Join the Gamers for Orcas Challenge 2019! Hold your own sponsored gaming marathon alongside our official 24-hour live stream on 22nd March or at any other time to suit you!

Get together with family, friends or colleagues to raise money and help us to save whales and dolphins from threats like captivity, whaling and getting caught in fishing nets.

Online, computer, board or card games – any game, any number of players, anywhere!

Sign up now to help protect these amazing creatures:

2 thoughts on “Join Gamers for Orcas 2019

  1. I'm sorry, what does captivity have to do with orca conservation and to "have them stick around on the earth for as long as we do"? Orcas are suffering in the wild from plastic pollution and toxic chemicals being stored in their blubber from bioaccumulation that's being passed onto calves (which, btw, we wouldn't know without studies done at SeaWorld to analyse milk composition and how fat soluble chemicals can be passed onto offspring). You have the Southern Resident population dropping like flies because they don't have enough food. And… you're worried about a tiny percentage of the population that we only have your word for, are kept "cruelly". Even though there are government bodies and independent accreditation organisations monitoring the welfare of these animals? Great to see where your priorities lie, WDC…

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