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what's up you guys Joe from ethics gaming as you can see we have a little video here I don't know why I've taken so long to go ahead and do this and I don't have the Box anymore actually but as you can see I got my ps4 scuf this is the blue digital camo I just have a couple little Dinks in it simply because my dog got ahold of it and I was not too happy about that but he didn't really do a whole lot to it as far as I can see you have custom log my sister made when she was in elementary but anyways you guys let's hop into it this is gonna be my kind of review over the ps4 stuff going over the features of it in some you know kind of frequently asked questions that nobody's ever really answered so as you can see the camel on it it looks absolutely fantastic I love the look of it and I did go with the white wow how many things kind of focus yeah they might be too bright with the sunlight coming in but uh so you guys let me see if I can get it to focus on them maybe it will yep and you see it's got a little scuffle logo which I love having on there so yeah this is just the basic four PS cuff it didn't come with the four PS sticks which I don't know why it came with the pros but I'm not too mad about that so yeah so the looks of it it looks absolutely fantastic I'm sorry this video shaking I'm just gonna be holding with my hand for the video but ya know it does feel it feels good the the thumb sticks they have a little bit more resistance I would sit in the normal normal ps4 skewed a little bit more precision on your movements when you're moving around and basically okay so let's go over why do you even want to scuff in first place well right here this is the biggest feature of a scuff the paddles now what these paddles basically do I have my left paddles you can see right here or my finger sits when I hold the controller I have my left paddle set so it will click my X button or right here at the bottom one so this right here is gonna go ahead and click this so when I'm playing so I don't have to take my thumb off my a mean come were to jump or whatever game you're playing so it completely takes that out which I find to be very useful so I don't have to come over and then I my my right paddle right here it's like a hold of one hand I have this paddle set to my B will not be on this to my circle my bad I'm so used to my xbox still so that's gonna allow me a duck without taking my finger off again which is really really helpful and the actual paddle quality on this is very very very good it just takes just a little bit I'll try to show you it just takes a little I'm gonna give this to focus it just takes a little quick I'm not sure if you guys can actually hear it but it has a little button under there might be kind of hard to see yeah I don't think you're gonna see it but you just click them on you're actually holding the controller it feels very natural it feels very good I love using the scuff now I can't I don't think I could play without it but it is just the standard ps4 controller pretty much you're gonna have your standard button you're gonna under standard the aux port and your exit but yeah so basically the only real difference is those and of course another great feature you're gonna have a scuff grip right here what this is is it's kind of hard I want to see if I can get it to focus on it a little bit more there you go so basically what this is is it's just my fingers are gross um it's basically going to just be it's like a rubber but it feels really good it's really grippy it's not quite as good as the Xbox one grip because it doesn't have your finger grooves in it but it feels really really good on your hands when you're gripping it helps you keep a lot of grip it's a little bit squishier than the normal controller in the front this is just there's the dink there it is one one tooth got it but ya know this is high-quality it's got like uh I don't know what to even call it but it's like a little bit more coarse than your basic one then your basic front of your controller so it kind of helps you keep a little bit more grip on it it's definitely grippy and I did go ahead and get the scuff thumbsticks will try to focus on here really quick basically you don't really have to get them there extra couple dollars I'm not sure how does it I can get this in slow focus yeah it looks like not very yeah it's trying to pick up some light a little bit too much here but yeah what the scuff thumbsticks basically viewers you're able to pick the height and I don't have my other ps4 controller to compare to it and I went with the basic as you can just tell by looking at your own they are definitely a little bit taller it's nothing crazy but it's definitely taller than the base version and I'm still able to take my ps4 control freaks and they will still pop on and I have one little thing to mention about this in a second here but yeah those fit on pretty good and I play with the black ops 3 because it has a little bit of height it isn't domed but it helps increase my actually a lot if you guys have never heard of control freaks highly suggest you check out their website they're an amazing amazing brand but the only downside again the ps4 scuff sticks if it'll zoom in you can see it actually indents your sticks a little bit not really that big of an issue but it does get to me a little bit being that you know I spent two hundred dollars to get this controller I'm not the biggest fan of the fact that you know my thumb stick which I you know pretty much need to plays you know a bad factor in this but yeah so overall you guys highly suggest you go and check out scuff gaming comm this is an amazing controller I love it I love the way it feels the way it works I love everything about it it's it's it's an amazing controller to the buttons help you especially for shooters Call of Duty is pretty much the only game I really play and if you guys want to check out more gameplay on that and the black ops 3 beta which is now released as you can hint you know but a little control freak here those will be out very soon if not already so yeah that's just kind of a short review going over it what I think about it it's a 10 out of 10 piece of equipment it's a must need for shooters yeah I was just highlights just checking it out it's a beautiful beautiful controller both aesthetically and functionally I love having the paddles it it does take a little bit to kind of get used to them especially since I play like this and with my trigger finger obviously some people play up which you can still do it's a little bit harder to click click in the middle it's pretty hard to click here but if you click towards the end right in here it's pretty good up here's pretty tough wicked so yeah you guys that was just kind of my basic little review over the scuff 4ps even though it doesn't have the 4ps sticks basically the only differences curves a little bit more so it's gonna fit in this corner a little bit more than out out there but yeah you guys definitely a 10 out of 10 I love the controller it's absolutely amazing and there's a couple of other really really cool features about this if you want to learn more about and go to scuff gaming comm you can find all the features as well as the Xbox one scuff which I will be getting soon doing a review over and I'll leave a link in the video when I get that so anyways you guys this was Jill from FX game if you did enjoy the video if you wanna see more reviews like this definitely leave a like and subscribe we'll have a lot of black ops 3 gameplay coming out still have some advanced warfare coming out obviously since there's still you know 80 days until the game's officially released and I dig it the buttons black didn't really talk about that but uh so yeah anyways you guys Joe from FX game and hope you guys enjoy the video and we'll be seeing you on the next one

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