My card game review of this solitaire variant that plays more than 1 player.

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6 thoughts on “King's Corner Card Game Review

  1. That video really hit home with me. We played this with my grandmother for years as well. She is from Germany so I wonder where the game originated? Now my son and daughter love it as well and like to hear stories of when I used to play it when I was a kid. The winner got a piece of candy or licorice . Thanks Oma!!

  2. Hey! Another possible variation of this game: Four Corner Solitare.
    After shuffling the deck, you place the top four cards out into their places (the way the Queen of Spades, the Jack of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts, and 5 of Hearts were initially placed in the video), and then deal out the rest of the cards to deck to all of the players. Each player keeps their mini deck piled face-down. On the players turn, they would turn and play their top card following the rules from the video/traditional solitaire rules. They would continue their turn until they couldn't play their top card. The next player would go, doing the same. In addition to playing a card on the board, you can also play your top card onto another players discard pile and continue your turn. When you run out of cards, you simply turn your discard pile over (do not shuffle) and continue playing. First player out of cards, WINS! Also, my dad taught it to me where if you finish the first King-Ace pile, you get to claim the honorary First Blood!!! That was my favorite part! Even if I lost!

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