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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at mistakes in Mario games, such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, and even Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door among others.

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Video by TheCartoonGamer

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34 thoughts on “Mistakes in Mario Games – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Dazz

  1. I get so nostalgic anytime Legend of the Seven Stars is brought up. I never was into the "paper" or the Mario/Luigi series. I'd love to see a Mario RPG game again with more dimension. If Nintendo can team with Namco and make a "Tales of" style game, that would be amazing.

  2. Quick thing about the overalls thing. It's not the button disappearing, but it's the lower half of Mario's model covering it up. You see, his model was made into different sections because proper rigging was difficult for its time, so he was made in chunks. The button texture gets covered by the waist because it's a separate part of his model.

  3. 7:47 : Hey look! It's green Mario! Literally.
    I do hope it's just me not knowing about stuff in the story. Else it would be a huge oversight. Especially just after talking about Luigi's lettered hat.^^

  4. For years I always thought Ostro was Birdo's name before wearing the large bow. My head hurts a lot after learning it was swapped by mistake. I've never played Super Mario Advance, so I didn't know they even fixed it then.

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