Coming to you from the days of the AOL Games channel and Windows 3.1, it’s Combat Tanks by Red Herring! Classic 90’s shareware game with tank-destroying mayhem.

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“Club Step” by Topher Mohr
“Broken Joystick” by Quinton Mauney

29 thoughts on “LGR – Combat Tanks – PC Game Review

  1. I used to play a similar game back on the day. You could choose a tank, a jeep and a helicopter if I'm not mistaken. The objective was to destroy the other guy's base. It was on an island. If you wandered too far away from it. A submarine would come up and shot you down. I've been trying to find that game for ever, but I don't remember it's name or the year it was launched. Please somebody help?

  2. On the Classic Mac OS, we had a similar tank game called Bolo, but it was multiplayer only (Over AppleTalk or modem, mostly) with a much more expansive Mac. Lots of fun to play with my siblings over a PhoneNET network as a kid.

  3. dude, holy shit, nostalgia flashbacks. used to play this game all day when i was like 5 years old. lots of games on your channel that i haven't even thought about in years

  4. Fun fact: the "please buy our game" invincible death copter wasn't actually invincible, they just set its health so high that it took over ten minutes of sustained fire to kill it.

    How? You can push the concrete blocks with your tank, which can be used to crush enemies, or create impenetrable bunkers with a gap thin enough to only let your shots through…

  5. The "rocket" is really a missile and it's not slow you control its speed and direction with cursor keys (as an RC missile) up/down speed and left/right direction. You didn't mention you could build bunkers with the walls/blocks and even crush other tanks by pushing those onto them. Pushing blocks have an enegy penalty cost, and bunkers are excelent against all units except with planes in such case you're trapped and cannot avoid the air ride.

  6. LGR! You are the old games man! I'm looking for a game I remember my friend playing. It's a tank game and you needed to put (rocks? unmoving canonball?) on white and red targets. You needed to push them and if they stucked in a corner, it was too bad. I'm not even sure if the vehicle was actually a tank but I think so…

  7. Ah Combat Tanks, the eight year old me spent hours on this broken up with Blitzer and my 1,000 games on one disc shareware cd. A fun time, even the time spent playing Blitzer, well some of the time.

  8. "So you had to be prepared to rub elbows and accept some shoulder punches."
    …and deal with "no more than 3 simultaneous keypresses" of most cheapo keyboards.
    I once tried playing JJ2 with 2 friends on a single keyboard. That was awkward 🙂

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