You can see an overview and introduction to advertising on Facebook in this video! Read more at You will like that this video quickly shows you all of the basic information about the Facebook ads manager. People consistently tell me that these videos are worth watching because the voice over is very smooth and the information is up to date with complete accuracy! Subscribe to my YouTube channel at

if you're ready to get to know the ads manager I'm gonna show you where it is to get started you go to the main page and you go over on the left side to the ads manager link you click the ads manager link and it takes you to your ads all of these are your campaigns in the ads manager you can see how much you're spending each day you can see I'm taking it easy for the moment on my daily ad spend in this Facebook ad account at least you can see a few hundred campaigns made you see the option to create an ad right here you can see the account if I click down on here I have lots of different accounts I can look at you can see the reports if you click reports this is a key tab because you can deeply analyze the results you're getting and I'm gonna go into more detail later about how to pick the right reports to run to maximize your return on investment your Settings tab shows you key details you've given Facebook your billing tab will show you ways you're paying Facebook your conversion tracking shows your current pixels you have that will allow you to track conversions the power editor link right here gives you access to the power editor tool which lets you edit copy and manage a bunch of campaigns at a time I'll go into the power editor in detail because it's a very helpful tool for getting a lot of work done in a short period of time and also it can make you want to poke your eyes out if you try and use it too much so a healthy balance of the ads manager and the power editor will give you the ideal return you can learn more on links here you can search your ads and back here in the campaign and ads again is your most important interface you can see all that campaigns you're running the little green button means ads are active the these buttons mean they're paused you can see full report for more information you can sort by any of these columns which if you're running a lot of campaigns becomes very important again to get to the ads manager you can go to the logo to the home page to start and go to the ads manager right here and you're here and you create an ad by clicking this green button simple stuff but it helps to know where you're at

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