With “The Social Network” getting Oscar buzz, Mark Zuckerberg decides to write, direct, and star in his very own Facebook movie.

have this awesome idea for a website I'm gonna put our college lives online mark that's brilliant did you come up with that yourself yes hey guys I'm working really hard in here don't any of you losers trying to steal my great idea for Facebook you know me man I suck and I'm jealous you now shut up and make Facebook so I can sue you for it I've dedicated my life so that 500 million people can socialize better a million dollars isn't cool you know what's cool for billion dollars which is what your network will be in 2010 making you the youngest smartest best billionaire in history damn we're so dumb how do we get into Harvard oh here it is mr. president mark they're gonna sue you they're lying about you mark I love you you'll never get facebook

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