My review of PowerA’s MOGA mobile gaming controller.

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Get the MOGA Universal Driver here:

24 thoughts on “MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller Review

  1. And I didn't rooted my phone, just make sure to open the regular moga app (the phone has to recognize the moga controller ) and then open up the moga vk app (you have to set up the necessary emulators to your profile) but is worth it

  2. Not sure what I want, just saw one at toysrus for 40 bucks. I have a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Elite, not sure about rooting that. I may just spend a hundred more and get a Dingoo380 with 2 controllers. When playing games the Optimus E runs low quick. The MOGA does look cool though

  3. 3 months late, But whatever. SuperGnes (Paid app) and the driver he showed work together on unrooted phones. SNESDroid will not work unrooted.. I've been having lag using this method, however.

  4. You can play emulators with the phone unrooted using the MOGA Universal Driver. The drivers can be downloaded from google play. The only down side is the analog joysticks only report DPad signals without rooting your phone

  5. I wish it also had a D pad, emulators and old school games play better with a D Pad for me, I am more inclined to the gametel for that reason but FPS and modern action games play better with sticks. Add a D pad MOGA!!!!

  6. I had rooted my droid x back when i got it but am about to upgrade to the Galaxy S3, hopefully the process is close to or easier than my X. I really just wanna play Mega Man X and Lost Levels haha.

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