– The CEO of Facebook becomes nervous and sweaty during an on state interview about privacy issues.

do you feel like it's a backlash or that you feel like you're violating people's privacy do you feel like you're adequately portrayed as a because I want to wonder about the person who actually created this thing yeah I mean I you know a lot of stuff happened I've been along the way I think um you know there were real learning points and turning points along the way in terms of in terms of building things you know it really went from this position very early on where we were just in this college dorm room – we moved out to California was a few friends and me and um you know it just kind of had this project feel for a while and there was this real turning point when um when companies start trying to buy the company for a huge amount of money and you know I had to kind of get my friends together and we had to decide what was it that we really cared about and what was it that we wanted to do and you know we decided not to take those offers and write you know to me a lot of that decision was that what we wanted to do and what we wanted to spend you know a big part of our lives doing was just continuing to push and and and kind of build products that help people share information build products that help people stay connected and that's really what we're spending our time doing and you know I think there's just been a lot of a lot of space between that early stuff and where we are now um if I could if I knew what I knew now then then I hope I wouldn't have made those mistakes but I can't go back and change the past I can only do what we think is the right thing going forward so before we move off this privacy thing and I thought that was a fascinating answer you wanna take off the hoodie no I never take off I no no yeah there's a group of women in the audience that wish you would uh uh girls whoa all right that's okay um can you explain what this instant personalization thing was that you did and why you did it and what was the what's the value of it to your users hey I should take off that take off the bed all right yeah this is a great moment in internet history what all right um what are we gonna go to the mic put it on your put on the collar of your teeth you wants it you need some help sorry about that we're not even yelling at you yeah yeah we're not gonna yell it yeah we're voicing at all it is a warm hoodie yeah no it's a thick hoodie we it's um it's a company hoodie we print our mission on the inside what oh really on the inside of the hoodie everybody take a lot what is it making the making the world more open and connected oh my god it's like a sequel oh look at that making the world open and connected stream graph platform in this weird symbol in the middle that it's probably for the Illuminati Oh mm oh it's 2010 Oh No

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  1. I think that Mark Zuckerberg, his mistake was not when he took of his jacket but it was when he said, "we print our mission on the inside" and that made the interviewers interested to know what was it… Anyway, his face after he can't just snatch away the jacket was like "I'm dead" 😌

  2. And now he has to testify in front of congress in April 2018 on privacy issues. It's like steve jobs said – "You can only connect the dots looking backwards".

  3. "hE'S jUSt SweAtiNG BecAuSE He'S havING A pANIc AtTaCK"………… hes having a panic attack because he knew all along what he can and will do about FB user's information

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