My review of the expansion for the Spiel Des Jahres (game of the year in Germany) Kingdomino titled: Kingdomino:Age of Giants. It’s designed by Bruno Cathala and published by Blue Orange Games. In this expansion, there are new goal tiles that change the way the game is scored and Giant tiles take away crowns, but you might be able to send them away to an opponent!

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this video is brought to you by committed to market thousands of board games discounted prices miniature market calm hello my friends it's the Gameboy geek here and today once again we're going to be building our kingdom it's gonna have a castle we're gonna have all sorts of different territories but this time there will be giants invading our kingdoms and we're gonna be trying to watch their footsteps and take them off our kingdom into somebody else's today we're taking a look at the expansion for the smash hit the spiel des jahres winter king domino this is called H of giants as a fifth player and some different ways to play some new goals let me show how it works I'll see you on the other side the expansion comes with pieces for a fifth player the color brown so it comes with the middle spot will you'll put your castle and the tube Brown maple ponds it comes with six lettered tiles which are the giant tiles it comes with six giants that have both front and head backs to them and it has six new numbered tiles which pick up where the base game left off have you remember the base game ended at 48 this one goes from 49 to 54 we'll show you what these do later and there's also 17 challenge tiles which will change how each of the games are scored it comes with this large tile dispenser with the giant on the back side and on the other side it opens up with a magnetic flap so it stays chef but it's easy to open and what you'll do is you'll combine the tiles that I just showed you with randomly either the King Domino tiles or the Queen domino tile so even if you're playing King Domino you'll use all 48 of those dominoes mix with the ones from the expansion so we'll always go to the top there and then you'll just simply close that lid and as you take the dominoes out of here you'll slide them up like this and you'll have it like this so you'll have all the numbers face-up just like that so let's say we're about a round into it and all the pieces aren't here it's a four player game the next tiles come out every time you put out tiles you always put out five now you might notice that there's a letter here letters are always they go in alphabetical order and they're always lower than the lowest number so we have things that look like this and then we would flip them all up like normal so it might look something like this now if you're playing with two or four players you'd take the middle tile out so that there's exactly amount of tiles as the number of players if you were playing with three players you would take these two out so again it it flattens the this sort of tile deck and there's only one for each to choose from so you'll get to see all the tiles but some of them will get discarded depending on the amount of players so in this case we have four players that would go like this so let's say this player selects this one in places this in their Kingdom this one selects this one and this one selects this one now this player selected the most powerful Domino last tile they're gonna place this one but now they're stuck to take the letter tile all the letter tiles have Giants on them and here to show you what the six letter tiles look like on their front side all of them have Giants and they're all do very basic tiles they're not very good so you're not gonna want to take these and less it's really gonna help you with a lot of crowns in that territory so let's say this is how by Kingdom looked for that red player when they took that giant tile let's say they place it like this because I had a giant they have to take one of those giants and you have to cover up one of their crowns if this giant is here on that crown at the end of the game essentially this crown is worth nothing so this territory went from having two crowns to one essentially costing it three points at this point now let's say on a future trying to look like this they're getting ready to flip these dominoes over notice here's a 51 it's higher than 48 – it's one of the new tiles in this expansion and you'll notice that that 51 tile has some footprints on it that is part of the expansion cuz it's the Giants walking through and let's say this player is gonna end up selecting this they'll end up placing this but let's see what happens when they end up placing that as well so let's say on that turn that player takes that tile and places it just like this and on that next turn they ended up placing that tile with the footsteps here when you place a tile with footsteps if you have a giant on your board you can take it off and you give it to any one player that player then covers any crown of their choice on their board this has really just helped me out but keep in mind I was the most powerful tile and I might get stuck taking another giant next turn if it comes out that way here are those six numbered tiles that start at 49 and go up this is the front side and they all have footsteps I showed you what they just do then they all are pretty powerful they have lots of crowns and so they're gonna be among the most powerful when they do come out and if you go there you're gonna have the last choice next round and you might get stuck taking that giant eye you're not forced to take the giant but most people are gonna try to avoid it so it has to sort of press your luck little mechanism in there now the rest of the game is played as normal but there are these seventeen different challenge tiles now you're gonna shuffle these up and use only two each game so each game is gonna have two different ways to score over here you'll get five points for each one of these terrains that actually surround your castle and there's one of these for the different terrains that you may see in the game this one is similar we get five points for each one of these squares that is in the corner of your grid and again there's one of those for the different terrain types this one you'll get ten points for any of the types of terrains if you have a territory that does not have a crown at all and it's at least five large you'll get ten this one gives you five points if you built a perfect grid and you did not need to discard any tiles and so a perfect five by five or seven by seven if you're playing that way this one will give you ten points for each of either horizontal vertical or diagonal three squares in a row that all of them have crowns you'll get ten points this gives you ten points if your castles right in the middle that was one of the variants in the base game this will give you 20 points if your castle is in one of the four corners and the game comes with a new set of score sheets with your scores normal but it has the two different special ways to score as I just showed and for those wondering I was able to get everything to fit in the Queen Domino box I have Queen Domino here I cut up I cut the insert and half to get this to fit I put this the tile dispenser for the expansion here the challenge tiles I put on the top and the bottom I have all the different you know castles here some of them are promo ones I actually have more than than you'd normally have and then I put all the castle foundations and all the meatballs and the Giants they're all the score pads there and I placed all the rules on the top and yes we got it all right let's talk about the things I liked about this expansion first of all adds a fifth player now I'm not only not big fan of win games add additional player couch with expansions usually that means the game is to is slower it just doesn't scale well sometimes they add things well in this case I played it with the five players and it was absolutely fine really no noticeable difference of you know any downtime or I think that with four players going on to five and with the additional dominoes that are added you actually get to see all the dominoes none of them get discarded now when you play with five players so five players works absolutely well usually it's not a big thing for me in expansions but it worked fine in this one it adds that huge Tower with the Giants on there nice touch I had the art of the giant it helps you disperse those tiles now it's just a thing that sits on the table but it does add to the table presence it does add to the fun ness of pulling those tiles out and putting them on the table so it's beautiful and it does add quite a bit to the game of course it doesn't do anything but disperse the tiles but it still makes the game a cooler experience having it on the table with you the thing I like the best were these challenge Tiles there's I think 17 of them and you know before in the base game you could say Oh off your castles in the middle you get ten points and this and that and that happens to be one of the goals as well but having you choose two random goals out of the 17 really makes the game feel different every time you play now granite does only I think six or seven different unique types and many of them repeat themselves with the different types of territories but still it makes you think different every game certain tiles are gonna be worth more than others and it just makes you play the game differently than you normally would and that's a thing that expansions should do it doesn't add a whole lot of complexity but it does add a lot of variability now those giants themselves it doesn't change the game in a huge way it's a subtle change but again without making it any much more complex it does add different ways to think of a game because now with the Giants there you're gonna think twice about going after those powerful tiles because if you go down and get one of the really powerful ones with a lot of crowns on it there's a chance a decent chance actually that you might be getting stuck with a giant next time because if it comes out most people are gonna leave it for whoever is choosing last and you're gonna get stuck with it so you had that sort of press your luck where you get a giant and you know if you go to one of the big ones now once you get that giant you get to pick first well maybe you'll get footsteps and you'll be able to go there and get rid of that giant another thing I like is taking those footsteps and giving the giant to someone else but then again you're on the footsteps you're on the most part ah you might get a giant again so it's just interesting Evan flow that happens with the Giants and the footsteps depending on how they come out and again they're easy little things but they do make a difference and they change the way you think about the game it makes the the bass King domino game more challenging by discarding dominoes now in the first printing of King domino the one that I have you would actually not use all the dominoes you would set aside a certain amount so you didn't see all the dominoes now in the newer printings you actually get to see the dominoes but then you you you discard the ones that aren't taken and it made it more family-friendly for the spiel des jahres and things like that well it makes it more challenging again because you're at least gonna be able to see all the dominoes come out but with the with the different player counts other than five you're gonna be discarding a certain amount of dominoes and I like that because it makes the game harder and makes it it should be more challenging as an expansion but again doesn't make it any more hard to understand so it does make it more challenging which is a good thing and it's a subtle thing that you might not have just recognized I watched my overview but it does make a difference that it does make the game harder the game is compatible with King Domino and Queen Domino so you can use either game and I think that's great cuz its expansion now you can use it with two different games and get the same flavor and feel of it as you saw in the overview I was able to fit everything in the Queen Domino box very tight but I got it to fit and me I loved that I know most people like to keep a lot of the boxes especially ones like this that actually kind of go together even in the artists you know in the front and things like that but I always able to fit everything and that's that's a positive for me I really love this expansion I think it did what an expansion should which is breathe new life into a game make it a little bit more challenging but without adding too many more mechanisms and this did that for me any negatives the only thing I could say is that well because King down–all has printed so many the cost to produce that is lower than normal than if it hadn't hit the spiel des jahres so the expansion itself is actually more expensive than the base game about two dollars more which some people might think how do i buy an expansion it's more expensive in the game well it's because so many King Domino's have been produced they've been able to get that cost down but in retrospect I don't think it's a big deal because it's still under $20 which in my case or in most cases I would say stores consider that an impulse purchase $20 or less so it is a negative that it's more expensive than than the base game but it's a little nitpick here because it's under $20 and you get to use it with two different games so I still think it has a great value this video was sponsored by miniature markets review corner the review corner features podcasts video and written game reviews by gamers for gamers miniature market the online gaming superstore thousands of board games discounted prices check them out at miniature Market calm

13 thoughts on “Kingdomino: Age of Giants Review with the Game Boy Geek

  1. Watched both this and your Kingdomino vs Queendomino comparison. I have all three (got them with loot points from demoing for IGA 😁). Your videos were so helpful – most of all, your storage solution for getting everything into one box! Followed your instructions and yep, it all fits (albeit a very tight fit lol)!

  2. I don't know, the giants feel like a 'threat' that ruins the peaceful atmosphere I get while playing the base game. Also it triggers the 'gang on the leading player' by passing them the giant, which is another mechanic that disrupt the peaceful feeling you get while playing base Kingdomino.

  3. Hm, I don't like that you have to discard tiles now. Not very elegant and I can imagine the frustration when a tile that you really want gets discarded.

    I'm torn because otherwise the expansion looks interesting. It adds just enough to a game I thought was a tiny bit too simple.

  4. Instead of placing out the tiles and then discarding unneeded ones during the game depending on the player count, doesn’t it make more sense to only pull out the tiles that are needed (leaving the extras in the tower)? I’m not sure why placing five and then discarding them makes sense if they’re all randomly stacked in the tower anyway. I don’t really get why this would make it more challenging. The goal tiles are an awesome addition. I’m wondering if my kids would like the ‘take that’ element or if the little bit of meanness might be too much for them?

  5. You tell us, the viewers, regularly that your expansions should fit inside the coregame boxes. I want the same thing because of space. Well that let me come to the point… Let us see your gameshelf:)

  6. This and queen Domino are perfectly fine, but I think anything derivative of the original kingdomino spoiled the Simplicity of the game. I'm happy that this is been such a surprise, and so many enjoy it, but for me personally, the strength of kingdomino always lied and its Simplicity. I'm surprised after winning the award blue orange invested so heavily in expansions and spin-offs. Maybe i shouldnt be. To each his own.

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