Watch Mark Zuckerberg keynote at Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference Tuesday morning, April 12, 2016, in San Francisco, Calif.

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when her mother was sick in the hospital she streamed her wedding on live so her mother and her friends across the country could not only see it but could be there with them now that's pretty meaningful so that's a preview of live and today we have a developer announcement around live – we're opening up our live API so now you can build the ability to stream video to Facebook live right into any device like for example this drone flying in from the back of the room come here come here DJI is one of our launch partners and this little guy is going to be flying around didn't Streamy update live all day together today so say hi everyone Hey all right bye-bye drone all right so we have messenger platform and live and these are two of the new ecosystems that we're going to focus on building out over the next five years to give everyone in the world the power to share anything they want with anyone so that brings us to ten years over the long term we're focused on three major areas connecting everyone to the Internet artificial intelligence to make services more intuitive and natural to use and virtual and augmented reality to help us share and experience the world in a much richer way so I want to start off by talking about connectivity so right now more than half of the world more than four billion people don't have access to the Internet and it turns out that there are three main reasons why people don't have access the first is availability you don't live near a network that's about a billion people the second is affordability you live near a network but you can't afford to use it that's another billion people and the third reason which is actually the biggest of all is awareness which is you do live near a network and you can't afford to use it but you're not sure why you would want to spend some of your money on buying a data plan and that's about another two billion people so we're gonna work on all of these different barriers this is a Kela it's a solar-powered plane that we've designed to beam down internet from the sky and if you told me 12 years ago that one day Facebook was going to build a plane I would have told you you were crazy but you're we are it has a wingspan wider than a 737 but it weighs less than a small car it has solar panels on the whole width of the wings so it can fly it about 60,000 feet in the air which is about twice as high up is a normal commercial flight and it can stay in the air beaming down internet for a few months at a time all right now check this out this is an engine pod this is one of them to give you a sense of the scale and you know this is a it's made of carbon fiber so it's actually pretty light there think about eight of these on each plan so we're gonna end up building a lot of these for our fleet all right now in a few months we're going to launch our first satellite in this space to connect sub-saharan Africa and people don't have access to networks there and tomorrow you're going to hear about two powerful new systems we've built to improve connectivity on the ground in urban and rural areas so we're really going at this problem from every possible angle now then there's also affordability and we can reduce people's data costs in two ways use less data and make data cheaper so to reduce data consumption we've built a light framework for our apps so now we can build apps that take about a quarter as much data as normal apps do we've also open sourced a tool that I encourage you to check out called augmented traffic control and it makes it easier for you to develop services for next billion people coming online in all different countries around the world by letting you simulate network conditions and all these kinds of different places so you should check this one out now to make data cheaper we're building open-source infra for telcos so it's kind of like what we've done with the Open Compute Project and the idea is that if we can make it cheaper for telcos to operate their mobile infrastructure then some of those cost savings are going to be passed along to people in the form of lower data prices all right now finally we're also working on awareness by helping people who don't have access experience the value of the internet for free so free basics is an open platform that any developer can build for to offer basic Internet services to people for free without them having to pay so there tools like for education or health or basic communication services in Indonesia people are using a service Jo phone to find jobs and MIT job listings in Colombia people are using a service in duct race to find doctors and get medical advice for free free basics is already available in 37 countries and it has already given access to Internet services to more than 25 million people which makes it one of the most successful connectivity initiatives in the world and today we're launching the free basics simulator so now you can see how your services are going to appear on the platform all right so that's connectivity the next 10 years that I want to talk about is how we're gonna help people connect and share in a more natural and intuitive way and our goal with artificial intelligence is to build systems that are better than people at perception it's a seeing hearing language and so on and it's already happening in some places our moment app uses the best face recognition system in the world to help you look at the photos that you've taken and identify what your friends are in them so you can share them with them if you want News Feed uses AI to show you the best stories and we use AI to filter spam out of messenger so that way you only get messages from people who you want to hear from last week we announced a new way for people who are visually impaired to understand images we built a tool that can now actually start to look at photos and understand what's in them and it can read them out loud to you if you can't see the photo so this is a great use of AI and it's an important step towards making sure that everyone has equal access to information now assume we're gonna be able to do even more because we're right now to show you the best stories of newsfeed we mostly look at some basic signals like who your friends are or what pages you like but we don't actually understand them meaning of the content but in the future we're going to be able to actually look at the photos and videos and understand what's in them we're going to read the articles and understand what they're about and that's going to let us show more interesting content to you from across our community that we don't even know that you'll be interested in today so like this mop dog for me that's my phone all right now what's so exciting about AI today is that researchers are using a lot of the same technology to solve completely different problems like helping astronomers find new planets or improving self-driving cars or diagnosing diseases so in a lot of ways I actually think that advances in AI can help save people's lives almost amazing examples I've seen recently was an AI system that can now tell from a photo whether a lesion on your skin is skin cancer with the same accuracy as the best doctors in the world so imagine that soon every doctor around the world is just going to have the ability to snap a photo and as well as the best doctors in the world be able to diagnose if you have cancer that's going to save lives and whether you're developing social tools or you're diagnosing diseases you're using a lot of the same AI technology so that's what we want to make it easier for you all to take advantage of all of the advances in AI technology that we're making so that way when we make a 10% improvement in our systems your systems get 10 percent better at diagnosing diseases so that's why we've open sourced our torch modules to help researchers and engineers train their machine learning models and what we've opened our designs for our GPU servers that we use to train our neural networks so this way we can all make faster progress together alright one last thing finally we're building technology that's going to change the way that we all experience the world we started shipping gear VR for $99 late last year and the response so far has been really amazing there are already hundreds of apps that are built specifically for gear and people have watched more than 2 million hours of video in gear VR last month we started shipping oculus rift and we have one here here it is so for the first time you can have this kind of premium virtual reality experience in your living room and from the moment it shipped it has a great content lineup with more than 50 games on the platen later this year we're going to release these touch controllers which bring your hands into VR too so instead of looking around and feeling like you're immersed you will now also be able to modify the world where you'll be able to pick things up and give them to other people and interact so it's going to add a whole new layer of immersion and one reason why I think that this is also important is that for our mission is that we're working on a whole new set of social experience as well across all these different VR platforms so I think that virtual reality has the potential to be the most social platform because you actually feel like you're right there with another person so check out this preview of a very early very simple social experience that that you can have and keep in mind that these people are physically in completely different places but they feel like they're there with each other playing ping pong shooting each other making art and just hanging out and they feel like they're you're actually right there with a person so this is a kind of social experience that you can't have on any existing platform today and it's one of the reasons why we're so excited about this now over the next 10 years the form factor is just going to keep on getting smaller and smaller and eventually we're going to have what looks like normal looking glasses that can do both virtual and augmented reality and augmented reality gives you the ability to see the world but also to be able to overlay digital objects on top of that so that means you know today if I want to show my friends a photo I pull out my phone and have a small version of the photo in the future you know you will to snap your fingers and pull out a photo and make it as big as you want and with your your AR glasses you'll be able to show it to people and then they'll be able to see it there's a matter of fact when we get to this world a lot of things that we think about as physical objects today like a TV for displaying an image will actually just be $1 apps in an AR App Store so it's going to take a long time to make this work but this is the vision and this is what we're trying to get to over the next 10 years now before we wrap up today we have a surprise for you which is that we want each of you to leave with your very own VR experience to take with you so everyone here is going to get a gear VR and a Samsung phone to power so they're going to be I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys do with this and they're going to be ready to pick up later today have bite registration all right that's it so we're doing that's the roadmap for the next ten years we are building the technology to give everyone the power to share anything they want with anyone else and everything we're doing is about building technology that brings people together because whether you just want to hang out with a few friends or start a business or help solve the world's problems the path forward is to connect people that's how we make progress together and that's why I think the work that we're all doing together is so important because if you believe like I do that when you give more people a voice that that makes the world better then we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the future and I'm excited to work on all of this with all of you so thank you everyone I'm going to hand it off to Deb to walk through this in a bit more detail have a great FA

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  1. Facebook Live such a wonderful tool! We get to see the dark side of human nature live on camera! You know murders of elderly people and self-immolation suicide!

  2. Why would I want to share my personal moments with fb "friends" when they are not really friends? I want to be selective with who I share my information, discrete, private, more interesting and valuable to my real friends and family…

    I just read an article just googling that people are actually getting bored of fb and all the drama and gossip. I think technology is going to take another direction. People don't need to know everything about everything, people need healthy living, food, planet; the less I know the more present and happy I feel…

  3. All those egoistic people! None one of them applauded while he was exposing projects that would make people's lives better but only when they heard they will be receiving a vr oculus and a samsung phone. The reasons why there are problems in the first place is because of people like there are put into position of power. Shame!

  4. facebook is a scam, and a tool for governments to get access to peoples
    private information and the reason for its popularity and success is
    because it is backed by organizations and government itself. the
    number of people who are using it on a regular basis is exaggerated.
    This guy thinks he is smart like Bill gates or the founders of Apple or
    Amazon, He has no talent and all his success is due to his friends and
    classmates who built that website for him. He has not worked hard in
    his life and just had the privilege to go to one of the best
    universities and some luck to strike a gold mine. He is not a pioneer or
    a great thinker.

  5. "we started shipping oculus rift last month" … bullshit… then where are all the rifts? no eta for me or anybody else i know who backed rift on kickstart or pre ordered it…

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