolute bang I mean I think this one looks really cool even though it's makya even though it's mech and then they added a bunch of really trippy ones which I thought like I think these are like made by people like fans so it's super super impressive like super impressive that's nuts man people are so talented it actually blows my mind anything give them blow your mind this is pretty cool this is actually pretty sick one that one's pretty cool honestly I'm gonna go down GG's only man GG's only this emo school though what do you guys think is the amount of copper a drop it's pretty good and bouncers are back this is only one map change I've shown twice already as we wait in the lobby do the arcane wings have style no they don't don't don't you dare no they don't they go white tricking me man I love the I love the magic wings await me arcane there's no arcane wings doesn't even make sense there's the style for this there's hardly any gliders with styles you guys noticed very rare you find a glider with style I better change my wallpaper I love Batman but I thought I'd chose the little fire thing oh this is gonna be interesting one honestly it might be better for me laying junk and then moving to start what do you guys think should I go right into starry it's gonna be crazy or should I go into junk there's a visitor voice in dusty dusty Depot all right give me a sec to take care of my business my business over here in the north and then my head south all right Arkana wings no I just look there's no styles let's talk about like a back plane or something no no no last of us to trailer all I'm super stoked for it all right I'm gonna Lyon sorry we're going right in screw it content mm-hmm that's what we're doing going in for the content we're content with the content all right we got swarms of people here it's town ain't big enough for all of us though oh my gosh really I'm sorry what I'm gonna lose my marks there's a million people here and I have to wait two minutes for the game to get in and then I probably dive spawn cuz there's no skill at the starter when you're hot dropping right it's like it's whoever finds a gun really and I just got railed through a frickin window for all my shield I hit the guy 471 and 2193 damage ninety-three damage oh yeah matchmaking is the thing now I forgot to say yes they implemented that so you might be facing off versus some BOTS depending where you at she mad oh she mad oh she mad if she madman should we go as let's go as one eyed chick we're gonna go as one magic I kind of like the pickaxe though not gonna lie I kind of like the star pickaxe honestly it's grown on me not this one but I see this one works too screw it if you use the Stars to get the stars maybe gives you something special we don't know okay we're gonna play one more of this mode and then we're gonna go try out the new mode huh smush it oh there we go my background changed obviously that's what the volcano looks like to me I don't know but you guys kinda looks the same right let's do it in game this is when people just one controller players wake up to see it got nerfed you guys ready for it so when they wake up and see the controller a missus gunner bro watch this watch that oh I'm sorry I hate you Hunter Jones instead I missed I'll get you next time Jonesy you look like a volcano hey Ernie you look like a volcano so I dismiss Samara is sound asleep probably how I should be yeah there was a bug with his star pickaxe that were dead like what 50 something damage alright there's gonna be a billion people in here I already know that I just got to go where this let's go where this loot go where there's a go where this loop there's no freaking loop anywhere in here no freaking look no freaking loop you're shooting me from wall you kidding me the same frickin guy what this guy must eat his Lucky Charms in the morning he got two shotguns off the bat right away you kidding me I'm going to combine oh we're checking out what the combine is I have no idea what it is try different routes infinite ammo resources are turned on so get creative with your strategies emote to restart quickly what the heck is this welcome to combine remember emote to restart alright okay mister gravity this is actually pretty cool I mean this looks pretty cool that's matchmaking for you know that's I mean like it's not like it's not skill based match but yeah I haven't even got to kill I'd be put under the BOTS if that was matchmaking this is right this is the wrong way that's the combine oh shoot Oh what the heck oh these are the box oh this is shocking this is shocking oh you get body I'll get body okay body ones your pump son what go down here body body body body Oh sniper face oh my gosh that only I'll lead way too much for the snipers huh zipline shooting oh great yeah that's what everyone's doing oh age that skin easy Oh building closer oh my freaking frosted bro oh my god French on bass and keyboard I have been notorious a minute and 59 seconds then below it brilliant oh here we go you guys ready he's my speed run all right all right all right all right we're going work out a little shocking now shotgun ow baby shot gunshot guns only shot guns only let's go all right here.200 anybody else 190-200 are they adding any gold pump again easy easy easy easy lemon squeezy apparently I suck hi I almost just logged out of the game after I just did that can I can hit those a lot easier so that's kind of sad huh odo I did that would worse oh no go go go easy computer time ah sit down now forbid it yeah body this is that cool car I don't think this is in the game right now apparently they're adding zone words to this as well which is pretty sweet so I'm pretty stoked for it honestly that thing's pretty sweet I wish it was a little more difficult I mean yes people some people are gonna try to be cracked on all right some people are gonna try to be absolutely hope knocked on it what are you guys talking about the combine spam and still in the store I don't know I bought it already so Catwoman's not in the item shop so there's that well she in the item shop anyway like a day ago I don't think so okay we should probably land like junk Junction and make her way into that town i tensed a little bit too hot now we're not gonna get good gameplay if we just keep lying in there I mean it's it's tempting to land there but it's gonna be rough time so you know let's get a big old a little big little ice-cream cone Kampai should be 40 bucks I don't know about that yeah they unbolted the bouncer which is pretty sweet I don't see zone Wars I don't see it as an option anywhere I know it came out with the update but I think they'll probably introduce it later on today I'll be sure to do a stream on that when it drops apparently people are saying the legendary attack SMG drops from the stars in the new location apparently so we gotta check that out we gotta check that out we are going to have to check this out I don't know if that's true or not but how do you play with new for night settings I I don't play on controller so I'm not exactly sure so yeah okay so apparently the new legendary Takas in G is in the game and it's only found in starry suburbs so that's where we're gonna be headed well it may well have to like junk first again like we're not like the odds of us being like it's not even like skill-based at that point right it's just the odds of us landing and finding a weapon first then finding shield and not dying to the 40 other people that land there that's all it is so to increase our odds let's land junk Junction get loot and then make your way into town because you know I could take on ten people but it's got to be like it's gotta be staggered ten people I can't take you nine ten people like one after the other is gonna be real tough without siphon you can switch back to old settings for controllers yes you can I think that's the legacy one right why do you stream a lot I like doing it I have fun with it that's why with this course stack always that hi man I don't remember that car stack being that high anybody have the same idea there is a guy here please Jesus there's so many people here my almost there Camille leave holy mother of pearl there's a lot of batarangs near me chat ok let's go check out the new place I can deal with that oh I'll take that instead actually alright let's head over to starry suburbs and let's see if we can get the see if we can get that new weapon the golden attack S&G Schwing Schwing Schwing Schwing Needham on this is why we came here after now we have weapons take out anyone who's left to do that noise a little baby star oh that's kind of neat yes you got for me baby stars okay honestly they're pretty jacked all right like individually what am I getting these oh that's not a star that's a okay that's a start alright you know you're not failing me not giving me the best loo I'm spoiled I want the legendary SMG everyone's talking about Oh another star just fell from the heavens from the heavens they have arrived Oh blue pomp Jesus that's kind of that's a lot man oh there's like batarangs everywhere yo chill back batarangs need to go man they do too much they do a lot and they're like proximity mines all in one like just a lot it's a lot of information Hannah okay I'm sorry where did my build place it place it underground I don't know it's star one it was a star near here I mean this area looks pretty sick not gonna lie others star over there okay perfect we want to try to get others there's stars on the outer like it might be worth it to land on near the edges here truthfully this is broken Castle unbroken essentially yes I then it makes like a ninja throwing star Kenda Sam another one sweet all right how many of these do I gotta crack open got a crack open a few more of these the thing to get the legendary tack and it's giving me a lot of tax I know it's in here I know it's in one of these little little stars man I haven't seen a legendary yet though but I there have been confirmed reports that exist so I'm not giving up hope sometimes our animal everybody types to eat in my chat and I don't I don't get it but I figure I contribute to it by saying you a beautiful star another brick in the blue pomp oh okay there's an automatic sniper that's not I mean like it's bad but it's not the worst thing that can occur you can get so many weapons from this I mean clearly if you have a pump you got a pump right like you're not gonna magically get a gold pump you might maybe you're able to get a gold pump I don't know that would be insane I'm telling you you will lose your collective minds over that I have a feeling it is not possible there it's not possible another star we're not that far from the zone I mean like really pick your poison right you can get pretty much anything for me I have oh I do you guys see that falling star I feel like this falling star animation is is really like I thought I was gonna be like crashing oh my got it the cool tech SMG hold up okay so this stats is to 2013 35 2.2 can't believe we actually got it okay listen let's compare them so 20 this does one more damage it and it reloads 0.1 second faster Wow jeez okay that's kind of nuts all right we got it let's go can we get some hype for this super rare look I got three people watching three people spectating right now this is them all right look at that we got a gold tack SMG it actually looks pretty lit it's more of an image thing since it doesn't really you know it don't really do much the unlock the secret Easter Egg guys we got the secret Easter egg we're an Easter Egg hunter Schwing Schwing Schwing gold tack SMG I knew I was gonna be get it I love you I love you starry suburbs don't ever leave I'm Batman I thought nobody Lane – blip I mean somebody laying it pleasantly just didn't get the vending machine I don't know you want to go like the bat-signal apparently still getting used to my new keybinds if you guys watch me regularly no I switched my key binds up completely recently so building and everything feels quite unique at the moment but feeling pretty good about it feel pretty good about it I can crank 90s and the real test is when I do like the cups and stuff right like the Solo cups that's where the real test comes in I'm really glad they add it back in this appliance gonna be honest what a pity what a pain it was to not have them so there's nobody up here I've been guess and maybe they had a bit of a brawl Can I grab this real quick y'all don't mind thank you what else y'all got down there I got a gold one I really need your purple uh you would think there would be somewhere near it's kind of a big fall all right let's Moe's your way down here there's literally seven other people up the life oh there's bouncers oh we're going for the bouncers oh oh look at my ping what's up with my ping is like flashing red and stuff you gotta be like that all right got bouncers you guys don't remember how they work hey bounce oh geez okay oh I just reckon I hit the wrong key buddy go I'm down to Frank just like I need some by leaving me alone I asked you to leave me alone like I just I didn't really want to crank you know and yet you didn't listen to my wishes and for that you got buh-buh-buh-buh body okay simple as that you did like to damage to me overall on the whole so a nice thing you do with the bouncing no fall damage baby that's how I imagine my opponents when I take him out but mom you said I was special yes you can't find this this golden TAC SMG anywhere else it has to be in the new zone allegedly didn't even put it in the patch notes man I'll just gotta taking the RIP extreme sniper I don't know I usually don't say anyone scream seven it happens of course I mean there's three people watching the game like most everybody would leave I'm not wearing like special skin not doing anything super crazy so like most people are probably watching the stream I will say that look at that guy it kind of looks like a bob but like he's cracked he's blowing cracked oh shoot oh wait the wrong button I've 12 of them I have 12 bouncers it's pretty lit that guy I have so much stuff I don't know yes very cuz what bro can I jump I messed up I like saying that but like do I really mess up I hear we got left we've got so many mats where's our opponent at boingy boingy boingy sorry where's our opponent animal right yeah bouncy bouncy bouncy I mean he think he's a pro or new we don't know could be the best player on earth to be cheap you son I guess we'll make more noise for our better Oh we really thought he could okay Gigi Gigi let's go I mean like he thought he could grapple on there and maybe liked a high ground or something but I mean because you're gliding all the time he wouldn't never really have the chance would he that's kind of funny I absolutely shredded him with that tack SMG I know only does one more damage but I feel like it it does damage where it counts you know that's what it does does damage where it counts if a deaf sniper with a gun for dope trip job Gigi's okay so yeah they haven't added his own words yet just just the combine which sounds a lot cooler than it is let's rock another one here shop only as the one thing that's different which is the the rage emo this one don't forget whose code typicalgamer no spaces she gets really mad at that controller I'm gonna be honest it's relaxed lady she's so mad like it what's kind of satisfying to do that doesn't it be kind of neat bro so early it is 4:30 3:00 a.m. for me right now it is super early what do you guys think in the new area I mean it's not huge but it's unique you know it is unique you got to give me that I didn't get a notification dae-su – yes you – yeah apparently but a lot of people are saying is that poor night might come out of early access this with season 11 that might be like whatever one thinks is a new map which that would be kind of sad because I really do want a new map I think it would make things fresh I mean the new map could be dude you know but then like if it was complete do – they'd probably scrap it and just make a new one for the next next season or something it would just be need to have somewhere new you know I don't know what do you guys think should there be a new map should there be a new map let me know so many rift zones there's there has been no rift zones in the top right I wonder why I wonder why they didn't turn pressure planet into like mmm do like wailing woods or something that would be a pretty cool update right I mean wailing was okay here's the thing Welling was was cool it was an absolute pain to fight in them because the trees you would clip on there's so much coverage from the trees like like it wasn't a good place to fight this is the way guys I'm telling you guys got a land here you guys nor Toulouse you're gonna get some good stuff we're gonna head over to the new town in two seconds oh my I couldn't have been more gold of a drop would you like a stream cipher for me win that's that's good hello how art thou I mean I don't want to loot everything I just want to get some mats in the dip this is probably sufficient I just want to find shocking isn't it how many people landed haunted that's the thing too bad when you don't break that you know like when you break things underneath the chest to like give you what's in the chest now dude that doesn't happen with like mats I know that would be a bit silly but it'd be funny bat around alright maybe a pump I mean if I get a pump then I'll be really good to go if not I can just get a pump from like a starry area won't be the biggest of deals won't be the biggest problems thing on trash you know okay it's not alright let's dip we're going to star suburbs what a name starry suburbs it's hard to turn down minis butt I will have to do that alright started suburbs it is what a beautiful town we love you story suburbs oh they're fighting really gonna oh this guy over here I don't work out really well oh yeah I like the music I'm kind of like in the silence car so let you handle ourselves should we find another I like coming here after the fact it's like a nice little peaceful down little stars do you collect who thinks you can find another gold taxi gee yeah you're not tak smg's it's kind of cool because you know if you take somebody out and they had one and they landed here and they farm for it am I getting double mats I'm gonna try to find one of the like one there's not too many stars you have to way for them to spawn – it may never spawn I don't know sooo what do you guys do you rate this spotter one let me know the facts there's three stars this your okay the zones right here I can just hit these three stars and that's it no you suck how about you okay you know that's a little better I didn't know you can get gold weapons run besides you know I thought maybe just the the sniper cuz it suck okay well there's that there's that spider-man spider-man nothing like Batman so I don't know why singing his name would go down the valley though it is beautiful maneuvering beautiful absolutely beautiful position not seen before not seen before Oh back eyes through min what a flip what the flippity-flop I'm on controller I'm on controller now I'm gonna wait shut plugging my controller should I do it if I plug in the controller do I get the sense we're gonna do jump hold up Oh oh snap how do I play this good taking my stuff and leaving so I take this house now oh no no no no wait how much was edit this oh shoot Oh oh snap all right I'm gonna have the controller on deck I'm gonna see if I can a missus people let me switch back to keyboards there we go I'd oh I'm ready the body's ready my body is ready oh yeah rock it that's nice little rocket I got to do a stream where I like only use controller I mean like you guys already know I'm gonna suck but you guys said that there's a voice recording here where do you I don't think it's here yeah is it oh oh shoot Oh No Oh interact okay that's the thing go to builder pro can I change that while I'm running here oh yeah that's good quick builder pro I got this voice bro who wants to come at me bro it's coming at me bro you want to see a 90 you want to see tonight oh that's not well hold oh wait how do I place it down oh shoot okay well that's not too bad oh okay that's horrible nevermind I'm gonna I'm gonna beam people oh shoot what am i doing all right chill Jojo I'm on controller I'm on controller okay now I gotta wait for the perfect opportunity I can't can't be using controller like that I'm gonna die you're look look if I see a guy I'm gonna pause grab the controller and see if I could be him where is this guy I saw him here Oh oh gosh I might as well be on controller what am i doing really right volume so high oh we don't do that huh Thanks I thought I could have switched my controller for him but dude went a little bit try hard on me almost hurt my feelings gosh scary I got like even though I don't need this I got a help about Batman some Batman man shucks interesting so what you're saying is I didn't knock anyone down huh that's noticeably less fun why are you switching the controller I just want to see the aim assist if it got affected by this update I want to experience it man I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing beautiful amesys Oh what guys they finish this they finish this tower honestly it's kind of nice got nice furnishings to it do you agree kind of nice Benna nananananananananananana Batman Batman Batman I don't see a single soul dog doing well duh okay so there's people up there that's the thing I mean yeah they gotta come off they don't have to come up with awesome you should I take out I mean I feel like this would be the more beneficial one of the two oh they're really like there's three four people up there maybe here we go well didn't I know you're gonna do that chef oh my I mean we got one guy there that doesn't account for everybody the heck is this a pyramid okay sir I see you looking at me don't do that stop doing that don't do it okay this is that guy's a creeper bro behind the tree that guy scares me he's having some difficulty man this guy's this guy's hopping it you got it yo this guy's got some hostile to him honestly kind of want to let him live hustle hard baby open hearts to Nora okay what the heck is that noise he's got hustle oh no I don't know why he did that kind of sad you didn't have to do all that I'm a nice guy all right you think I can switch the controller now I don't like I didn't I don't think I could do it all right here goes nothing I'm gonna switch back to PC probably but I'm gonna try do I get a missus from this far oh no it doesn't seem like oh is he building well shoot back to PC back to PC oh man zone hot man's no hot all right back to control it back to control hold up all right back to control it back to control l2 baby l2 l2 yes ready doesn't work it doesn't work oh wait maybe it does work how do you do it I don't know how to do it I don't know how to do it I think I'm I'm simplifying now I'm simplifying it you got lasered he's got laser how do i edit that doesn't work like that oh shoot okay my respect for you guys I got respect for you guys don't get it I got respect for it here we go here we go here we go LT spam LT spam LT spam you ready oh shoot you know it's kind of messed up oh shoot Oh she'll pop up on controller down baby you don't know why I got the power of LT down I simply cannot I don't know D I just took him out I already met opponent you don't want none trust me you don't want to smell you don't want to smoke bro hey bro oh shoot baby who built baby who built baby back to PC back to PC back to PC back to PC damn you got cracked 360 noscope 1080 flick on my 10 years risk I don't honestly my mouth shot and I wasn't even touching the gayborhood what I'm not clicking anything what are you doing males you know my mouse is oh I got my controller on my pants hold up should we give him the win I mean we're basically giving them when doing this what's the best way to do it Oh coming down big boy I mean he should be able to absolutely laser me in about a second here here's nothing though wait what how did I not stick the landing how did I not stick the landing I jumped off a bounce pad I took 500 ball damage how did I take fall damage I swear I've killed him – I don't understand shot too late it doesn't matter if I shot too late like it well you take fall damage with new bounce pass that's not true that can't be bouncer RUP rare trap drop some sacks of three-pound from supply drops can be placed on floors walls iran's provides jump boots and directions perpendicular to its placement I was wrong I was moved I was literally robbed no he didn't shoot me it's said in the feet he didn't eat he didn't even get to eat well he didn't even get the kill I think you hit his head then the floor that that still wouldn't send that to BCC yes some of them to BCC that's it I have a hundred eighty eight health I'm stacked I'm okay imma be alright you know I'm gonna be alright I hit the bounce bed I hit it one more time I'm still glowing I'm still glowing I'm still glowing I hit him with the shot doesn't do it I don't understand how did I die didn't even shoot me I truly do not understand it's a bug right no I mean it has to be a bug like I died a fall damage I'd I don't get it I didn't I mean like I'm happy that you've got his first win probably but that's why I died from fall damage these sports ready by the way oh no you guys could see in the replay I didn't touch a single thing I was still glowing which means the effect the work I don't get it that's crazy test and creative okay hold up it's set in the kill field I died too dat fall damage yeah you don't run out of bounds Pat effect that's not a thing unless they made that a thing with bounce pads you could be as high up as you want yes I'll show the new place in just a second you're in storm I had full HP so now that wasn't it let me just go ahead and over here devices item plate spawner where's bounds pads at it wouldn't be consumables with her I hardly ever use this stuff so I don't know bounce pad great spawns and one second one second except all right are you guys ready Wow I'm gonna mess it up anymore I didn't put fall damage on I just had backed up okay it was a bug it was a bug I'm leading creative no I'm done it's okay it's okay it was about it was a bug it was a bug use bug oh boy look like the pyramid broke as you landed on it I mean that could have been out what are the new controllers that are oh wow this is pretty cool Wow okay all righty then I'll have to practice control or a bit more so I'm just gonna switch over to control her guys to fit let's get another dub that should have been – what dubs of dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub you place in the map starry suburbs store a store a I think we're gonna land proper star right now I think we've prepared it we've prepared we prepared ourselves for this moment yeah we prepared it others enjoy your building just saying thanks man I that must be I don't know maybe back I discovered if you put a pyramid under someone who's falling from a bouncer it kills them I don't know it's a glitch for sure though not supposed to be in the game like that you know we're thinking about giving the guy that win anyway you know a bug kind of decided that for us real gamer hours right now guys yt laying on you lands on somebody who has a gun when you do not have a gun the next level tactics man I mean I just clapped everybody damn I really went hard there huh I really do be like that sometimes don't reload that this guy in particular he just got freaking slapped did he win the game with no kills is that true well that makes it even better that you just did like an epic challenge man it's an epic gamer challenged in only epic gamers can you complete that Joan health nothing oh my god now oh my god yes that looked really bad for me for a second not gonna lie any more health items would work bandages hampire anything really no nothing okay I'll just go love myself appreciate it yeah at least there's a freaking little happy star huh that'll pay the bills honestly if they had given me a rare Assam deer I wouldn't be meant instead I'm getting some dodo looking here oh this is pretty cool all right no heels at all no heels at all good to know man get to know I can always count on starry suburbs well we get we got materials just the HP Department that's the part that's lacking at the moment all right coming up millhouse oh my goodness yes my prayers were heard if you're watching enjoy this by the way you're new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button this extreme for tonight basically every day at this point and a lot of other fun games as well love to see you back here very interesting why is it showing my team a limousine so low do you guys see that I don't get it that's very unnecessary Oh Mikey bonds Oh nuki buying Snooky bonds damn bro that 200 pump hits different bro I mean you give me for 115 should have bailed them all and he looked like he kind of surprised himself please rate how you feel about building him for night battery alone how difficult it is to use building controls get before it's just the way be sometimes man he hit those he hit those this one actually looks like he gives the skin because he hit the pyramid in the replay there's yellow so you must hit the pyramid and then face through it hitting the floor still like I saw that too but still doesn't make sense still doesn't make sense I don't know truly I don't did you eat a star you get a gun yeah pretty much that's pretty much how the system goes eat a gun each star get a gun God Gary thank you for the don't know Daniel gamer shout do you Hayden burr God give me as well Daniel gamer again this is hides of course of Daniel Sean Egan with the San hi what's up bro tell you Sean aka Miami 5 hit the flow hope you're having a good day I'm trying to grow give any tips on how to grow and I hope you have a good day today I think you man appreciate that and I would say be consistent do what you love and yeah that's big those who do those you're not doing those do those and if you don't help at least your mind would be in the right spot you know tacos Powell thank you for the five easy ZD what a name shadow do you bro IV Roman when is minecraft come back this week I will do my best to have some minecraft up SS see a vision big shadow do you think for the two and two Texan boy we got into random duels match in season seven did we text we must have want them bro must have been GG's all around must a dream just nice GG's nice and easy duties we've got our pick axe swinging from side to side come some of you guys are saying that some mores LTM comes out in 45 minutes I don't believe you all right let's get it when it get way too windy way to you got Elaine the place starry suburbs no I don't think for a night it's gonna remove building I mean like leaving people that are bad at it like building that that's one of the parts that makes me like for night more than some other like be ours I like that even if like the terrain isn't to your advantage you still have a chance shut the joke no Scotty no you got a shotgun in there okay well that actually just happened you only see that in movies Shirley oh my god it's a very dramatic bubbly just throw oh it's all going bad oh it's all gone bad I don't have anymore mats just close the door behind you got to be polite that's probably good idea adept don't like me let's change that very much coming soon oh that's pretty cool so are they replacing it or what I mean like the track kind of died when they took out all the vehicles that use it I always thought this is kind of like a a neat spot to land in Linda not cool but not lame nice hiding in the bathroom let's go down the floor let's see what's up I mean not bad not great Lou but will not argue oops you shot at me can I stay here forever at least we're gonna form mad mats you know I mean I'm pretty sure us from the hill but it might have been from here I know I'm super tired okay well we figured out where that was from where is that from he's still in the town get over it I will if you shoot me again I will rush you with all my force I will completely lose all strategic advantage and just double impulse towards your forehead you've got one chest up there we're not too far from the zone but we're not too close either all right let's dip I'm gonna have to remember to shoot with my pistol that makes any sense what's the new building there's a fast I never knew anything about new building my man your sensitivities really lone you can't change it you can change it there's some settings there's a new settings thing you go over to like the control there's like a controller thing controller sensitivity there's a way to turn it back to the original one as well no stone oh my gosh like a floating star just did its thing a shooting star rather it gave us exactly what we needed us though the area is kind of cool man I think it's one of the more balanced ones yeah I taking the mini over the pistol to work too oh no it's his first day let's go bro let's get it let's get this money no no bro let's get this money dude holy shoot oh my you killed him you freaking killed him I'm sorry dude ttv by the way oh my frie jumped on your forehead huh but I really did it damn bro I actually like I am not even joking I'm a little setback from that dude gets typed holy smokes that was terrifying I could have been shot as easily as him truthfully he took one for the team that's a clip right there I did miss a blue er whomp-whomp not going back I haven't slept yet you must forgive me I miss the blue AR here in there okay night that was that bro was it a trick shot gambrel you like me you like me like me I clicked the wrong key button I click the wrong key bun his first kill I clicked the wrong fricken key bond because they just switched my key bonds that's the part that makes me want to switch key bonds back it really does that hurts you notice I didn't put up a wall that sucks ronke vine man oh man swamp one belong how do you switch back to your old sings I think you gotta go so you you go over here to controller sensitivity and then you go use Advanced Options you turn this off make sure that's not on and then Raj no sure somebody knows I'll see anything I don't know good luck chief alright this will probably be my last game I'm so tired only you're using a blue AR dad you're right Shawn with all the times a Shawn with the AR would have made the difference oh man you guys are funny all the times challenged blue they are man go to advanced settings to go to the bottom page and press copy legacy settings okay that's how you do I know my fellow star people I really punked them like that do they do be like that give me a blue thumb give me love give me strength Oh My Jesus my esophagus hurts you're just not me why are you over there you freak oh now I'm gonna have to get revenge by killing this random dude he'll never know but I did that because I am a man on the hill you know he will know well no because I'll let him yeah huh you like that cheap cheap thin chief you like that now you don't it hurts your brain for my brain to when you did the mean stuff don't do the mean stuff may beauty cool falling stars I found so many minis not complaining them Isis this is completely unloaded still gonna get dog loot trust I don't know if I've ever got good loot from here truthfully I think it's just a cesspool of bad loot man gonna be honest I think it's just all bad loot all the time what do you even like this is lutely hidden somewhere just trash loot this is your landing spot I'm sorry it's dog like oh there's lots of raffles around grapples rattles the kind of the hill was clearly using way too many napkins napkins deep man for real CL – Artie knows of them so my brain gave out when I just have this and I'm so tired I gotta go to sleep after this we're all so I'm gonna like pass out live on stream and I have never done that yet I'm trying to keep that record pretty clear you know now things have been loaded we're gonna take the slurp oh there's two slurps this this girl costume looks really cool better there's gold vending machine well like I'm here already I can't pass that up why yes I will I will take a gold scar thank you you haven't slept yet no I haven't slept yet I haven't gone to sleep yet there's been no sleep in my life at the moment I will go to sleep after this dream and live my best life so you're saying there's a chance so you're saying that there's way too many napkins how many coffees have you had so far well I had like I I that wasn't there before was it this looks like suspect man it's very suspect I will investigate I'll investigate further Oh see we have found the new book hist Rex we have taken down the new bukas Rex this is his reaction very very accurate pass that on stream so I could recording giveus did I hit him for I had shot there that was probably my best shot of the stream somebody clipped that yeah I did not react the way I should have do that oh my are you really do you want to do this right now huh Geoffrey huh you want to do this right now don't make me get the sniper run faster than my Miku no signal what's it hold out I don't know oh shoot it's all um I honestly don't know how to fix it how would I fix this ah chat I don't know how I fix this when – storm if I don't play though your work shoe that work oh wow there's somebody here wait I gotta kill him I just punch myself in the mouth all right give me sake I know you guys can't see anything hello chunk out of my tooth I'm honestly stung I musta hit something with my foot I just unplugged it and plugged it back in but that's not working can't hear anything either how did I just do that you can see through the glasses nice that you guys didn't hear all that oh shoot my screen is just flash them black dude that no word I hear somebody can you miss that no I'm saying you guys can hear me but you can't hear the game right yes real quick look you can see the game just hold up you see how I'm moving around you see me in the pyramid yeah look right here yeah okay just watch the game for a second I gotta clap this guy oh gosh oh no I'm playing in 60 Hertz oh this is bad hi bodied embodied him Dora Jett hold up um I might be dead here oh don't I don't I don't ah oh my goodness this is going horribly game sound good how do you guys hear that we can hear you but not the game yeah that's what I thought it doesn't show you guys can hear him so I'm 60 Hertz baby so much I'm railing okay y'all gonna have to give me a second you watch it through my glasses look you see I need like go somewhere where I can like like check my stuff there's a very inconvenient time for it to go through I know you I know there's no game sound I know I know I know yeah I'm just gonna be older rush somebody screw it I mean if you guys can't hear me what's the point you guys can't see it what's the point oh he brought that guy died to the storm your body oh shoot I'm getting body okay I know there's only two people left though I can't really I can't really like stop the stream you know hold up this guy's gassing okay I'm I'm gonna have to figure out this problem off stream very clearly get a mirror yeah I think I just made it to 40 Hertz again yes not showing up as it's not showing up I'm have to fix this guys I don't know how I don't know how to fix it yet but I will do my best to fix it for the next stream duh alright literally I'm gonna put a full face so you could try to watch it through my eyes there's a guy shooting at me from the cliff I'm just gonna iterate everything to you guys okay he just jumped off it using a bounce pad which is honestly a bit messed up because I died using the jump pad and just brought back flashback soon he's cranking he's currently cranking I know you guys can't see anything trust me I've not killed the cranker yet I'm now shooting at the crank er I can't turn the FaceCam that far my dude might be running out of mats I'm constantly springing to his build at the moment he's not having a good time I'm just gonna relay everything to you be it real words he's literally getting beyond clapped he's really not having a good time he is now fallen to his you succumb to his injuries and there is one more person left alive there's one more enemy I can't the FaceCam like it's attached to something I can't really spin it so or else I would I'm gonna try me I don't even have a mirror I use two PC's so this is the setups a little different than some of you guys are suggesting yeah I see the guy oh he is he is literally given up he's a stream sniper can you guys see look at him right there on pickaxe and once I'm gonna disarm the fellow I'm taking his guns away from him I'm now dancing with the final opponent I wish I could show you this maybe he'll maybe it feel nice he'll let me uh yeah let me see if I can fix the problem here all right give me one second what could I hit he's dancing I don't know what he's doing oh shoot that felt um that could be a problem I think it worked wait darn it I don't know guys I'm gonna have to figure this out I might have to reboot the computers um okay this is what I'm gonna do okay this is gonna be really really good oh you guys ready for this okay oh you guys can't even see okay hold the huh I can't pull it anymore okay that's me that's the last guy that's how many kills I got okay a stream sniper has made it to the end versus me so we're gonna take out our shotgun no we got to do it to you stop moving this is for the people stop I'm using one hand okay he has to die okay there we go victory Roy yeah that's the victory right there and now we're celebrating okay that's all I got for you we were victorious 11 kill banger my capture card may have broke so I'm gonna have to figure this out guys but I will have to figure that out at another time um oh is this thing backwards I don't know okay I'm gonna have to oh there's my mug oh there's my mouse pad there we go can we get a GG in chaplains can we get a GG in chat please all right unfortunately my stream setup just broke so I'm gonna have to see if I could fix this somehow but if you watch to enjoy this do be sure to hit that like button subscribe if you're new and hopefully you guys enjoy that even those little bit scuffed at the end just a little bit I think all the USBs on this computer just went out that's what I think happened I don't know how this camera's still working but we got shadow to simple wiser thank you huge thank you for that bro that wouldn't work just because I'm using two pcs so there's that Jessie I hope you liked that I did turn the camera hopefully that worked out an avid Kolbert shadow to you as well you guys can't hear this music either I'm just gonna now you guys can hear right okay well there's that anyway guys I'm gonna wrap this one up hit the like but if you are subscribed for new let me know what you think about the update and I'll see you guys in the next one I gotta go fix this thing I gotta go fix it thanks for watching hope you've lost a bit and peace out you

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  2. People what are you going to wake up you're paying $4.99 I'm about to become a member just so you can leave a chat these people and they are laughing all the way to the bank just don't understand why you don't have other things to do with your money put it away in the bank you can buy penny stocks invest in your future but if you must waste your money on things that's a lot of good courses that could use $4.99 a month and maybe these people will grow up and get a real job instead of panhandling because this is basically electronic panhandling they sit there in front of a video screen and charge you that money each month so you can leave a message let me have the part where you don't have to leave them anything and you can leave them chats on the regular stream but they only mentioned the people who donate to them not the regular people who can't afford it it's just the people that come out and give them the $2 that dollar 99 to whatever they can give them it's it's electronic panhandling and it's basically not a job and there are a lot of Charities out there that could use this money the national Diabetes Association Cancer Association autism Association all these are worthy charities the Autism Society this is just a few st. Joseph's Hospital these are all Juan Tabo Societies and wonderful charities that could use this money I don't know what this world is coming to but having people sit at home play games a video screen and ask people to send the money it sounds like begging to me and it's no better than the people standing on the street corners are the homeless people asking for your spare change

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