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today I'm playing roblox wait what it's not roblox that's fortnight and that's my fortnight character with a green Mass this doesn't look like roblox at all but what is this map then wait it's a roblox hobby course in fortnight oh it's amazing that sounds really fun it's me versus logo man if you think I can win leave it like I'm probably gonna have to let him win though because he's really bad at the game make sure you guys use great eco jelly in the 49ers store it really helps me out every time you use this code I get one little tiny drip of water I'm really thirsty so please help me out Oh delicious thanks guys also make sure you subscribe to my channel down below and let's play this roblox Aubie yes roblox RB in for tonight wait we're playing roblox or is this for tonight Johnson wait infused yeah you're right for a second there I thought I was playing route books but this is full night ok wait ok let's try out my dance does it still work yeah ha it still works we're actually in fight night but I'm sure I recognize this this is an LP level wait does it work the same doc don't touch the lava you knew you're such a loser I was testing if it actually worked see Josh I am a roblox professional so I know how this works Josh don't watch the lava it's literally step number one on the tutorial page ok let me see if I can get a little bit better at this okay so maybe sideways jumps okay see that's how the roblox noobs do it you know what they call those Josh what do they call those jelly you've broken bad baby names did you know that no ID I'm sorry I'm not up with the kids josh is a date Oh ed are we just zooming I wanted to take a look at guess who made it josh reaches zooming or are we waiting the level what do you mean alright okay dump No Oh dare you you little bacon head try and do anything alright let's jump over these lavas right we got to touch the lava Josh that's I've learned a thing or two in my time now being or to literally don't have to lava Wayne so I remember this ha ha ha ha ha I see I forgot listen to my story have you forgotten how this works Oh what are these beautiful one of these three will work I think it's same as in the game robot whoa Jenny you try the left on I'll try the right one okay all right I'll try to live three two if you look to the right you would have noticed sighs made it so wait really you were just standing on it already yeah all right this time if I'm correct I'll go for left I think it's the left one and you just remember these how do you remember this I am a legend Josh I am I'm a legend oh now it's me nobody late it haha because it was you know right life middle it would just make sense all right Josh we gotta jump over the purple funny is such a unique like way of dying this is quite all right all right I thought of the lost bear you kidding me oh you suck yes no I am terrible with bacon head anyway there's no weed Josh it actually makes sense because the default haircut basically looks like B yeah that's how the game darkness to this I'm being pretty good to be honest Josh you are I'm really good at this but I am the robot what affection things what about pizza head Pizza head well if the haircut would look like pizza then maybe they would call oh I know one for you wait cabbage face cuz your face is like a cabbage jelly Oh your big head barn you biggie I care doesn't like a pig my character doesn't look like a cabbage just because I'm coming coming coming what your face Lucy let's look at cabbage too bad so I believe this might be level 10 already Josh we are absolute fortnight roblox professionals and I'm amazing oh my goodness I'm done nice work and then what what's the saying after that pudding and Weezie nuts paint peanuts jumping over your head why these things Josh first place that's how I was already in first placing we're doing this together but hey yeah he says and falls off sure mate there's no first prettiest thing yeah yeah again Josh I rate you doing this a 7 out of 10 that's actually pretty good thank you very good for tonight decided to give you a 7 I would have actually gone I decided I though you pulled the board out I mean I did fool the border but it's completely random Josh get it you can jump over me at my that short yeah why are you dissing yourself that's what I'm supposed to be doing I mean Josh to be fair I am quite a short guy so yeah game pretty good actually cuz I'm gonna make Oh left no left and then right ah you Kiki's good did you oh she remember that no I just guessed oh okay yeah see Josh that was a seven again thank you I mean I'm a little bit Everage I appreciate it how is seven an average in my book it is Jenny now oh my goodness he almost blocked me there see you later hey that's what you get oh I tried to like skip it no I fell off the same one that's great come on Josh come on how did I fall off the first one I don't know talk about it use those little feet Josh there we go nice work nice I mean I didn't really I wasn't planning to okay Yeah right uh-huh tell me more about that while I finish it what is this level of 19 Josh you're quite far ahead of me now this is unexplained right no no it wasn't it was a joke it was a joke I remember you saying it wasn't a joke now I'm two levels ahead of you uh no I was happy the way it was it was a joke was a joke okay we're doing a competition here cabbage face I'm almost there I'm almost there I'm catching up see first place yeah level 20 Oh green cubes I like everything green that's right like Kiwi green no puke is actually not green Josh if we ever looked at that offensive cabbage then its trophy a cabbage it's most likely gonna have a little hint of green in there is probably gonna be green I mean yeah sure I start let's stop talking about puke here for a second okay let's go keep talking about cabbage that's the good stuff Kelly you just cabbage to me off you should probably have some patience there's definitely not enough room for the two of us oh my goodness you're I'm oh yeah wait you already made this how did you make that because this is quite hard man okay just like that left right left right right okay and and up can I make this jump probably not okay there we go actually those parties you guys Delia come here wait come here come here yeah if I say uh if I make this bottle flip right now you're officially a cabbage face okay okay three two one you're a cabbage face but only in sports because I'm wearing a green mask Josh you agreed Kelly you agreeing whatever I'm assuming that just going this way is way faster yeah yeah how did you even come up with the whole cabbage thing I actually I don't know really liked it yeah but you're not supposed to like it because it's supposed to make you feel bad it's very healthy it's supposed to make me feel good wait are you not such these thank you okay and I did it over three six I feel like you cheat sit on the bottle flip like usual I mean how do you sort cheating Josh I've seen you cheating okay these are getting tight do Josh these are easy these are really easy I don't know if you're gonna fit on my gosh I am literally right behind you all right come on pig-faced like that whoa got him all right tell me we have to get I wasn't even touching the lava you've got a lot death so far whoa okay I don't have any Josh it just gets sent straight to the hospital the blue one I'm on wait even longer for jelly here we go Josh you're not waiting for me you don't worry about it okay okay I'm making the really difficult part this is absolutely not great if I hit this ball flip you're gonna make here okay Josh you I know how you do it you're always believed in you cabbage is actually quite healthy did you know that Josh yeah I'm gonna eat you okay thirty okay this one seems really difficult and I'm struggling to make it up there maybe with whoa got his dog that was not a roll water ever and do you that oh I am a happy boy now back in first place how I was always supposed to be there was never a first place what catch up with me already wait did you do a full jumper this seems tough I have been doing this since I was 1 years old ah so you've been doing it for three years jelly there we go wait yes nice work Josh now the colorful jumps you're really good at these here the green one especially yeah I hate that one that way cuz it's green and good world hey wait left or right I'm going right you guys I guess it was left did you actually go right yeah yeah all right I mean go right okay yeah and then bright again Josh you keep on waiting for me you know no no I'm a genius all right so left right oh my gosh now what right first all the time you're going this time okay and I'm going right again yes I thought I thought you weren't gonna believe me yeah you don't smart enough to pull off a trick like that I mean I did though but you didn't fall for it but I still pull it off really well I mean I still pulled it off successfully for it I did it successfully added that success can you catch up gently I'm doing other ones that you know even dude I'm catching up I'm literally on my way right behind you Josh don't tell me to catch up I am a legend a thing you catch up on cabbage is a little bit of a weird combo anyway I agree that that's disgusting there's something only a couple company to be honest with you yeah Oh cocoa okay 40 now and I'm falling through the bottom have a good 100 we're nearly at the end Ellie hey are you not waiting anymore what's going on here I'm weighing my gosh I've been waiting so much for you it's ridiculous all right there we go 41 well you're a 42 already what although this is easy Josh I get it I get it how you deal with this yeah they go hey Josh by jelly have a good one Oh mwah honeybee then see Jenny don't we tell you a trick couldn't just ball flip onto it to know which is the correct line see okay let's try think all right maybe maybe I'll give it a try this time I just do that that doesn't work left Jenny you're right it was middle you just know it was right it was right okay that is middle okay and now it's left again Josh it's left yes it was left I actually remember this one from roblox Josh super annoying it's super annoying das right and then middle yes middle middle Josh it's literally just straight right from there he's stupid okay for the last one I don't know I'm clapping I'm clapping that was a good one Josh good show you're pulling a really good show for us here left left [Applause] yes there's 50 levels right cuz we're near the end or indeed 50 levels Josh walks me out no I don't think I did no I think he did problem with dying now is that you fall so far it takes a while to respawn okay we go gold gold gold gold gold cold I have a cold alright one more in that case son of a mom alright I'm gonna continue on you take it too long jelly no Josh you're literally blocking me all right 45 Josh where did you go I've already completed that huh oh you have not you just fell down these fools are honestly difficult Oh to see okay Joyce can I just like skip this like so this is a race right no no you gotta wait makes it a race when he's first place difficult eyes what do you mean typical just exactly what you see us it was a joke I was at level 11 or something like that see I would be the nice guy and actually let you in Josh I would do that for ya it's funny how you say that when you are literally not winning no but I am I'm literally right behind you no but look you're not down today I'm not gonna lie this last one is really difficult by Dedic some genius you're gonna take a while on that one so try dude this is my first yeah okay bye this is clearly my first try no no that was a zero try alright jelly I'm below 40 I'm gonna wait for you a little boy what do you mean first try what's with this hot lava man can we just make lava cold or something there we are that's better that's better in it that's that's better Josh I think this might just be the finale level I think it is mate not it's not it's the ultimate level it's the white the penultimate the level before the last one cool did you just fall down you're gonna have to wait for you again yeah ah up here yep you do right yes perfect nice girl a what I blame that on me I think I'm gonna wait Oh jump that no T of Spain no way jelly all right how about you go ahead and tell me that I am the greatest friend that you are I'm gonna just sit here there we go really happy to hear that you still like me Josh why don't you eight of you what do you mean wait for you yeah hey wait you know you're gonna get to the end and then go well it looks like I won well no I'm gonna give you the first place cuz Josh you feel just so sorry for you uh-huh you're just saying is I had to wait for you so long to saying that because you've got a backup option let's thank you let's take you so long no Josh I'm letting you catch up look I literally stood say if you enjoyed this video make sure you use my supporting creator code jelly in the fortnight items store

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