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Mark: “Berlin is a very special place to me… city in the world symbolizes breaking down walls more than Berlin ….. I just really feel like at home in Berlin … this is a city which is clearly being build up by the current generation, no other place in the world to me, do I get this entrepreneurial feel, do I drive around, seeing the paintings, seeing so much construction, I feel like this city more than a lot of other places I go to feels like 1% finished…. it’s incredibly aspirational and entrepreneurial attitude here is amazing”.

3 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Townhall Q&A, Berlin, Germany, 26 Feb 2016

  1. FB is making billions. It is a public forum, and in public forums,( especially for those who make billions,) it should give people a right to comment with discerning severity, on any and every 'home truth'. No, it should not be a recruitment agency for anti social actions. But Just because a thought or opinion is not visible, or deleted from face book, does not mean it does not exist. Face book must no sanitize critical thinking, and become a juvenile past time . It can create positive change, become a real agent of change, and so it should allow critical thinking on contentious subjects that carry fair comment, and commentary.

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