Visit Sarah Lacy’s interview with keynote Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW Interactive 2008. Video by Jon Zmikly.

the thing that we are trying to do at Facebook is just how people connect and communicate more efficiently and weaping that this book has very subtle effects on individuals in terms of helping them build more or trusting empathy relationships and enrich their lives and it also has a really broad macro effect when when you take of some of these connections and you boil them up to something much more broad so one example of this more recently is we just launched internationally and um it was always kind of available for people to use but it was only in English until about month ago we launched in Spanish for the first time on February 11 and down the Spain so so one of the countries that has really taken off and has significantly Swiss population since we launched in Spanish is Columbian and and this is this is actually really notable because there are a few people who are using it in English before and then a ton of people started signing up for it in Spanish once it was available and the first thing that people started doing was they started using the site to organize communicate and revolt against the guerilla army so you know and just working for a second so I know if you guys need to make money because you're very high give all these people you've got this huge valuation so I want to talk about add stuff go for it that cool I kind of cut you off you don't need to ask we kind of skirt love like did you want to finish your thought okay so first of all before even talk about what is great animation you guys are kind of come up with it all that that's not going to a deal with Microsoft there's a sense that Google Microsoft have been going around buying up this inventory and sort of an arms race and it's because of such big companies doesn't hurt them to over pay for it but there's a sense that they're not making money off these deals because sites like Facebook MySpace Digg etc aren't really monetizable and there's been debate on that can you tell us what can you tell us about how the Microsoft feel is going they feel they're getting their money's worth let me take a step back from that I think what you said at the beginning of this session was actually a really important theme I think that a lot of people have focused on there's some deals that we've done valuation all these different things and I've been moving talk about stars actually add Facebook what we think are the important things will work going on all the time reddit is buildings product building this system that helps people communicate and connect and everything that we do the company we think about through that break that's our mission that's what we're trying to achieve and in revenue growth and we've decided that building a business is the most effective way for us to go about meeting our mission and achieving the goals that we have in the world Guga so um in terms of the Microsoft relationship that we have the way that we think about about and inserting our users in that way make money is that we want the way that we make money to be in line with how people use the site so what people do on the site is they communicate information with each other that are constantly sharing different pieces of information if you look at someone's profile and people always listen to your favorite music their favorite movies different things that they're into and a lot of that is very commercial right then but that that's fine I mean this is people expressing our identity right and the monetization system that that we're trying to build is one that's very organic with what people are already doing on the site people thank you so what we're already trying – yeah – um – basically how people share this types of in this type of information and if we give people enough control over the system we control and let them share the information that that they want then that was significant overlap with the way that we think we're going to make money on the site whether we've decided is going to be the most effective is for us to just go and in build a business right because that allows us to attract a lot of the most talented people and build this ecosystem and that's what I think we're going to reach our goals but in business terms is having a valuation like that a negative I mean it's certainly I would think it brings out a certain kind of person who wants to work at Facebook it brings out you know a certain element in the valley that you've kind of been crowned the next Google maybe's prematurely and now you've got to live up to this really high mark yeah I mean the high expectations and we mark it with double time if you're offended by a particular bit high expectations are tough but they in general it adds a lot of positive effects when you're right I mean the recruiting is is one thing that's that's really important we want people to join the company because they believe in what we're trying to do and want to be a part of that but it's building these types of monetization systems are building this developer platform we're helping people map out who their friends are and is helping them communicate with people by building different types of application we're even just helping communicate the story around what we're trying to get done because I don't not enough and I've been having such a focus on on money in the business has been tough for us because it can self-select for people who just care too much about that right and that's not we're where we are as a company so that's why we've gone out and said you know we're not planning on going public anytime soon right we don't want people to be said to self-select or people who want to join the company because they think they're going to make money very quickly and we think that if we do well then what we're doing can align with building a good business and that's great right and you know the value that the company ends up being worth will hopefully be relatively aligned and similar to the value that we're creating in the world in terms of laptops that we build but revenue we value of the company or a trailing indicator of the value that you're building right and that's what we need to focus on well if the ideal or not will be one where people can use the applications that they want to and not use the applications that they don't want to and not be closed by the ones who don't want to so giving people that level of control over the information that they get and the information here sharing with different applications is going to be a really important thing we also want to remove a lot of friction that exists and button today so one of the issues that we see is anytime very frequently if you click on something that comes from an application you're you get taken just dialog to add an application and we don't think that's a great experience or working on that and so a lot of the voluminous friction is a really important thing across in terms of cultivating this platforms that at all you guys can build great applications

21 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Interview with Sarah Lacy at SXSWi

  1. C'mon boys, she's smitten, but it might not be because he's CEO, she might just be sexually attracted to his looks and confidence. – Sorry gals, you're busted, money makes you rich.

  2. @WayneTatum But everyone knows that. And he says it in EVERY INTERVIEW. Excuse the reporter for talking outside his comfort zone, and about something (which besides you and a few fanboys on youtube) people are interested in knowing about!

  3. I really dont see what was so wrong with this interviewer…honestly, she cut him off cause he was talking like a pre-recorded machine message! God he is boring. And her questions were actually interesting…unlike him.

  4. I like this guy. He keeps talking about the challenges of value building, this is why he's successful in the first place!

    Sarah is beyond tacky here. Journalism is about getting the information out to the audience. She's rude.

    Mark would've done better talking without her.

  5. Actually, his net worth is estimated as being just under 400 million…
    However, since facebook is a private company and most of his 'estimated net worth' is is stock, it isn't likely that he has that much cash in his hand….

    Yes, you're right non-the less — he is a genius man.


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