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This year during MINECON live we will be able to vote for our favorite biome to receive a major update! Could we possibly see last years biomes again? The desert and savanna are both excellent choices but only one can receive the new content..

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Minecraft 1.15 Desert Biome VS Savanna Biome! Ostrich, Meerkat, Palm Trees & More!

38 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.15 Desert VS Savanna Biome! Ostrich, Meerkat & Palm Trees

  1. I’ll have to be team desert I am pretty content with the savannah biome with the llamas and really beautiful hills while for me deserts are just endless hills of sand and sand the only things you’ll see are dead bushes and cacti with an occasional village or temple

  2. i want the desert i mean i loooove Palms and if u break the leafes of the Palm tree u would get coconuts like apples on normal trees or the top of the Palm tree is are 3 cocnuts or something i love the desert

  3. Here’s an idea how about Mojang finally realizes that Minecraft is on a new level of popularity and they just start updating the game like crazy. Like tbh it’s not that fuckin hard to make an update to Minecraft, modders do crazy shit all the time so why can’t an entire development team do even better

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