This video is a brief biography on the founder and CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg. In this video you will see the secret’s to mark zuckerberg’s success and how you can use the same steps to becoming successful and potentially as successful as the youngest billionaire in the world.

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31 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg's Secrets to Success

  1. Facebook is getting to far gone. there are children going missing and teenagers over Facebook by so many over age strangers that's making out to be a teenagers on Facebook doesn't make anyone connect its a drama life and its tearing the world down. Facebook ain't gonna get anyone anywhere in life it doesn't make anyone motivated. its in the way of everything that needs to be done in life. Facebook is a nightmare. and it needs to be taking down every online Internet needs to be thrown away. its not healthy at all. I don't tolerate Facebook AND they needs, theirs a lot behind close doors that no one clearly understands what's going on/on Facebook (fake profile) predidors/ and I don't like it how the system can let that be… think about life and life itself. cos its not nice at all…

  2. Mark suckerbug got jewish money to continue that stolen idea of others bitch and fake petson pretending to be innovative my cock same goes with google jews

  3. There will always be ideas and innovations. But it boils down to execution of this ideas and the impact it has on the masses. Sure you can stay he stole the idea, but will facebook be what it is right now if let in the hands of those people.

  4. Mark Zuckerberg story was really about building a better mouse trap (metaphor). Remember the first light bulb by Thomas Edition or the cool automobile by ford. How about the iphone by Steve Jobs. Do you see where i'm going with this.

  5. How come this video doesn't mention that Zuckerberg started out by stealing the project from his employers? They later sued him and won $76 million dollars. ANd then they went made a documentary about it – its all true, hence why Zuckerberg never try sue them for the film, cause its all established truth in courts, what they sued for. Go watch the doco. Zuckerberg is a jewish pig.

  6. "His success had nothing to do with luck".
    He took enormous risks. Smart risks, but still risks. Risks are risky because you might do everything right and still fail. Mark Zuckerburg was incredibly lucky that his risks and gambles paid off.

  7. Any platform that gives the people a say is a godly invention.
    We all need to start studying nature in a personal way to get to the next level.
    Nature has its own connection in the minds of the right stuff.
    I like how he has married. Very smart Jewish guy. He may know something.
    Read thiaooulba Prophecy

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