Is Mark Zuckerberg human? Most people believe he’s a lizard. From his recent Facebook blunder to his senate hearing, the memes have been flowing. Here are some of the recent best ones, narrated by Graham The Christian.

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mark cannot teleport to mother base you cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby that is bread Lord Zach and the humans they enjoy this bread indeed then I shall enjoy it as well suck my ball bats connect.gov I am NOT a robot when you need to act normal but if you swallow that water you'll fry your circuits I didn't do anything come on man please believe me it's your daughter's birthday for God's sake how did you know that and here's where I'd put my warm blood if I had any when I first met mark we were at some boring corporate party tired of stupid should chat and expensive drinks I pitched an idea to mom each of us would come up with the most fun activity we could imagine and surprise the other with it I drove to a nearby lake ordered to water powered jet packs to paintball guns and arranged a flight journey I figured that nothing could be more awesome than an airborne paintball duel with don't stop believing playing in the background when I came back to see marks activity I found him in a back alley next to a terrified waiter from the party couldn't have been older than 25 in exchange for paying his student loans mark excitedly told me the man would let us beat him until he stopped moving just a picture of zuckerberg sitting on his wireless charger Mark Zuckerberg stable release consults with beta Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Zuckerberg version 1.0 my dad told me you're spying on us he's not your dad deletes Facebook deleting this app will also delete its data Mark Zuckerberg heystop Zuckerberg loses contact lens during Senate hearing revealing horrifying lizard I Mark Zuckerberg punches me in the face install it me spits blood at his feet Mark Zuckerberg installed the Facebook app me fuck you that face when you just wanted a faster way to rank girls by looks and ended up installing a fascist government in the most powerful country on earth the chair it was shortened inexcusable I stirred up amongst protests from members of Congress and confronted a woman your seat give it to me I demanded without protest she gave it to me I was not only a few inches higher I was now taller I was now a big boy hashtag Zuckerberg why can't I find a guy like this ugh hey no I'm literally the guy in the pink below is a relative photograph of me performing my usual morning ritual of ingesting nutrients via the uppermost opening of my alimentary canal after a nighttime period of paralytic Stacy's in the usual human fashion like most normal human males I enjoy charring meat inside of an unpressurized vessel behind my domicile the slow screech of burning bird muscle is associated with patriotism and mortar shells in my core memory once the animal carcass reaches a temperature sufficient to destroy bacteria and viruses that would pose a threat to my empire I will consume the flesh to replenish my stores of energy below is a candid photograph of me squatting in the traditional manner over the remains of a non-functional fellow human in a subterranean corpse storage facility like many of my fellow humans I also enjoy regularly visiting such facilities to imagine the decay occurring below here is yet another candid photograph of me and my human family in which I'm exhibiting the mammalian startle reflex that we humans so frequently experience at such relative activities as parades and street festivals do not be startled at the second face extending from my chest however like all humans I have only a single head the additional face belongs to a smaller human that I have tethered to my body for ordinary human purposes the more of your data I gather the more I understand what it means to be human this is a photo of me discussing stakes with two humans wearing white shirts and growing facial hair after a monetary transaction of $8.32 and a white time of 4 minutes and 32 seconds the nice Yoon and John presented me with cooked bovine flesh the animals flesh was warm like many of you enjoy perambulating about on my human legs while performing ordinary activities such as observing my phone or towing my dog with a rope although many humans will only bend their knees forward when mechanically forced to do so I find the perambulation in this fashion increases speed and efficiency by a significant amount shame on the same cheek young Stallone I kick it to the curb humanity learning myself

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