We are checking out the Minecraft Winter Mini-Games Festival.
So many fun things to explore on this map guys.
This is just the first part.
Stay tune for our next video where we will check out that huge castle to see what is in there.
Minecraft gameplay with CKN gaming

oh my goodness guys this looks on me wait what the Picasso live with it she's gonna be run out of going to a minicam festival oh my goodness cannot drive one of these what oh we've gotta go there that looks awesome oh-oh-oh oh my goodness what is your vision all right golf course so I am at number five oh all right sure I'm gonna use this quick new ball strike it into that hole isn't it check it I mean a bit to get a little Christmas tree I think it's like a family convinced the unknown these noises I can't one and oh oh oh I forget to go down all the way down here any more signs around but let's go all the way up there and now we can mark it some more festivals oh that's why you might this be sir oh yeah oh yeah guys get this way started animals around you oh there's another bike Garza it's really gross to someone you might be that big costume all right logical again we're here go in here all my Finnish guys this looks amazing wait what the big console is with it oh that looks really cool red or green that's gonna be red oh my goodness is this what you're supposed to do Oh

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