Hi guys, here’s my top 15 list for the PSVita games of 2018. Next week I will put up the videos for the PS Vita community’s most anticipated 2019 Vita game and GOTY 2018. Check out my channel for reviews of the games featured in this video.


[Applause] well we're at the end of 2018 so it's time for the usual game of the Year lists this is my list from the games I've played the fan voted game of the Year video will be posted next week so look out for that we've had around 100 games released for the Vita in 2018 and while I realize that that's not much compared to the ps4 and switch we've still had some excellent releases I haven't played every game although I've probably played most of them so this is all my opinion but games like mud love and death mark won't be here because I haven't played them enough there was also too many games that I enjoyed to make this a top 10 list so I decided to go with top 15 I've put up reviews of most of the games on this list so if you're curious to learn more about them then check out those videos anyway let's get to my top 15 Vita games of 2018 number 15 rogue aces rogue aces surpassed my expectations when I played it it's a shooter that feels fresh while retaining the addictiveness and fun of other excellent games of the genre it also plays perfectly on the Vita I didn't experience any slowdown at any point even with a lot going on on the screen I also really liked the mission structure to the game and how the difficulty increases gradually over time if you like look Fraser's then you'll love rogue aces number fourteen super destro not DX I became so addicted to soo pedestrian or DX when I played it the fun gameplay loop of racking up a high score in this arcade shooter had me totally hooked he's not a particularly complex game but it's a great game it's playing short bursts and to chase the top of the leaderboard number 13 cosmic star heroine I really enjoyed cosmic star heroine it's a sci-fi RPG with a lot of style the depth and strategy of the battle system kept the gameplay interesting and it doesn't overstay its welcome will bog you down with filler content the graphics and music were awesome as a fan of old-school RPGs I like how the game took elements of the genre and evolved them number 12 I am the hero I'm a big fan of old school beat em ups there's something so satisfying about being a tough street fighter and taken on a horde of bad guys and taking them down with punches and kicks nearly everything about I'm a hero clicked with me from the gameplay to the pixel graphics and the soundtrack it's not perfect but it's a lot of fun to play number eleven patter box patter box is a challenging punch-out style game that's also really unique in its execution and style you play as a hybrid human duck boxer and go through a crazy story and totally crazy boss fights some of the filler content between boss fights could have been shaved down but aside from this it's an excellent game number ten riddle Corps's e^x riddle Corps's e^x is a rock-hard twin-stick shooter where you faceoff with waves of zombies trying to take over the earth the game is super addictive but also super grindy it took me quite a lot of time to complete the game six levels but I didn't find myself getting frustrated and bored it's a really fun game and extremely addictive if you like twin-stick shooters and don't mind a game with grinding that I think you'll really enjoy riddled corpses X number nine Valhalla Valhalla is a visual novel and bartending simulation set in the future it's a very relaxing and interesting experience where you get to know fascinating characters and live in an interesting world it's great to play on Vita and perfect for playing in short bursts it was just nice to play a game that's nice there's no stress no worry about high scores or killing enemies is just you being part of this world number eight rainbow skies I was so impressed with rainbow skies when I played it it's a strategy RPG that improves massively on its predecessor rainbow moon the graphics and music were great and the complex gameplay systems are well designed the story was a bit slow to get going but became interesting later on it's a super long game so make sure you set aside around ninety hours to finish it number seven reverie reverie is a superb blend of the style of earthbound and the gameplay of Link to the Past sure it's a bit short and not that difficult but it's so fun charming and well designed it's nice to play a game like reverie that doesn't take dozens of hours to beat and is just pure fun the pixel graphics and soundtracks suited the game perfectly and had me humming the main tune for hours after playing number six iconoclasts iconoclast is a 2d action platformer with a big emphasis on story the well-delivered story was perfectly supported by amazing gameplay level design graphics and music it has a lot of really interesting bosses that were well designed and were like mini puzzles to figure out how to beat them if you like 2d Metroidvania Zoar story driven games that i definitely recommend picking up by comment class number five Nero voyda the developer's description of nur avoider is neuro voyda is a twin stick shooter RPG set in a cyber futuristic world about brains shooting evil robots with nuclear rocket launchers and that is a perfect description there's a lot of customization and variety of weapons the gameplay is easy to pick up and play and really enjoyable I had a really good time playing near avoider and I can see this as a game I'll return to often number four the longest five minutes the longest five minutes was an excellent game it's an old-school style RPG but it boils the 40 hour RPG down to a much shorter experience the focus is on story and characters and doesn't waste the player's time with unnecessary filler or grinding the story was so charming and I became really attached to the characters this is a game especially targeted to fans of old-school RPGs who will enjoy the references to games they know and love while also seeing the common tropes of the genre turned on their head number three persona 5 dancing I love persona 5 dancing when I played the Japanese version earlier in the year the songs are all excellent and the gameplay is so fun and addictive now that I've played the Western release with the English dub I loved the game even more it may not have a traditional story mode to play through but after I played and enjoyed persona 5 is just so nice to be playing a game with the characters from persona 5 and hear them talk again number two time spinner it's interesting that this game didn't appear very high on the community vote and I think that's partly because it came out late in the year and it was pretty expensive for a downloadable game it also got some negative buzz because of the performance issues although these have been patched out now it's a shame because time spin is an excellent Metroidvania the gameplay story graphics and music were all amazing even though we aren't getting blood stained ritual of the night we have time spinning to satisfy our Metroidvania needs before I get to number one a few honorable mentions three games that just missed the list were super mutant alien assault blood-stained curse of the moon and super life of pixel all three are really good and worth picking up as well so let's get to number one number one deadbolt in deadbolt you play as the reaper and it's your job to hunt monsters like zombies vampires and skeletons and return them to hell the gameplay involves entering a building full of the undead and using weapons you find along the way to kill them all and complete your objective each level is like a puzzle and trying to figure out the best approach in which enemies to kill and how can take a lot of trial and error I didn't mind replaying levels and the trial and error was fine with me because finishing a level perfectly makes you feel like such a badass the game just has so much style it's challenging but also very satisfying the graphics music gameplay and story all just worked so well together to make this my favorite game of the year so guys that's my list look out for the community vote next week and I want to plug two of my videos from this year that I'm particularly proud of the Vita 2018 Year in Review and my video discussing why developers are still making Vita games in 2018 both videos are linked here and in the description so check them out I'd love to hear your thoughts on my Game of the Year list leave a comment below and as always thanks for watching you

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  1. Hi guys
    Thanks for watching.
    Just a reminder to submit your vote for PSVita 2018 game of the year. Follow the link and vote for a chance to win a bundle of 14 games!
    There have been over 130 votes so far but I’m sure Vita Island is bigger than that! So go vote and the winners will be revealed of the games and the Vita’s game of the year just before New Years.


  2. I just bought mine the other day and only have 1 game but it is doing a good job at keeping me accompany while travelling and break from work

    I hope the store near my home restock soon because I would like to get on my hands on the games I love to play on the go

  3. My "mini top":

    >Yomawari NA & The Firefly Diary: I like both, but The Firefly Diary was love at first sight (one of my favorites games of all time).
    >Va11 Hall-A: another of my actuals "all time favorite games". Relaxing but inmersive.
    >God of War Collection (digital): despite the cinematics it's a great game, and make one of muy childhood wishes comes true: this great games in a portable version.

    >And they're in "plan to play", but I have Axiom Verge, Tearaway and A Rose in the Twilight (only this last in digital).

    It's a shame all the bad news in this year for the Vita, but at least it's good to see peoples who still love the Vita and dedicate time to her (and personaly: I hope Atlus release Full Body in west, at least in digital: it would be the "crown jewel" for the system).

  4. It's funny, I really found the longest 5 minutes as boring after the first few hours. Fortunately I could automatically resolve the battles to make it quicker. Glad you enjoyed it though!
    I am looking forward to seeing the community results now!
    Thanks for the video and Merry Xmas!

  5. What a year ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these games. I always discover new stuff thanks to your channel. I fell in love with Pato Box, but apparently it isn't available on French Playstation Store yet. Hope they release it soon.

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