This is Jesse Berlins official lookback video. Thank you all for making this happen!

40 thoughts on “Jesse Berlin Look Back Video "Official Facebook"

  1. This is AWSOME !!  I was crying so much watching your plea video , I hadn't looked at the comments. I was hurrying to get to the share button. Then I cried even more when I seen that you got your WISH – Well done great video of your son, this show's there still is some Very Caring people in this world -)

  2. John, I just came across your video plea directed at Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. After searching for the video of your son, Jesse, I found this video. I can't imagine the emotions you and your family are going through but I do hope having this video can bring you a sense of peace. You are a very strong man and great father. I hope you know how many people's lives you've touched with sharing your story and raw emotion. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. My condolences to your family on your loss n may god heal ur hearts..r.i.p. Jesse and to the 48 assbags that disliked this video u should b ashamed of yourselves how can u look at yourselves in the mirror..these poor ppl lost their beloved son to natural causes not drugs or alcohol or anything else of that nature and even if they did so what he was their son their child..his life was actually just beginning! I couldn't even imagine losing one of my boys it would kill me literally id b lost without them. How would you feel if sum1 disliked a video of your deceased child? Itd b a whole new story then huh? I hope u burn in the fiery pit of which that is hell for all eternity u sic bastards shame on u!

  4. Makes you respect life and all it's worth even more.
    Life is too short, stop fighting, stop worrying & njoy all the time u share with your loved ones <3.

  5. So sry for your loss, Noone knows the pain of loosing a child unless they have been through it!! I lost a child back in 2008 so I know there a re no words. Just want to say I'm sorry and I will be praying for you and your family….All my love jessica wells from kentucky

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